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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Meeting in secret

Abigel peeks into the library, searching for Rago. He walks down the stairs and steps silently over to Abby
He whispers, glancing to starwalker " follow me"
Abigel looks at him, almost scared
Rago hugs and kisses her still watching for someone observing
Rago Allen: the others forbade me to see you
Abigel presses her lips to him, and kisses him passionately, as if drinking, but then pulls away. "They did?"
Rago nods sadly
“They said you made me ill”
Abigel looks up into his eyes, tears gathering in hers, repeating Joah’s accusation: "Parasite"
Rago trys to solace her " I am sure its not you"
Abigel cries quietly and holds onto you, shaking her head, whispering. "Maybe they are right"

Abigel blinks, looking into Rago’s eyes, realising they are blood red.
Abigel steps back "What happened?"
Rago presses her onto him without any word.
Abigel trembles, needing him so much.
“I dont many things happen to me…”
Rago Allen: even if your the reason...I couldnt get well without you
Abigel kisses your eyelid softly "How could I do this to you? There are so many things happening. This is a twisted town.... The Shadows are cats... We are full of demons and witches. Who could have cursed you though, you gave no reason...
Rago Allen: I dont know what we should do now
Abigel holds him tight "What are /they/ suggesting? Simply, just don't meet me?"
Rago Allen: They didnt talk about any solution. They only said your the reason. They care more about their spying stuff…
Abigel shakes her head. "They MUST know a way... They are scholars."
Abigel reaches up "Your eyes...."
Abigel swallows, trying not to show you how shocked she is
Rago Allen: at least my mind is the same
Abigel smiles and kisses you all over.
“Nno obsession or stuff like that”
Abigel trembles and gets more needy, rubbing herself against Rago tightly while she kisses him deep.
Rago enjoys the bodycontact. He tries to stand, but looses his balance between her kisses "I feel too"
Abigel pulls away, her lips, trembling "Noooo. It is not me... how could I hurt you!?"
Abigel watches his lips hungrily, blinking "I need you"
Rago feels a draining of energy. Rago caughs " I...i..know ...I know"
Abigel frowns, uncertainly drawing away from him, her whole body trembling "You need help..."
Rago sinks on the floor, wincing.
Abigel crouches near him, so worried.
Rago looks up to her crying.
Abigel shakes her head "Nooooo"
She shouts “ Somebody help!”
Rago leans on the wall
A transparent demoness approaches “what’s wrong”
Abigel stands and reaches a hand towards Rago, trying to help, but dares not to touch him
“ He is so sick... I... they say I make him sick...”
“What can i do” asks the form, halfway still in another plane.
“Bring him... bring him to the hospital, please”
Rago Allen:”no..d..dont leave me alone”
Abigel cries, not daring to touch him
Demoness: your gonna have to tell me how to do that
“ I can show you where it is... I just cant”
The demon reaches out awkwardly “ i dont know how to pick people up”
Abigel nods "Ohh, you have not materialised yet properly here..."
Abby turns to a vampire, standing near. “Sir, can you pleeease help me?”
Taurius Biedermann shrugs " help on what?"
Abbyás eyes widen as she sees a redhead approaching“ Pix!”
Pix Cazalet lifts her head and smiles "hey Abi"
“ Rago, he needs to be taken to the hospital. Please, help me”
Abby sniffs, trying to speak behind tears.
Pix Cazalet nods "if I can, what's the matter?"
“ They say I am a parasite...”
Taurius Biedermann looks over Pix and remains on his noble pose
Abigel points to him, lying on the ground in the alley
Rago starts breathing heavier
“He is so weak…” Abby cries out “Noooo”
Abigel runs over, trying to help him get up
Pix Cazalet runs over and drops to her knees "what happened to him?"
“ I.... we are forbidden to meet...” Abigel cries "I need him"
Rago caughs and notices blood in his mouth. Abigel bites her lip and retreats.
Pix Cazalet looks into his face "what happened?"
Abby tries to convince herself: “ He looked much better before”
Rago isnt able to say anything.
Abigel shakes her head "I did nothing!" she looks around desperately
Pix Cazalet stares down at the man on the floor, his skin seems red and burnt, his eyes weeping with water, mucous membranes in eyes and mouth red and bleeding.
Pix Cazalet notices singed hair "where has he been?"
Abigel shakes her head, stepping further away "I just love him..."
Rago seems to loose his last might and lays down at the ground
Abigel covers her eyes, looking through her fingers
Rago trembles and moans of pain
Abigel cries "Help him, please!!!"
Pix Cazalet's face takes on a worried look as she reaches out a finger in desperation, sending energy through her fingers to him, trying to ease his suffering
Abigel watches hopefully. Abigel gasps as his hair turns white
“ What are you doing!”
Rago gets another heavy caughingfit
Abigel shakes her head and runs away
Pix Cazalet attempts to encase him in a blanket of comfort energy

Abigel runs in the library, crying
Please, sir. Please help me! Help Rago!
Starwalker Darkstone loosk up "what is teh problem dear?"
Starwalker Darkstone: Where si he?
Abigel trembles "He is in the alley.... he is so weak... his hair, is white, his"
Starwalker Darkstone: Take me to him
Rago wheezes ""
Abigel points to him on the street, her finger tremling.
Starwalker Darkstone approaches Rago.
Abigel slowly gets closer and closer by the wall "Is he getting better? Did you heal him?"
Starwalker Darkstone looks around at the otherss standing in the alley "Whats going on here?"
Sassy Jaxxon gasps softly as she approaches, having noticed Pix from the street and taps her gently on the shoulder... "What happened? Can' I help?"
Abigel looks at Sassy, her cheeks all rosy "Please, help him yes... I cant... I...."
Taurius Biedermann listens and attempts to help without getting noticed...and be secretive on his methods and actions....only rising his hands making a circle of
fire around both..Pix and him....
Pix Cazalet looks to Morgaine and nods "He is burnt and needs help"
Abigel reaches a hand out to him, trembling in her whole body.
Taurius Biedermann gets near Pix while he murmurs a few Ancient words to himself. he clouse his eyes and place his gloved hand upon her shoulder ... using his energy he transfers to Pix un huge amount of power used on the dark ages to heal his relatives hi battle.....he whisppers softly to Pix " use it wisely"
Rago seems to be in a coma
Abigel blinks, as she starts to glow, and almost raise from the floor
Starwalker Darkstone: anyone know how he got burnt?
Abigel seems to be full of energies, in top condition
Sassy Jaxxon widens her eyes at the information and the scene before her, waits patiently for instruction from Pix, not wanting to make the matter worse
Abigel breathes deeply, as if getting too much oxygen "Help him... Dont help me..."
Taurius Biedermann smiles softly to Pix removing his gloved hand upon her
Pix Cazalet nods as she closes her eyes and seems to suck all the energy from around her before laying her hands gently on Rago and murmuring soothing words
Abigel groans and hits the stonewall with her fists, the wall crumbling away in big chunks "HELP HIM!"
Starwalker Darkstone watches the scene curiously
BigSausagepizza Balbozar is Online
Sassy Jaxxon glances over quickly at the hysterical female and whispers... "Sssshhh, don't distract Pix"
Pix Cazalet's concentration is disturbed and she falls back before looking up accusingly at abigel "stop that"
Abigel Nightfire's eyes get wide, and trembles, staying quiet.
Taurius Biedermann whisppers slowly, making the wind as his vessel while he wonders off "...use it have the you have the meanings and ways"
Taurius Biedermann dessappears his the dark fog
Abigel Nightfire's tears flow freely, as she watches the scene without blinking, putting her hands together.
Starwalker Darkstone steps back a bit and bursts into flames to shed more light in the dark alleyway
Pix Cazalet frowns then shuts her eyes again attempting to concentrate. she again starts to mumble, her hands glow with light as she attempts to heal his burnt body
Abigel shudders, watching her hands and shaking her head, whispering "What are you doing to me? Stop healing me, I am quite well..."
Starwalker Darkstone motions Abigel to be still
arora Shepherd: abigel, are you ok?
Abigel throws her head back and groans, trembling "Take me away from him... NOW"
arora Shepherd: come on, lets go talk
Abigel trembles "I can't just leave, don't you see? I need him so much...."
You: Rago....
arora Shepherd: but i thought you just said you needed to get away from him
You: YES
Abigel cries, trembling
Steve Laxness steps silently by and covers his face even more
Starwalker Darkstone looks at Abigel "if you stay here, you need to stay quiet, the woman helping needs to concentrate.
arora Shepherd: Ok, how about just in the street
arora Shepherd: This way, come, abigel, pleas.
Steve Laxness raises an eyebrow at what he sees with his hidden senses
Pix Cazalet shrugs and shakes her head "I've done all that I can"
AurumDea Lykin sticks out her arm showing a red swollen wound, "You shot me" her voice mellow and calm
Steve Laxness speaks slowly “She is killing him” He nods to Abigel’s direction.
sassy Jaxxon nods and smiles warmly at Pix
Steve Laxness: Pix take the girl away
Steve Laxness smiles at Dea
Steve Laxness: yes and i hit yolu well
AurumDea Lykin grins, "I think not.."
Abigel trembles in her whole body, almost floating "Damn this..."
Pix Cazalet shakes her head in disappointment and frustration "I can't do this"
Starwalker Darkstone looks at Steve, then Abigal, to Rago back to Abigal
Steve Laxness chants some ancient words as the portal opens he pushes Abby through it with a sudden force.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Abigel Nightfire pops in through the ceiling near the fireplace with a mischievous laughter as her mother leaves.
Joah Menjou: Abby!
Blueray Darkes attempts hiding further in the book
Joah Menjou: Joah smiles.
Rago Allen looks out of the window like he doesn’t see Abby only saying "hey"
Abigel Nightfire kisses Rago and looks around, and then back at Rago. "What is outside?"
Rago Allen: nothing....same view like this morning
Rago Allen: nothing
Abigel Nightfire slowly scans the room again, as something is amiss, her gaze resting on the rainbow kitty for a while.
Rago Allen: left me alone
Rago Allen: i must have got a cold because of that
Abigel Nightfire blinks. "Oh."
Rago Allen sneezes
Starwalker Darkstone opens a book on holy magics and continues studying it
Abigel Nightfire leans close, holding Rago tight "I should make you a warm tea or something.
Joah starts to speak, takes one look at Rago, then pulls a small tablet and pencil stub out of her pocket, beginning to scribble as if she's paying no attention.
Rago Allen nods
Abigel Nightfire gestures and creates a kettle, then levitates it towards the fireplace, letting it float in midair above the fire.
Blueray Darkes pretends she isn't here, perhaps scared to death of Abby's reaction.
Rago Allen: the word "facebook" becomes a whole new meaning if i look at that one there
Blueray Darkes: Facebook?
Rago Allen: right facebook...its something should i describe
Starwalker Darkstone grins at the term, knowing originally it was meant for a book made of pages from the flesh of peoples faces and held magical scriptures on them
Rago Allen: do you know about computers?
Abigel Nightfire stares back again at Blue, and as she gets her true essence slowly, the kettle falls with a loud noise, spreading hot, steamy water around all over
Rago Allen pouts " tea" he says with a lowering voice
Abigel Nightfire jumps up, as the water spills on Joah and Blue "Ooooh, I am terribly sorry, for a while I though this is Bluray..."
Blueray Darkes leaps up hissing at the water as its damn well hot, "GAH DAMN IT BRAT".
Rago Allen: oi!
Rago Allen: did you call my girlfriend a brat?
Abigel Nightfire grins widely, recognising Blue’s tone of voice exactly
Joah Menjou jumps up looking at her dress, then Abi.
Blueray Darkes: Brraaaaaaaat
Abigel Nightfire looks over to Joah worried
Rago Allen: watch your words furrball
Abigel Nightfire looks back to Blue, her grin getting wider and wider "Aaaaaw, this is TOOO GOOOD to be TRUE
Blueray Darkes fluffs out her tail, "This isn't fair, you weren't meant to see"
Starwalker Darkstone thinks that no one here really understands the meaning of the term brat
Joah Menjou raises one eyebrow at Abby, then turns toward the fire to dry herself.
Abigel Nightfire walks over and takes Kitty Blue’s scarf into her hand, stroking her face with it "Ooooooh, sooo soft and fluffy!"
Blueray Darkes: *mews*
Abigel Nightfire laughs "OOOOh and sooo cute!!!!"
Blueray Darkes hangs her head in shame, "We're even now".
Abigel Nightfire scratches Blue's neck, the most sensitive spot just above the scarf.
Blueray Darkes meeps at the touch, but seeing as it felt good she just relaxed and purred contentedly
Joah extends one hand slightly before the fire and the flame licks up causing the room to grow much warmer.
Abigel Nightfire watches her in admiration. "Aaaaaw, soo ingenious, so subtle. So delicate."
Abigel Nightfire admires the spell's perfectness with her third eye.
Blueray Darkes clenches her hands in to fists, she was going to say something but relented. The cat was taking over, she was happy to be petted.
Abigel Nightfire scratches behind her ear, and holds her palm even to be licked at with that tongue that tickles so.
Blueray Darkes licks at her hand mewling softly.
Abigel Nightfire's eyes flash and grins with greatest satisfaction.
Blueray Darkes crouches down and purrs.
Rago Allen pouts: “Stop making out”
Blueray Darkes: Aren't
Abigel Nightfire creates a rainbow coloured ball of yarn and hands it to her, enjoying the kitty self taking over Blue
Blueray Darkes grabs at it puts it on the floor and bats the ball of yarn around, she stops at what she is doing hissing all of a sudden. "I'm not a cat"
Starwalker Darkstone looks over his shoulder and down to the floor below to study teh sistuation
Abigel Nightfire grins "Aww, but you are sooo sweet, kitty." she screatches her ears again
Blueray Darkes thumps her tail on the floor in a slow pattern, her purring sound growing louder in her throat.
Abigel Nightfire almost floats from the joy.
Starwalker Darkstone pulls a pouch out of mid air, opens it and retrieves a catnip soaked, live rat and tosses it to the floor down by blue
Abigel Nightfire blinks at the rat and rolls her eyes. "Yeah... you needed to conjure that thing right now"
Rago Allen coughs " iam ill and noone cares"
Starwalker Darkstone grins "they are all the rage over at haven right now"
Abigel Nightfire blinks and snaps her finger, with the other scratching Blue's ear, as the kettle returns to float above the fire, with some newly created water and starts to boil.
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, i have something that should help, *casts a spell and a wine gobblet appears
Blueray Darkes pounces the rat claws outstretched, she grabs it sinking her cat fangs in to its back and shaking her head violently to break its back. Stopping a moment to receieve her pettings she then began to play with the dead thing getting high off the catnip fumes, before finally eating the meal with loud crunches on every single bone.
Rago Allen mumbes "seems that they wouldnt care even if i die or loose a leg "
Dragons Blood Wine whispers: This magical elixer is reputed to be the cure for what ails you, guaranteed to remove all curses and lengthen your life by many many years.....tho don't tell the dragons your drinking it. Magically crafted especially for you, Rago Allen
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, i'd say definatly feline
Rago Allen takes a sip of the glass...
Abigel Nightfire seems to speak to someone invisible "You see, I am not doing /everything/ by magic. I /could/ conjure ready tea, but I am making the effort to boil the water."
Rago Allen spits the wine accidently next to blues tail
Rago Allen: are tryign to kill me with that rubbish right?
Starwalker Darkstone: me hell no lol, it proof ofd poisons, illnesses and helps you live longer
Rago Allen: it did nothing only left a really abnormal taste
Rago Allen: and a unwell feeling in my stomach
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, dragon blood wine is an aquired taste kinda like sakee
Abigel Nightfire leaves Blue reluctantly, and fetches the kettle for Rago, looking over to Joah "Do you have some tea into this?"
Blueray Darkes settles down finishing her meal, then returns to her reading happy to be left alone for now.
Joah slips her hand in her pocket, pulling out a small phial.
Starwalker Darkstone feels a disturbance in the magical fields
Abigel Nightfire smiles as Joah helps with the tea, pours it into a coincidentally close mug, blows over it to be of perfect temperature. She finds honey and lemon accidentally beside the fireplace and prepares the most perfect tea, handing it over to Rago with great care.
Starwalker Darkstone: I think, i'll go for a walk
Joah Menjou: "How about mint, peppermint and spearmint?" Joah hands the phial to Abi. "You know . . . there are laws about creating things. Your Father has tried to explain."
Blueray Darkes: Do we have to mention Lorne?
Rago Allen takes it and gives her a thankful kiss on her cheek
Joah shrugs: There is nothing free.
Joah Menjou: There are principles of equal exchange.
Abigel Nightfire tilts a head "The Hippy? Ooooh, is he affected by all this too?" she pulls her legs up, watching Blue with a curious smile
Joah Menjou: I did see Him bound through the Library last night. Chasing tail, I believe.
Joah Menjou: Not his, of course.
You: Haha
Abigel Nightfire covers her mouth. "Oooooooh"
Joah grins.
Blueray Darkes makes a slightly venomous sound, jealously perhaps? "I'm sure is having even more fun with Brianna since he is now a cat, not that she can provide everything that he is she has innonence in that. Maybe its the innocence he likes".
Rago Allen enjoys the heat of the tea and leans his head on Abby’s thighs
SilverHuskie Ewing walks in as he leaves a trace of blood on the floor, sitting in a corner
Abigel Nightfire raises an eyebrow "Ooooh, sweetie, you are so cute, I am sure he adores you..."
You: too
Joah Menjou: I'm sure he does, too, Blue.
Abigel Nightfire strokes Rago's face, beaming.
Joah Menjou: But He is right, Abi.
Blueray Darkes: Things between me and Lorne have been strained lately
Abigel Nightfire looks at Joah for a second, not fully comprehending, as she is far far away from that topic already.
Joah begins to look around for the person who made the shuffling, wet sound.
Blueray Darkes was glad the subject dropped, rarely did she mention her issues.
Abigel Nightfire blinks back to Blue "So, what has the Hippy against you, sweetie?"
Joah walks up to the stranger.
Blueray Darkes shrugs her shoulders, "He has nothing against me, he just has more interest in Brianna. I adjust move on, get over it and live my afterlife".
Joah Menjou: "What happened to you?" she asks gently.
Rago Allen: "i feel so bad" he mumbles slowly and quietly " i think i got fever"
SilverHuskie Ewing uhms "Mhh, just lost a fight, thats all..."
Blueray Darkes: That one has man cold.
Abigel Nightfire places her hand over Rago's forehead and shakes her head "I feel nothing..."
Rago Allen: I feel like my head could crush every second
Joah kneels down to examine the wounds.
Joah Menjou: My name is Joah. I'm a Praetor here . . . I could help you if you like.
SilverHuskie Ewing uhms as he presses himself into the corner, trying to backup
Abigel Nightfire looks at Blue, wondering.
Abigel Nightfire strokes Rago's forehead and blows cool air over him.
Rago Allen caughs a bit and takes another sip of the tea
Joah Menjou: "It's okay. You're safe." Joah turns to give a worried glance at Rago, before turning back to the stranger. "What's your name?"
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs as he looks to his right, noticing the globe as he presses a paw against his chest "Silver, my name"
Abigel Nightfire looks at the newcomer, remembering her from the library archives, and nods.
Rago Allen sighs at Abby "i would be nothing without you"
Abigel Nightfire hugs him tight and kisses his forehead.
Oreta Dagger looks around silently, noting Joah crouched in a corner with a ... injured stranger? She frowns, not wanting to startle him, and moves over to the couch...
Joah Menjou: Silver, may I help you? I won't even touch you if you prefer not.
Rago Allen asks a bit melodramatic " Will i have to die?"
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs as he slowly stands up "I.. i will do fine.." he says as he walks along the wall, looking for the way he moved in
Joah Menjou looks at Silver's chest.
Joah Menjou: You should be careful with that.
Rago Allen: iam to young to die because i havent done what means do usually
Rago Allen: planting a tree
Abigel Nightfire chuckles and shakes her head, tracing his lips with a finger lovingly "Silly you"
Rago Allen: building a house
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs "It will be.. helaed in few days.. but hank you.." he mumbles as he wanders towards the exit
Joah Menjou: It's easy for infection to set in. Especially here.
Rago Allen: having children
Joah Menjou: "Very well, then," Joah murmurs and returns to the fire, studying Rago.
Abigel Nightfire shakes her head and looks down at him, placing the fingers across his lips. "Shhh, you are, maybe indeed in fever..."
Joah nods a greeting to Oreta.
Oreta Dagger smiles back to Joah: Hey pretty lady...
Blueray Darkes mutters the word mancold again
Rago Allen puts the empty cup under the couch and enjoys the caring of Abby.
Joah walks wordlessly over to Rago and places a hand on his head.
Joah Menjou: Are you feeling warm?
Rago Allen mumbles with closed eyes " those hands are a bit cold"
Rago Allen: but yes now its warm
Rago Allen: it switchs between freezing cold and damn hot
Blueray Darkes: Sounds like flu....
Abigel Nightfire watches Joah inspect Rago.
Joah frowns. "You're quite hot. But this . . . ." Joah trails off with a puzzled expression on her face.
Abigel Nightfire strokes him absently. "Of course he is hot, that why I love him..."
Abigel Nightfire grins.
Blueray Darkes gags
Oreta Dagger giggles...
A wash of prana extends from Joah to Rago, gently exploring.
Rago Allen gets a little coughingfit
Abigel Nightfire blinks and pushes Joah away. "Hey... you are hurting him!'"
Joah withdraws quickly, glances from Rago to Abby with something like a scowl on her face.
Abigel Nightfire crouches beside him and hugs him tight "He feels much better when I am around, see?"
Oreta Dagger frowns, jumping on Joah's defense: „It's not her, lovely...”
Joah Menjou: Do you feel any better, Rago?
Blueray Darkes: ....
Rago Allen: mentally...
Abigel Nightfire hugs him tight and kisses his forehead. "I can heal you"
Joah pulses again toward Rago, but seems inwardly focused on Abigel.
Rago Allen nods "please"
Abigel Nightfire smiles, and hugs him more. "You can feel that, right?"
Rago Allen: feels warm floating
Abigel Nightfire smiles, full of energy.
Rago Allen: but i still feell weak
Joah Menjou: He should be feeling something, Abby. Something exactly like that. But not from you. Not at present.
Abigel Nightfire blinks.
Oreta Dagger smiles at the couple before turning her head towards the bare-chested Newcomer: Hello...
Joah glances over her shoulder at Oreta. "If you don't mind helping the newcomer . . . ."
Abigel Nightfire watches Rago's hair getting a lighter shade and swallows. "I think he is truly sick."
Oreta Dagger nods, jumping up from her seat...
Rago Allen: whaaat?
Rago Allen opens his eyes
Rago Allen trys to catch a streak
Rago Allen: my hair
Joah examines Rago as he speaks.
Rago Allen: my beloved hair
Rago Allen shutters in panic
Abigel Nightfire pokes her tounge out. "Come on, hey, it doesn’t mean you gonna die or something."
Abigel Nightfire glances at Joah.
Blueray Darkes: You forget he's mortal
Rago Allen: i CANT live without my hair
Joah Menjou: Abby . . .
Starwalker Darkstone hickups
Joah Menjou: Do something for me, will you please?
Abigel Nightfire grins at Rago, worried about his hair. "You are so sweet."
Oreta Dagger looks up to the balcony with a smile: I hate the Hiccups...
Abigel Nightfire nods to Joah. "Yes?"
Joah watches Rago's hair lighten slowly.
Joah Menjou: Would you make me a cup of tea?
Starwalker Darkstone grins "Ya, imagine if you were capable of breathing fire too?"
Joah Menjou: The way you like to do it?
Joah Menjou: Just use magic.
Oreta Dagger shrudders: Ick...
Joah Menjou: Let's say . . . pomegranate tea?
Abigel Nightfire nods with wide eyes "That would help? Ooooh."
Rago Allen leans his head back on Abby’s thighs , playing with a streak of his hair still worrying
Blueray Darkes snerks, "Maybe you can't make this so called tea the normal way".
Joah places one hand on Rago's shoulder. "Sit up a minute, please."
Rago Allen leans slowly back in a regular position still weak
Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes, remembering a dream she once had, and steps halfway through, becoming semi-transparent for a brief while, than fading in again, with a mug of hot, steaming tea in her hand. "See? Piece of cake... I mean... tea"
Joah keeps her hand on Rago's shoulder, while watching Abby.
Joah Menjou: I see.
A pulse of prana extends from Rago slowly drifting to Abby.
Joah Menjou: I see very well, in fact.
Joah frowns.
Abigel Nightfire holds the tea out. "It is the best..."
Joah Menjou: I'm sure it is.
Abigel Nightfire smiles proud.
Joah takes the steaming mug and holds it before her lips as if to sip.
Abigel Nightfire watches, confused "Wasnt that for Rago?"
Joah Menjou: Was it?
You: Umm....
You: Of course.
Joah Menjou: I simply asked you to make me a cup of tea.
You: Oh.... I thought....
Joah Menjou: It's of no matter.
Joah extends the mug to Rago.
Abigel Nightfire looks beetween Joah and Rago. "I remembered this dream.... this lady was making the best tea ever."
Rago Allen takes it noding
Joah steps closer to Abby, placing a hand on her bare midriff, then looking from Abby to Rago and back.
Blueray Darkes tilts her head
Rago Allen watches a hair floating down on the ground infront of him in panic
Abigel Nightfire watches hopefully.
Abigel Nightfire's eyes widen "Nooo. He needs medicine. A hospital.”
Abigel Nightfire points at Blue "She brought some virus"
Starwalker Darkstone watches the scene unfold with mild curiosity
Rago Allen: thats not a usual flu, I fear
Blueray Darkes: I don't carry illness I'm a demon
Joah Menjou: "Abby. We need to talk." Joah lifts her hand from Abby's midriff and turns to face her.
Abigel Nightfire grabs Blue by the arm and holds her in a strong grip. "What have you done to him?!"
Rago Allen: Hey dont judge each other
Blueray Darkes hisses at Abby, "I haven't done anything, stop accusing me of spreading shit".
Rago Allen: it could come from my journey
Rago Allen: something like a unwelcome souvenier
Abigel Nightfire shakes her slightly, then looks at Rago and releases Blue "She is a demoness... and she is here." She looks at Rago. "Why ,where were you exactly?"
Starwalker Darkstone: kinda like, "DON'T DRINK THE WATER IN MEXICO type thing
Joah Menjou: "Oreta, would you mind making Rago more comfortable. Perhaps a blanket if he's cold? Or a pillow?" Joah speaks keeping her eyes focused on Abby and Blue.
Rago Allen sneezes "nowhere exotic"
Oreta Dagger nods: Or course... Rago, how can I help? You chilly?
Joah Menjou: Abby.
Rago Allen: a blanket maybe yes
Abigel Nightfire bares her teeth at Blue "You are a Shadow.... Kitty..." she looks at her uncertainly, somehow feeling wierd.
Joah Menjou: This isn't a virus from Blue.
Abigel Nightfire looks at Joah. "He just had a flue, and you tried to heal him!"
Oreta Dagger nods again, going up the stairs to rummage around for some warm things...
Blueray Darkes grumbles at them all
Joah Menjou: And besides . . she's cursed, not sick.
Starwalker Darkstone leans over the railing, resting on his forearms
Rago Allen: please dont brawl
Abigel Nightfire looks back at Oreta "And who is that girl anyway? She just popped up now, that he is sick..."
Rago Allen: I am tired
Joah Menjou: She's a new Omegan, which you would know if you hadn't been away without word.
Rago Allen: i even dont see you focused
Starwalker Darkstone clears throat "I've been around, you could say the same about me"
Joah Menjou: It's not a virus.
Blueray Darkes stamps her paw on the floor, "I'm going I don't have to put up with this crap".
Joah Menjou: Or a bacteria.
Oreta Dagger trods back down the stairs and over to the couch, her arms laden with blankets and pillows: Here... I used some of these myself when I first got here, they're nice and warm...
Abigel Nightfire points an accusing finger up at the demon "And he? He is clearly jelous of my beloved's good looks. Look what he is doing to his hair!!!!
Rago Allen smiles up to her " thank you"
Joah sighs, watching Blue go.
Joah Menjou: Abby . . . you know what a parasite is?
Abigel Nightfire sniffs, looking at Joah, first blankly, then comprehension crosses her face "What?!"
Starwalker Darkstone grins and chuckles at the outburst
Joah Menjou: A parasite.
Rago Allen raises a brow to joah
Oreta Dagger helps Rago cover himself, taking care to not jolt him... she steals a glance back to Joah and Abby...
Abigel Nightfire trembles from tension, and shakes her head, looking at Joah, and then Rago, and then down herself and storms out of the room.
Joah calls to Abby, but doesn't chase her down.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Tiamka Tir looks at the fellow accross from here, "Hello."
Zion walks in with a loud sigh and sits, nodding to the girl. "Hi there"
Rago: oO hello
Rago: hello.....abby?!
Zion looks up, and waves
Tiamka Tir watches the fellow curiously, "My name is Tiamka, what may I call you?"
Zion nods with a sigh
Rago looks to tiamka smiles "you can call me rago, like all"
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Pleased, Rago
Zion holds his head in his hands "Call me Zion, but... well. I am not him"
Rago: abby
Tiamka Tir nods, "I see."
Zion nods, and watches the carpet. "Maybe if I don’t move for a while I get out."
Tiamka Tir rustles her papers and puts them away, "I was just finishing some paperwork. Anythin intergesting going on?"
Zion sighs "Besides Grr going on the rampage the last days and that mysterious box appearing over there, me trying to get back into my own body, and resisiting the urges of a male one.... well, nothing overly interseting"
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Sometimes I feel as though I have had days like that."
Tiamka Tir: Zion, what happened to get you in your current state?
Zion sratches his head. "I happened. I have these powers you know. Very tempting to use them."
Tiamka Tir: Perhaps they could help you return to your normal status
Zion smiles to Tiamka, but averts his gaze quickly. "Who?"
Tiamka Tir: Hmmm? Oh, sorry. I tend to be a bit flakey.
Tiamka Tir looks at Rago, "Are there any theories as to how we can help Zion, or even what is in that box?"
Zion perks an eyebrow. "Even my dad couldn’t put me back in, I fainted. Then the Coven people tried, and I was almost there... well. My male instincts definitely came back" He blushes.
Tiamka Tir smiles at Zion, "May I ask, who is your dad?"
Terfridarma Tigerpaw shouts: hels fire
Zion groans. "He is the source of all my trouble. Or my mum. You know I could have been the daughter of a human, and no worries. He is Lorne, residing over at the Shadows"
Tiamka Tir nods, "Hmmm, this a very interesting situation."
Zion pulls up his knees, resting his chin on them and watches the fire.
Zion: Interesting? Oh, I am sure it is /interesting/.
Rago: abby, i mean zion said you will switch back soon
Tiamka Tir: I apologize, I tend to see puzzles before people. That was insensitive of me
Zion: Really? Well, I hope he is right about this, at least.
Rago: he, i mean your body was standing around the covenshop
Rago: calling me odd
Rago: but abby
Zion laughs
Rago: how is it as a man i mean
Rago: ...u know
Tiamka Tir smiles, " I can think of worse things to be called."
Zion smiles a crooked one, then his face gets red. "It is HELL"
Rago: hey
Rago: at least I am in nearly the same situation
Rago: i mean
Rago: body and so on
Rago: ....its not that bad...i think
Zion scratches his head. "Well, first of all, these balls... They itch. "
Rago imagines himself in the body of a woman
Tiamka Tir looks between the two people, "Seems to be a pattern here. Has this happened to anyone else?"
Rago: what?
Rago: urgh
Rago: mine not
Zion stretches. "The feel of the muscles is okay though"
Rago: i think zion has some hygenical problems
Zion laughs "The thing is I didnt dare to shower for a while"
Rago: if i where you i would take care for my body...i mean for your abby-body
Rago: who knows what hes doing with it
Rago: o.O
Tiamka Tir smiles, "That might be part of your itch problem
Rago: holy crap imagine that
Rago: you switch back
Rago: and your pregnant o.O
Rago: or he is pregnant in a male-body
Rago: bloody hell
Rago: I am scared now
Zion looks at him. "Care? What can I do? I mean I would tie her up and put her in a cage, or even ask the cybers to hybernate, but you know. I have a heart."
Zion: Pregnant? Bloody hell!!
Rago: holy cow...
Zion stands up and faces Rago. "You... You didnt do anything with her, right."
Tiamka Tir groans, "Yikes!"
Rago: lol no
Rago: iam not gay
Rago: i mean....
Zion looks down narrowing his eyes.
Rago: i cant sleep with male souls in female bodies
Zion smiles slowly, but then frowns again. "She is not pretty enough?"
Rago: noooo shes ... i mean....
Zion laughs
Rago thinks he cant say it in front of her
Rago: i like her
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Wise decision, Rago."
Rago: much
Rago: and shes pretty
Rago: i mean u are
Rago: i mean your body
Rago: ehhh
Tiamka Tir looks at the woman beside her, "Hello."
Rago: your character too of course
Rago: ...damn i should better shut up
Tiamka Tir smiles as she watches Rago try to dig himself out of his hole
Zion holds his head in his hands again and groans. "Yes, please"
Rago: i mean i would hug you know..but i feel gay then
Zion sighs. "THat is the thing you see. I... was not thinking about sex yet, you know. But this body... this all is so confusing."
Tiamka Tir looks at Zion, "so what does your real self look like?"
Zion groans again, frustrated. "Now what do you mean?"
Tiamka Tir: I mean your female body, what do you look like? I'd like to know in case I run into the one who is inside your body.
Zion tilts a head. "Ahh, okay. Well. I am young... slim. Blue haired... usually. Usually my eyes are green. I am a half demon, you see"
Rago: ohhh proofing question
Rago: whos ur father?
Tiamka Tir nods, "Sounds lovely."
Zion: I am daughter of Harlequin. The Lorne one.
Zion shrugs. "My mum says Ishould be proud. I am not overly sure about that."
Rago: u told me lester is your father...
Zion raises an eyebrow "You must have focused on something else, then"
Tiamka Tir nods understandingly, "Family dynamics can be troublesome."
Zion looks Rago in the eye. Believe me, now I know how those things work."
Zion chuckles and leans back, closing his eyes. "Anyways, the problem is I dont know if I should give in to the male instincts... maybe that would help the switch back, you see"
Tiamka Tir grins, "I'd say, just do what feels natural, I mean how many people get an opportunity like yours?"
Zion massages his temples and groans again.
Tiamka Tir looks at the box accross the room, "Does anyone know anything about that box?"
Zion: No idea there.
Zion: Rago? Do you know anything about that?
Rago: bout what?
Tiamka Tir sighs, "I really just want to force it open, but I suspect that would have negative repurcussions"
Zion: The crate, over there
Zion: Behind you
Rago: omega said supply from the mainland
Zion: What sort of supply, I wonder
Tiamka Tir nods, "i wonder, too."
Rago: u sit really masculin for a woman in a male body
Zion nods and watches his hands. "You see, my body remembers to be guy. Thats the confusing thing, really"
Rago nods with a distrusting glance
Zion: You know, I just wanted to have fun, enter, make his head spin, maybe vomit, you know how those things go, and then get out, and laugh
Rago: i thought your smarter :P
Zion laughs. "This had nothing to do with smart. I have powers that cry out for using them. I have to... learn how to control this, it seems"
GrrBrool Lykin snaps his mirror shut in a flash of soft golden light
Zion looks up to see Grr and smiles, jumping up, but then sits back.
Rago: o.O
Rago: oh man i cant wait to have to real abby back....
GrrBrool Lykin: tha real . . .oh, right
Rago pokes zion "do something"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah, great rack . .
Zion sighs and clenches his fist. "Okay, now... I propose a contest. We offer a prize. A great prize for the one, who finds a way to reverse this, what do you think?"
Rago: sounds good
Rago: but i fear I would blow myself off again during my try
GrrBrool Lykin frowns "how are those eyes?"
Rago: dunno u could look for them
Zion points a finger to Rago. "Yeah, you are the one blowing up the lab, right? Well, among the other many"
Rago takes up the glasses
GrrBrool Lykin looks again
Rago: they just itch a bit
Zion: What happened?
Rago: but i can see clear now
GrrBrool Lykin: yer just Fleshie, right? regualar Homo sapiens?
JonnyGio Forcella is Online
Rago nods
GrrBrool Lykin: awright, now, i think we should get some healin on those, if ya consent?
Rago: joah gave me a medicine
Rago: think they only need time now
Zion closes his eyes "What did you try to do there? In the lab?"
GrrBrool Lykin: ahh, good, well, see, i got my own brand of healin, and she and me work well tagether, i figure, i can fix ya tha restof tha way up, if ya want, or if ya content ta let it heal regular, yer call . .
Rago: i was trying to....create....a stone
Zion: Hmm
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Zion " a blood stone"
Rago: and i did a mistake with the mixing
Zion: The bloodstone?
GrrBrool Lykin: and perhaps tha research
Rago: noo
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
GrrBrool Lykin: a replica blood stone
GrrBrool Lykin: a fake, ya know?
Zion chuckles
Zion: And it exploded. Congratulations.
Zion: Why dont you ask me?
Zion crosses his arms, and looks away
GrrBrool Lykin: anyway, captain cyclops here, well, got his 2's adn 3's mixed up, and . . . .kablooie
Zion covers his mouth, covering the laughter with a cough
GrrBrool Lykin: and, "Zion" ya not got tha best track record at perfect transmutations, yeah?
GrrBrool Lykin: so, pot, kettle, black?
Zion leans back. "I /can/ do stuff"
GrrBrool Lykin: anyway, no real harm done, he's healin, tha lab is mostly fixed
Rago: z...i mean abby could you please stand up
Rago: i think....i got a idea
Rago: if your abby maybe this will help
Zion looks at him curiously "Yes?"

GrrBrool Lykin looks around for cover
GrrBrool Lykin: mate, if you explode this body, i'm gonna have ta make ya clean it up

Rago hugs and kisses Zion gently.

Zion blushes deep red

Rago: and now?
Zion takes a step back and runs out of the building
GrrBrool Lykin: ABBY!
Rago: i hope...i didnt
GrrBrool Lykin: hey . . err . . .mate . . .

GrrBrool Lykin looks greasily at Rago "smooth, man, smooth"
Zion puts his head against the wall but doesnt say a word

Rago trys to controll his laugh "sure"
Rago: uhm
Rago: i hope he is himself now, but at the same time i hope not
GrrBrool Lykin: i think tha reaction said it all didntcha ?

Zion tries to melt into the wall and not look up
GrrBrool Lykin backs up against the wall casually, leaning
Rago: i know nothing
GrrBrool Lykin: so . .how about we gota tha Haven, and do manly stufff, yeah?
Rago: so he is
Rago: himself?
Rago: o:O
Zion whispers quietly "Please, leave me alone a bit"
Rago starts to brush his tongue with his hands
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Rago and frowns, gesturing with his head that he should back off, annoyed
GrrBrool Lykin: flamin monkeys flyin outta my butt, some Fleshies just no . . . .i dunno . . .just. Goddess help me, . . . .
Zion looks up at Grr, his face still all red. "You can go too. I will be fine"

GrrBrool Lykin: ha, i think me and my old buddy can lean against tha wall fer a bit, dont ya?
GrrBrool Lykin: i mean, seein as we got so much in common and all
Rago: cmon grr just leave him
Zion hits his head against the wall just slightly, but repeatedy
GrrBrool Lykin: back off, mate, this is my job, and yer makin it harder, i got a responsibility to him
Zion: Please, Grr
Rago: tz
GrrBrool Lykin swiftly slips his hand between head and wall for the next knock
GrrBrool Lykin whispers "no damagin other peoples stuff"
GrrBrool Lykin: luv
Zion stops, his eyes filling with tear "I have to get out"
GrrBrool Lykin: i know
GrrBrool Lykin: so,
Zion slides by the wall and holds his face, trembling strongly. "I want to"
GrrBrool Lykin: well, its gunna take some doin, is all, and we need ta get tha big-heads workin on it, right?
GrrBrool Lykin: and right now, ya need ta just make tha ride smoother, right?
Zion peeks over at Rago, and looks down.
Rago blushs and looks down on his feet
GrrBrool Lykin: and both Medic Grr and Sargant Grr recommend . . .
GrrBrool Lykin: BOOZE
GrrBrool Lykin: so, Haven, some beer fer you, some rum fer me and white wine and a slice of lemon fer Rago . . deal?
Zion blinks and bites his lip, closing his eyes. "I am sorry, I dont think I can move now"
GrrBrool Lykin waggles a finger at Rago "no makin -Zion- cry, right, it's un-manly, men dont cry, w ebottle it up till he have aneurisms or heart failure"
GrrBrool Lykin slaps his chest in a manly fashion
Zion laughs, but his body weakens and he faints.
GrrBrool Lykin catches Zion, swinging him over his shoulder, in a classic combat carry and sighs, taking him inside
GrrBrool Lykin pauses, patting the wall, one handed, before entering
GrrBrool Lykin plops Zion on the couch and gives him a thorough examination, for at least 10 minutes, physical, and spiritual
Rago blushes and pouts a bit
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Rago much more gently than before and speaks quietly, so as not to disturb the unconcious "Zion"
GrrBrool Lykin: ok, mate, we got a delicate situation here, as ya can see
GrrBrool Lykin: what did ya do, i missed it?
GrrBrool Lykin stands up

Blueray Darkes sniffs the air to pick up the man's scent, "No.. I was just passing by saw that thing over there, wandering in and then spied Rago".

Rago: hey blue...
GrrBrool Lykin smells of Grr by virtue of clothes
GrrBrool Lykin: and can we help ya further?
GrrBrool Lykin stays neutral in expression, to the point of stiffness
Blueray Darkes smiles slightly, "You do have a human form, first time I seen it". She motions to Rago, "I want to see him, unless you have a problem".
GrrBrool Lykin: dont bleed, and we're fine.
GrrBrool Lykin turns and keeps attending to Zion
Blueray Darkes giggles, "Rumours of my blood got out, what did I expect when I bleed on people"
Rago: :)
Rago: what brought you here
Blueray Darkes points, "That did"
Rago: the crate?
GrrBrool Lykin: you've been warned, and so have We, thats all, yer as welcome here as anyone else, Blue
Blueray Darkes strokes her fingers idly through Rago's hair, "Yes, crates don't normally show up in the library". Glances at Grr, "I don't intend to bleed on anyone just yet".
Rago: well i know exactly as much about the crate as you i think
GrrBrool Lykin: we got supplies from tha mainland, just stuff, nothin of note, nor of concern ta ya, Institute stuff
Blueray Darkes: What sort of supplies?
Rago: coffe
Rago: cookies
Rago: pencils
GrrBrool Lykin: and cleaning products fer tha carpet
Blueray Darkes laughs
Rago: oh and i hope a empty diary
GrrBrool Lykin: or two
Rago: and some new underpants
GrrBrool Lykin: ive had LOTS ta say in mine recently, im gettin pretty good at spellin
Blueray Darkes: Why not just go commando?
Blueray Darkes: Seriously going commando saves money
GrrBrool Lykin lifts Zions shirt to look for bruising
GrrBrool Lykin nods "got a point there Rago, i dont weare anythin under my leathers . . .easier ta Change, too . . ."
Rago gulps
Rago: urgh
Blueray Darkes chortles at the human, ruffles up his hair
Blueray Darkes: Isn't that the human the brat was in?
GrrBrool Lykin: yup, this is tha Fleshie awright
Rago whispers to grr
GrrBrool Lykin: hmm?
Blueray Darkes watches the werewolf intently, "I found it amusing that she had done something far out of her own league, but of course I would find entertainment when the brat has something backfire".
Rago: why u inspecting him like he had a accident
Rago: he only was...under a psychical schock
GrrBrool Lykin: well, i just hope she dont go insane or cut her own thread
Rago: he cmon
Blueray Darkes: Might be for the best if she did....
Rago: why he should
GrrBrool Lykin grabs Rago and rather ungently pulls him close "does this look like a faint to you?"
GrrBrool Lykin: does this LOOK like hes just tired? ya think runnin out, poundin his head agaisnt tha wall till he passed out is NORMAL?
GrrBrool Lykin: think befer ya experiment
Rago tears off
GrrBrool Lykin looks over his shoulder at Blue after releasing Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: no, i dont think that'd be better
Rago shouts angry " ive nothing done wrong! i wanted to help! normal people wouldnt react like THIS!"
GrrBrool Lykin: i'm not gonna lose another of this line
GrrBrool Lykin: exactly, it AINT normal
GrrBrool Lykin: this is some SERIOUS fucked up shit
GrrBrool Lykin: whatcha did shouldn;t have done this
Rago: and why u judge me for that then?
GrrBrool Lykin: because ya did it,
Blueray Darkes tilts her head as she tries to stop from smirking, she walks up to Rago and wraps her arms around his waist
GrrBrool Lykin: so, chill out
Rago: i didnt do it
GrrBrool Lykin: and lemme see if there is anythin ELSE that lead ta this
GrrBrool Lykin: ya did SOMETHIN, ya changed somethin
Rago: dont tread me like i tryed to kill him!
GrrBrool Lykin: maybe just tha straw on tha camels back, but it happed after ya did what ya did
GrrBrool Lykin sighs
Zion stirs and groans quietly
Blueray Darkes purrs
GrrBrool Lykin mutters "awready be dead if i thought that" and pats Zion
GrrBrool Lykin looks as Blue leaves
Rago takes some little stones out of the flowerpots and throws them on the street
Zion coughs and blinks repeatedly at Grr, trying to find his voice
GrrBrool Lykin: hush Little One
GrrBrool Lykin: bit of a shock?
Zion looks at his hand and groans loud.
Blueray Darkes chortles, turning on her heel making her coat swirl as she goes back inside, "I want a cookie"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
Zion closes his eyes again.
Picket McDonnell looks around and snorts "they need a tv in here"
GrrBrool Lykin calls back, in a much softer tone "Rago, ya wanna come back on in here, mate, someone might wanna see ya"
Blueray Darkes: Then it wouldn't be a library
Picket McDonnell giggles "sure it would... they could have those movies made after books."
GrrBrool Lykin: we got more than just books, if thats watcha mean, Picket, right?
Picket McDonnell perks her head to the side "oh? whatcha got?"
Zion sits up, looking around only to notice the demon ladies and shuts his eyes tightly again
Rago: but i dont wanna see anyone
Blueray Darkes: Rago get your ass in here
GrrBrool Lykin: thats great, Rago, but i need ya ta come and sit with yer buddy here
Zion pulls up his knees and shakes his head hesitantly.
Blueray Darkes: Is Abigel still in there?
Rago: you can come here if you want something
GrrBrool Lykin: so, please, with a cherry on top, get in here, and sit with Zion, he NEEDS you
GrrBrool Lykin: and dont be a dick
Picket McDonnell blinks at blue and giggles "wow I think you just made him your bitch." then she notices zion and grins wickedly "Oh look its that pretty little one I almost got to screw when abby was in him"
GrrBrool Lykin: we got quite enough dick goin about dont you?
GrrBrool Lykin: thanks,
Blueray Darkes: I like dick
Picket McDonnell: Who doesn't?
Blueray Darkes: Lesbians?
Zion closes his eyes again and whispers. "No, please Grr, dont"
Picket McDonnell: True enough.
GrrBrool Lykin: we all like dick, so, we're in agreeance
Blueray Darkes: Grr is gay?
Picket McDonnell: Interesting.
GrrBrool Lykin: nope, but i got one, and i like it
Rago: i think he means his own one
Rago nods
Blueray Darkes laughs
Picket McDonnell laughs
Zion groans
Picket McDonnell motions to the couch "whats wrong with pretty boy there?"
GrrBrool Lykin: can i do anythin fer you two, or are ya just here ta mess with my buddy here?
Rago: that he isnt a boy...
Blueray Darkes giggles at Picket, "the brat is still in there"
Picket McDonnell smirks "well he is pretty. you gonna argue that?"
GrrBrool Lykin: Rago, shut it and sit with yer friend
GrrBrool Lykin: just. sit.
GrrBrool Lykin rolls his eyes to Blue and Picket
Zion pulls up his knees and tries to be very small at the corner of the couch
GrrBrool Lykin: so, you two, what do you need here?
Picket McDonnell: Is she? hmmm I though she was cured, freed. whatever.
Blueray Darkes: I know how she can get her body back
GrrBrool Lykin looks over his shoulder
GrrBrool Lykin: then lets sit at tha desk over yonder and talk about that
Zion looks up to Blueray curiously
Blueray Darkes shrugs, "Maybe I don't feel like it"
Rago: i think we had enough experiments at this point for today
Zion closes his eyes again and the red shade reenters his face
Picket McDonnell: I could always just do a soul transfer. If you had both bodies.
Blueray Darkes: Lot simpler than that
GrrBrool Lykin: then ya can both stand and look pretty elsewhere, if ya dont mind
GrrBrool Lykin: i need ta see ta Zion
Blueray Darkes pouts, "I like standing here and looking pretty, we brighten up the place"
Picket McDonnell pouts "I thought the library was free for anyone"
GrrBrool Lykin: and he's freakin out pretty bad
GrrBrool Lykin: it is, and were closed
Picket McDonnell: Give him a zanex.
Picket McDonnell blinks "funny... denny said you never close."
GrrBrool Lykin: so go bother someone else fer a bit, yeah?
Blueray Darkes: Denny being that odd grumpy angel?
Picket McDonnell nods to blue "he's ma friend"
GrrBrool Lykin: well, Denny's not here, and i am and yer both makin me to horny ta think, does that make ya feel better, now, please, piss off, i have work ta do
GrrBrool Lykin points casually to the door "please"
Zion snorts and chuckles
Picket McDonnell: But its cold outside, would you really toss us out into the cold? Poor and helpless? For shame.
GrrBrool Lykin: yes
GrrBrool Lykin: i would
Blueray Darkes: Meanie
Picket McDonnell whines like a kicked puppy.
GrrBrool Lykin: go find some unsuspectin Fleshie ta warm yer parts
Blueray Darkes points to Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: his call, but not here
Picket McDonnell smirks and points to zion "I don't think he'd suspect"
Blueray Darkes snickers, "Matter of fact we wound him up pretty good, but alas for the brat's father doesn't want us messing with him/her/it"
Picket McDonnell giggles at blue "when have I ever listened to someone's parents?"
Zion groans again. "My dad?"
Blueray Darkes: Listen to Lorne
Picket McDonnell: I don't wanna.
Blueray Darkes: Your funeral
Zion finally smiles.
Picket McDonnell: Already had two.
Blueray Darkes: Okay I'll make you a deal
GrrBrool Lykin rolls his eyes "will tha two of ya piss off and let me work? unless ya WANT me ta get Legion in here ta sort this out so i can.
Zion frowns then and holds up his chin. "Why does he interfere anyway? I shag whoever I wish"
Blueray Darkes: I'll tell you the solution to her problem, if she promises to stop being a pain in my ass and give me a cookie
GrrBrool Lykin: oh fer Fucks sake
Picket McDonnell: I want a cookie too.
Zion chuckles
GrrBrool Lykin: well, if only ya'd said
Blueray Darkes look at Zion, "What say you"?
Zion: Jeez, chicas, please have some cookies." he gestures towards the table and a bowl of cookies appear with two glasses of milk
GrrBrool Lykin: see, i got my very own cookie factory, and i dont want it boken, so, take tha cookies, like two pretty demonesses, and fuck tha hell off fer a while, awright?
Picket McDonnell idly holds out her palm, making a small fireball in it. She concentrates, watching it twist and bend, turning into a firerose, one of the most beautiful and rare flowers. She frowns a bit, feeling quite nasty today, she drops the rose to the floor and smashes it out with her boot.
GrrBrool Lykin mutters "so much easier when i just had ta kill stuff"
Blueray Darkes: I guess they don't want the solution, but thanks for the cookies.. Ooh monsters
Blueray Darkes grabs some cookies and runs
Zion rolls his eyes and rubs his temples. "They give me a headache, those two"
Picket McDonnell blinks "she took all the damn cookies!" and runs after blue shouting "share!"
GrrBrool Lykin: you and me both, but me fer longer, you, maybe more often
Zion laughs
Zion smiles to Rago, forgetting about being a guy for a second and his eyes shine brightly "I painted Blue Pink once"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
Zion clears his thoat. "SShe... said she knows a way..."
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Zion VERY carefully
SweetMamma Voom: is this it
GrrBrool Lykin unfocuses his eyes and stares into Zions head, and down his body
GrrBrool Lykin: yuh-huh
GrrBrool Lykin: ya know . .. that . . .that was close
GrrBrool Lykin looks over at Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: mate, yer little stunt almost did it . . .
Zion looks at Grr curious and confused
Zion holds his head, shaking it slowly "You dont mean...."
GrrBrool Lykin: yup, looks that way, yer Spirit is all . . . .unstuck
Zion blinks. "But, I am still... this"
GrrBrool Lykin: almost, i said
GrrBrool Lykin: i think thats tha path
GrrBrool Lykin reaches over and playfully punches Rego on the shoulder
Zion groans and closes his eyes again
Zion: Shit
GrrBrool Lykin: well DONE, mate, accidental science wins again
GrrBrool Lykin spins, reaching for his hip
Rago smiles a bit selfish
GrrBrool Lykin: oh, Fleshie , Stokley, hey there, welcome back
GrrBrool Lykin: have a seat, if ya like, er get a book, er somethin
Stokley Constantine browses the stacks, looking for the right book....
Stokley Constantine hears GrrBrool and turns towards him, smiling
GrrBrool Lykin waves and goes back to looking intently at Zion
Stokley Constantine: 'Ello, I was just looking for a book, doing a little research on something I overheard last night
GrrBrool Lykin: you sarted it, didnt you. right?
Zion looks back at Grr and slowly nods. "You mean the switch?"
GrrBrool Lykin nods
Zion looks away "My trick, yeah"
GrrBrool Lykin: so, was it a shock when Rego here showd ya how he felt about ya?
Stokley Constantine curiously eyes the crate under the tarp, wondering if it's the same one the kindred were talking about the night before
Zion stirs uncomfortably in the chair
GrrBrool Lykin listens "mind ta tiger luv, she's not been fed in a few days . . . "
Zion laughs, his distress disappearing
Zion slowly focuses on Grr. "You did not see that, okay." He stands, weak to the bone, and breathes deep. "I need a walk."
GrrBrool Lykin: i saw nothin
GrrBrool Lykin: but i learnt a lot, and . . .we can fix this
GrrBrool Lykin: Child of tha huntress, tha Demon and tha Angel? we'll fix this

GrrBrool Lykin: awright?

GrrBrool Lykin looks up at Zion's eyes and fixes them in a deep, wild, feral golden stare

GrrBrool Lykin: you hear me in there?
Zion smiles a faint one slowly and nods

GrrBrool Lykin: good, off ya go, walk safe, Little One
GrrBrool Lykin: and dont wreck my SHIRT!

Zion is careful not to look at Rago, but waves

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Second attempt

GrrBrool Lykin: GET TO COVER, THEY'RE INSIDE THE LINES RUN . . . . RUN . .. RUN . . .


Rago Allen ducks behind the door


Rago Allen: whats going on


Zion Volos shouts at him "Fuck, Grr, you almsot shot me"

Rago Allen: better you get out of his line of fire

Zion Volos runs up the stairs, holding his hands towards Grr, slowing down

You: Maan, will you just stop that? What the hell happened?


Rago Allen: better u leave him alone

Zion Volos blinks

Rago Allen crouches over to grr acting like hes his army-comerade

GrrBrool Lykin looks around, sweating, fome flecking his muzzle and runs about before dashing off into the night

Legion steps with an echoing gate to the door opposite that She had entered, peaking around the edge at Grr. She opens Her lips, and there is a sound like muffled words, saying something about air support on it's way


Zion Volos looks after Grr, sniffing wipes his nose with an arm.

Zion Volos smiles at the lady, his smile slowly fading. "Pretty rainbow, but its still you who took my Nareth"

Legion follows the flight, or rather the charge of the light GrrBrool into the night, turning HEr attention then to Zion with a smile, accompanied by whispers the crawl across his shoulders "Abigel. Is it not time we found your body, and brought you back into it?"

Legion watches Abigel, the smile growing into a grin "We took nothing. We will be why she is returned to you, in fact."

Zion Volos shrugs. "No, it seems your magic soup is not working with me"
Zion Volos looks up at what has been said. "What do you mean?"

Legion hides Her growing grin a little more behind the door "We were able to track your body when this body consumed the food...and Nareth is not gone. She will return when Labyrinth no longer dictates her destiny"

Zion: Labyrinth.... a tricky bitch. I dont believe a word she says, and still...
Zion Volos crosses his arms and looks around. "I can understand her"

Legion turns to follow Abigel's walk further into the room, simply staring a while "We do not see the challenge there. It is an ultimately simplistic mind."

Zion Volos laughs
Zion: She is a trickster. Simplicity might be just a mask....
Zion Volos shrugs
You: Not that /I/ know
Zion: But you know, this is a library, still. When I am bored read.
Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Anyways, what can I help? As far as I know you are less simple...."

Legion continues watching, not moving from the spot near the door, small trails of frost growing slowly out across the floor "We are another aspect of your father, and We will bring you back to yourself."

Zion Volos sighs. "Well, I just wanted to ask for that bit myself too. Whats the deal?"
Zion Volos watches the frost occupy the floor and raises an eyebrow, scratching his head. "Maybe you should move closer to the fireplace, woman"

Legion retains a smile, and a certain sweetness to Her whispers "Refer to Us as "woman" again, and We will illustrate a range of unpleasant male weaknesses, is that clear, young lady?"

Zion Volos grins but nods "Sorry, Hippy, but you know." He takes a step back, looking her over. "Its a thing."
You: Fact
Zion Volos grins.

Legion holds Herself vaguely more stern "It is a matter of ettiquette. You refer to a woman as Ms., or Miss, or Ma'am, or by her name when speaking to her. You do not call her 'woman', it is rude. Shall We walk to the voodoo shop now, or do you wish to remain in this body?"

Zion Volos sighs and nods. "Yeah, he seems to belong there"

Pix Cazalet looks up suddenly "yes?"
Evil Titler: No-one gave Cerberos Vlodovic a new title! Cerberos will stay with the existing one for a while more.
Ares Mizin looks around at all the people, "Nevermind, its good to see you anyway."
Calleigh Constantine blinks and steps aside heading for the door.
Ares Mizin: Hey Calleigh hon!
Calleigh Constantine flashes a quick smile. "Hey..." She murmers heading out the door.
Cerberos Vlodovic: ow physic energy resisdue
Cerberos Vlodovic rubs temples
Ares Mizin whispers, "you're not mad at me are you?"
Legion steps near to Abigel, looking back at Abigel in Zion, and back to Her daughter's body. Her whispers roll around, and towards Zion in Abby "You must be removed. We will facilitate."

Calleigh Constantine smils slightl seeing Abby and Zion. "Hey you two, nice to see you together."

Pix Cazalet smiles a little and shakes her head "not at all, why would I be?" lays her hand gently on her shoulder "I'm just concerned for you"

Zion Volos coughs

Cerberos Vlodovic:'ll just step outside

Abigel Nightfire remains emotionless as she watches Legion, then she looks to Call, "Nice to see you as well."

Zion: "Zion, this is... Legion"

Zion Volos clears his throat and gets red. "She is.... "

Abigel Nightfire bows her head.

DCS2 2.34: Zion Volos OOC: damn, I just cant say right now "She is my father" because I will die laughing :D
DCS2 2.34: Ares Mizin OOC: rofl
DCS2 2.34: Abigel Nightfire OOC: lol

Calleigh Constantine frowns glancing over the stranger named Lorne, piecing it together. She looks to the two. "Are you guys ready? Or shall I leave you be for a bit?"

Abigel Nightfire glances to the others, "I'm ready."

Zion Volos swallows and looks up. "What? YEs... How?"

Legion watches Abigel's physical aspect with curiousity, noting the silence, and looking to Abigel in Zion "She is one of the two that caused you to live."

Abigel Nightfire nods slowly, "Call has a spell that should work."

Pix Cazalet: That was what my message was meant to convey

Pix Cazalet: Janet can be a reasonable man, but you do need to be careful

Calleigh Constantine nods towards the shop, "Come in and we'll get started." SHe glances to Legion, "It should just allow them to naturally swap back..."

Zion Volos laughs "Yeah, just like that" He snaps his fingers. "Bamm, and we are there"

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Call, watching a moment before nodding "We will watch then."
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes look Legion over slowly as she gestures for her to enter.

Zion Volos shrugs and follows Call

Zion Volos stops. "So, Whats the buzz?"

Pix Cazalet groans "not another one"

Calleigh Constantine scratches her head as she sighs. "This is going to be fun..." She glances sideways to Legion for a moment before looking to the two. "Preapre yourselves, this might not be fun..."

Zion Volos raises an eyebrow. "Now fun or not fun, lady?"

Legion cocks Her head at Calleigh, wondering, and waiting

Pix Cazalet looks towards Calleigh and nods extending her hand and gesturing to the curtain as she walks to clear the way

Zion Volos watches Call "Do we need candles? Crayons? Sacrifice?"

Calleigh Constantine murmers softly, Zion, Abby, come on into the back, I can focus back there without the gun fire." She waves her hand, dropping the ward, motioning for the two to follow.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine: "Alright you two, stand a few feet appart, facing each other."
Zion Volos looks down at Abby, and pats her shoulder, and raises her chin. He slwoly smiles and drops his hand.

Abigel Nightfire takes a deep breath and sighs.

Calleigh Constantine glances between the two. "Focus now." She murmers as she puts her hands on their shoulders, a pale blue flame winding up her legs as her eyes begin to spark bright white. "Concentrate on your body..." She whisper, her voice becoming distorted as her hair begins to float.

Zion Volos blinks. "Erm.. which one?"

Cerberos Vlodovic: ((got to run, dinner))

Zion Volos looks down on Abby

Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes gently.

Zion Volos scratches his head and shrugs, closing his eyes too. He shakles his arms, and rolls his head around.

Calleigh Constantine laughs lightly. "Your original." She murmers as the flames encircle the three, Calleigh murmering something under her breath as she bowed her head, focusing as waves of energy begin to seep into the two.

Legion sniffs quietly at the changing atmosphere, touching the psychic backdrop experiemntally, as one tests the water with a toe

Zion Volos opens his eyes and looks at Abby, nodding slowly.

Abigel Nightfire 's eyes open, glowing with the white/blue fire, "At least try, a little." Her voice was quiet and also a bit distorted.

Zion Volos nods again, watching Abby from half closed eyes

Ares Mizin: You mean what have they been doing? Calleigh knows better than me, she's the one who told me.

Calleigh Constantine's eyes lose focus as the room begins to warm, her body pulsating with a pale blue light. She can feel the two souls, and begins to try and link them back to their original bodies. A few of the flames that wrapped around either gently reach out to the other, wrapping around themas if small burning ropes that did no harm to them. She pushes her energy, coaxing the two to accept the bond back to their original bodies.

Abigel Nightfire relaxes and lets her mind open up as she closes her eyes again.

Zion Volos's dropped arms starts to rise from the field of energy around him, his hair scruffled in all direction and he giggles as if tickled

Pix Cazalet nods "as I said out what we need to know but no threats and be nice"

Legion's ear perks at the conversation, and She extends a singular tendril of perception cautiously towards the ritual

Zion Volos's body trembles slightly, overwhelmed, his eyes darting back behind his eyelids and he groans "This hurts."

Calleigh Constantine's hands suddenly spark, her eyes snapping into focus. "What--?" She instantly draws her hand away from Zion, watching as the blue flames turn on her, flashing bright white before dropping to her knee. She growls lowly, clutching her arm to her gut. "Try to pull on your bodies before my bind breaks..." She murmers her head dropping.

Joah Menjou steps quietly into the Voodoo shop, looking for Abby.

Pix Cazalet frowns "when do we beg? Have we ever begged? We do not need to beg"
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes snap open as she drops to one knee. She looks over at Call, but can't speak.

Ares Mizin laughs, "Hyperbole, but you know what I mean."

Joah Menjou glances from Lorne to Calleigh and the two before her, watching.
Calleigh Constantine's body shakes as flames engluf her. Her eyes flash white before she just collapses to the floor between the two, her body sparking.

Legion smirks at the conversation, wondering if the sabre rattler understands the rules of the posturing game

Zion Volos blinks as Call falls to her knees, and grabs Abby as she also weakens.

Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Fuck, we just mess others up too"
Zion Volos holds Abby, gently shaking her and looks up to Legion "Please, help us"

Abigel Nightfire breathes heavily as she tries to keep her eyes open, "Get.. Pix.." She crawls closer to Call.

Joah Menjou: "Will she be alright?" Joah whispers, turning toward Legion.

Abigel Nightfire starts to regain her strength as she places her hand on Call's neck, feeling for a pulse, but finds nothing.

Legion wanders further into the room, and over to the fallen, squating to hold Her hand over Calleigh's forhead, feeling through the threads of her being, searching for a mis-stitch

Zion Volos takes a step back as Abby kneels and watches Call with widened eyes. "What... what happened to her?"

Abigel Nightfire takes a shaky breath with closed eyes. "She is dead." She speaks slowly and very quietly, running her hand over Call's head, searchign fora sign of life.

Calleigh Constantine's body sends sparks back through Legion, but the inner fire of the young elemental was shutting down quickly, leaving only a few small burning embers that was slowly going out.

Zion Volos shakes his head, getting paler and paler, his voice rising with every word "How... no, I have.... that CANT BE..."

Legion's hand jumps as the sparks force muscles to tauten. Blackened patches of skin sliowly grow flesh colored again, as Legion lowers Her hand closer to Calleigh's forhead, inclining Her own head as She looks around the dieing fire for kindling--for cause, atempting to "Breath" a breath of life, and another on the embers

Zion Volos watches and swallows, his voice back to normal, this time rather whispering "She cant just die."

Abigel Nightfire gets to her knees and stands slowly, her eyes empty. She feels the room get colder as Call's life leaves

Legion closes Her eyevoids, crawling across the fallen Calleigh's pattern, and searching for a line connecting her to anything, or anywhere else

Zion Volos shakes his head. "I did nothing, I swear, nothing happened. Why would she die? Why would she weaken? What the fuck is happeneing to me? Everyone who cares fucking dies or gets crazy around me"

Calleigh Constantine's body doesnt respond, her face turning to a pale white as the the body began to spark softly, pieces of her skin beging to break dwon to ash as she lays silent, her eyes closed and looking peacful...but a spark still goes from Zion and Abby, connecting them, a final blue spark.

Joah Menjou draws close, lays a hand on Zion's shoulder and says softly, "Abby . . ."

Abigel Nightfire 's empty eyes are locked on Call's dead body as she aparently ignors the spark between her and her old body.

Joah Menjou's eyes widen as she sees the spark, she pulses prana to it, pulling it, reaching out toward Legion, then focusing on Calleigh.

Brianna Willenov sticks her tongue out,"Its for some sick friends."

Zion Volos watches the spark briefly, but he is too shocked to realise the posisbility of getting back. He takes a step towards the girl and watches Legion. "You CAN bring her back, right? You CAN do it"

Legion looks up to Joah, and the spark, snapping Her fingers, and pointing at Abigel's body "Will you squander what she has just risked her life to give you? Get back in your own body, young lady."

Abigel Nightfire clenches her first, "No." she says, her voice quiet and whith a hint of anger, "She's dead." She turns and walks out of the shop."

Kaya Collins blinks and looks around then walks behind the curtain

Ares Mizin: Wait, who jut died?
Ares Mizin blinks

Zion Volos shakes his head in disbelief. "Damn the seven hells, if I just could I would have done it, right?"

Brianna Willenov giggles,"Okay, then come on."
Ares Mizin nods, "alright."

Joah Menjou lowers herself down, opening spirit to Legion and studying Calleigh intensely.

Kaya Collins glances around the room eyeing each and every one of the individuals, she watches Calleigh for a while before her eyes rests on Legion

Kaya Collins gasps notably and her eyes shoots back at Calleigh with a intense look
Gloriana Maertens is Online

Calleigh Constantine's hand collapses into a pile of ash as the tips of her hair begins to follow, her body soon following, only remaining a small few embers of blue and red in the ash.

Zion Volos swallows and watches them all, taking a step after Abby as she left, hesitantly. He growls as he turns back and looks Legion over. "Bring the lady back, please"

Joah Menjou raises her head slightly, seeing Nerissa, she nods, then focuses again on Calleigh.

Kaya Collins breathes heavily and she's obvilusly quite upset over something, her chest moves up and down fast and a little uncontrollably and as she watches Calleigh, her breath changes even more and her eyes shoots up to Legion as she whispers hoarsly to Zion * ...on..?*

Legion kants Her head to one side, and to another, whispers rolling along the walls, and floor, as She reaches into the folds of Her skirts for a bottle, meaning to scoop the embers into it "Why haven't you gotten back in your own body, Abigel? She has risked her life for the opportunity."

Zion Volos's cries out, dropping on his knees reaching out to the ashes, not daring to touch them. "She CANT just die"

Nerissa Dae had passed and watches from a few feet back with an impassive face. She looks at Joah and then the others before she looks to what's left of Calleigh.
Zion Volos bites on his fist and blinks, swaying slowly back and forth "This.... is not worthy to die for... why on Earth?" He looks up at Legion with anguish. "I missed it, I cant feel a thing. I am SORRY"

Pix Cazalet winks at Cerberos "having fun sitting in the gutter?"

Zion Volos whispers "Sorry" repeatedly, hitting his forehead with his fists as he slowly gets up.

Kaya Collins shakes her head trying to prosess what she was just told mentally, and then what is going on before her, she feels totally out of control over the situatuion and can only watch with pounding heart and fear and rage filling her chest

Legion scoops the embers into the jar, Her hand hissing with the heat for the brief moment it connects, and stoppers the bottle. The bottle immediately fills with a rather significant concentration of oxygen, moving heat around in strange ways, as Legion looks up to Abigel "Why can't she just die? People do so every day."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes begin to shift as they seem to start for the door, the two embers glowing brighly, reflecting a small blue line of glimmering sparks lead out the door, faint but the tether was still there. The two embers fall back to the floor of the jar.

Joah Menjou watches the embers dance.

Legion looks down to the jar, and out the door, standing, and stepping towards it

Zion Volos groans and slams his head heavily into the wall "GET OUT"

Nerissa Dae sighs finally and points to Legion. "Put it down. She belongs here, with her family."

Kaya Collins's eyes watches Legion on her way, burning intensly, she knows she tends to jump to a conclution way to fast, but this still wasn't sure, but something was not right

Legion had held the jar out to where it had been sparking, whispers trailing behind Her "We have no intention of keeping her. We are following to where the tethers lead"

Joah Menjou turns slightly toward Zion, placing a hand on his shoulder again. "We should go." Her touch is comforting, that of an old friend. "We should go home."

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Nerissa "Come along. No need to leave her as embers in a jar."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes swarm and being glowing red right outside the door, taking shape of the fallen woman. Where her chest would be, a burning fire glows within the ashes. The figure put a finger to her lips before turning and darting out the door.

Zion Volos runs against the wall, over and over again, blood flooding over his face

Joah Menjou pushes gently into Zion, speaking so only he can hear, "Abby, stop. Please."

Nerissa Dae 's jaw clenches as she looks at Zion like he's lost his mind, a small glare setting coldness in her eyes as she looks at the others standing around. She shakes her head. "Fuckin' I don't have enough problems." She snaps and rubs her brow as if pained then jerks her arm to the doorway. "Fuckin' do what needs to do. I don't know what the hell to do anymore."

Zion Volos growls and smears the blood on his face, slowly sliding down by the wall and looking at his hands. "Rule number one, no permanent harm"

Kaya Collins makes a low hissing sound and follows Legion

Joah Menjou kneels beside Zion, taking one bloody hand in her own. Her fingers are small but curiously strong. "Come back to the Library." She tugs on his hand.

Zion Volos looks up, slighly confused, his eyes slowly clearing up. He almost made it, but not quite. "I really tried"

Joah Menjou: I know you did.
Joah Menjou: But it's not over.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine's form glances along the streets, her hair being swept by the wind, ashes blowing down the street as she glances about, the being looking worried as she mouths, 'Where'd he go?' The form turns frowning to Kaya's question, trying to speak but no sound comes from her.

Zion Volos wipes the blood out of his eyes, blinking at the form and squeezes joah's hand.

Nerissa Dae scowls as her eyes jerks towards Kaya and bites her tongue to keep from jumping her in response, forcing control to her words. "I don't know. I never know. "
Joah Menjou: Joah squeezes Zion's hand back, and does not let go.

Legion holds the jar out in front of Her, tossing it onto the street at the Calleigh forms' feet. The jar pops, like a light bulb thrown on the ground, releasing it's contents

Kaya Collins frowns muttering *apparently neither do i....fucking hell....*

Athena Blackadder: "heyas Calleigh"

The small demon lifts her arms up and folds them over her head, eyes clenching tightly closed. What ever is wrong with her, she's keeping a barely controled grip on herself.

Zion Volos groans and takes a step towards Call and Legion. ((small demon? ))

DCS2 2.34: Lorne Harlequin OOC: brb

Calleigh Constantine's form turns staring at the jar as the Embers shoot up suddenly, darting for her form and join ing the beating red light in her. In a moment, the girl is eveloped in flames, her body becoming whole as she smokes, frowning darkly as she looks down the street, her eyes appearing from the flames. "Twit ran off before he could get back into his body."

Joah Menjou watches cautiously, eyes roving from the Calleigh from to Legion to Nerissa and back. She steps down and closer to Zion.

Nerissa Dae drops her arms finally and slumps. "I'm useless here. And every where else. Get one of the stronger people, I'm in the way." She turns and shoves her way through anyone in her way.

Kaya Collins blinks and looks at Nerissa muttering *wow...she's even worse than me...depressing....*

Calleigh Constantine watches nerissa, her eyes sparking as she murmers darkly about something. "Oh joy."

Zion Volos winces as he steps closer, his head still bleeding from several gushes, but he chuckles with a snort "That was a trick, right? A mean, mean trick, right?"

Joah Menjou raises her eyebrow slightly, frowning at Calleigh. "That was quite some trick,' she mutters, still holding tightly to Abby's blood soaked hand, leaving with him to the library.

Monday, 28 July 2008


Friday, 25 July 2008

Grand idea

Abigel is still intrigued by the Tarot reading she recieved recently, so she paces up to the woodoo shop again, to check on the witches in case of any news. Mostly Coven members hang around in front of the shop, so Abigel approaches them in a friendly manner.

Nerissa looks over. "I wonder, now that Lestat has regained his true self, he will join them.." She turns her eyes on the figure arriving and goes silent.
Abigel smiles to the Tarot lady (Call) and considers Nerissa curiously for a while
Calleigh Constantine smiles glancing up to Abigel. "Hello Abby, something I can do for you?"
Zion glances at Abigel and nods slightly.
Abigel Nightfire slowly smiles to Nerissa. "Cute wings" she looks back to Calleigh. "Sure. So when will this love of my life appear? I am soooo curious"
Calleigh Constantine giggles lightly. "Already there, you just need to implament it." She winks, grinning. "Its up to you to figure it out now."
Abigel Nightfire frowns.
Abigel Nightfire finally looks to Zion. "You forgot to wipe your neck"
Nerissa Dae regards Abigel in silence. Its hard to say what she's thinking because her face is a blank slate before she looks away again. Seems the demon still has trust issues.
Zion blinks and looks down at his hand as a spark jumps from his index finger to his thumb. He glances at Abigel, "Did I?"
Nerissa Dae looks at Zion and grunts, pointing to her neck. "Right there. Rather messy."
Abigel Nightfire smiles. "Ah, a firestarter. I am Abby. Nice to meet you. But you should ask whoever feeds from you to clean up after herself"
Zion examins his hand then looks at Abigel, "I'm Zion, and perhaps it just doesn't bother me." He grins slightly.
Nerissa Dae looks back towards Abigel, a stray smirk plays at her lips suddenly, and then she's looking away to return to watching the streets.
Abigel Nightfire raises an eyebrow in appreciation of the answer and smiles. "So, how are things hanging over here?"
Nerissa Dae shrugs a little. "The same as everywhere. Moments of pure hysteria followed by boring schooling and stale discussions."
Abigel: Schooling? What do they teach here?
Zion shrugs and gestures toward Nerissa, "What she said."
Nerissa Dae glances at Zion and then Abigel again. "The same as the library would teach, though ..for some, its harder to find a teacher."
Zion nods, having yet to find a teacher.
Abigel scratches her head. "True, they are giving me lectures aaaall the time there"
Zion: "Sounds rather boring."
Abigel: Tiring and painful stuff. Gotto read and then a cat gets mad becuase I call her wise and cuts my tongue off that sort of things.
Nerissa Dae says through a cough, "Because you ran like a wyld child most likely."
Nerissa Dae slips off the walling. "And how is the Lady Red?" she asks out of the blue.
Zion shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
Abigel Nightfire visibly leaves out the reasons and details and gestures widely. Her movements stop in mid-air as Nerissa says she is a child. She then drops her hand. "That bitch? She is having these mood changes. Faints and then dresses like a soldier, and then she is all motherly....
Abigel realises she called the Lady bitch and slaps her own mouth
Zion grins and opens his eyes slowly.
Nerissa ms with a nod as she looks down. "Her heart, what left of it, is in pain and broken. She needs to be loved and is losing them." Her fingers fiddles with the straps to her belt. "It be wise to watch over her before she slips too far into the abyss of despair."
Abigel Nightfire frowns at Nerissa and at what she just said and stays quiet. She then talks slowly. "She is still very regal"
Nerissa just tends to prove more and more just how un demon like she can be to the other's within the city, trying to put a mask up to hide her weaknesses. "True..but she's in a state that needs to be watched over, regardless. To protect her more then others around her."
Abigel blinks at the girl she once tied the shoelaces together and tilts a head. "Protect her?"
Nerissa sighs and lays her hands over her stomach with a grimace. "If you will forgive me, I am feeling unwell..I think I return to my home for some rest."
Abigel blinks, still processing the unexpected. She waves to Neri and inspects the pebbles in great detail.
Nerissa bows her head before she withdraws from sight.
Zion nods as Nerissa vanishes then glances over at Abigel.
Abigel clenches her fist and relaxes it again. "I was mad at the lady, because she let my stepmum leave, you see. I expected her to be able to... prevent things
Zion nods, "Which lady, and why?"
Abigel licks her lip and blushes slightly, lowering her eyes. "I shouldnt say such things about the sire of my stepmum"
Abigel: I mean she is a bitch, you know, but a tough one. In a good way, if you get what I mean. The Lady Omega.
Abigel looks around uncertainly
Zion nods slowly, seeing her uncertainty, "Of course."
Abigel shakes off the feeling and smiles. "So, do you play with fire?"
Zion smiles, "I do, from time to time. What about you?"
Abigel Nightfire grins "All the time"
Zion 's smile widens, "Sounds like fun."
Zion: "I take it fire is your specialty?"
Abigel sighs. "It should... But sometiems well... it burns." Abby reaches out a palm and colourful flames dance around chaotically. Her eyes she tears for some reason. "Well, not literally"
Zion laughs, "Mentaly burns you?" He says with a hint of sarcasm.
Abigel Nightfire closes her fingers around the flames and they disappear. "I have blood of my demon father, I was born by the death of my mother, and her killer is my stepmum who was eaten alive by my father and his kind."
Zion is silent for a moment while he thinks, "So your father is the only one alive now?"
Abigel Nightfire tilts a head. "Yeah, but he is many, actually. A whole Legion"
Zion tilts his head slightly as well, "How does that work?
Abigel smiles. "Don't worry, though, my stepmum is in the maze I was told, and I will bring her back. My mum is an Angel, so she visits me when I sleep. Daddy is a demon with many souls..."
Zion nods, "Right, sounds like a complicated family tree."
Abigel grins and rolls her eyes. "They were all Omegans once"
Abigel: And you?
Zion smiles and nods, "Well nothing interesting, just a mother and a father. Both have passed now, long before I came here to Toxia."
Adred Clawtooth peers hesitantly into the voodoo shop window
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "Not a pint of demonblood? Not a kiss from an angel? Not even a curse?"
Adred Clawtooth slinks away quietly
Zion smirks, "I was possesed by a demond for many years, but that was after I had left my parents."
Abigel: Possessed? How do they do that? May I possess you?
Abigel scratches a head, repeating possession and wonders. "Maybe I should really read more"
Zion shrugs, "i suppose you could try, but seeing as you arn't really a demon, and you have a body of your own, i doubt it."
Abigel: Hmm
Abigel: So if I leave my body, I can possess others? Did he have fun? And you? No, I guess it wasnt that much fun for you, right? Did it spin your head? Did you have to throw up?
Abigel inspects Zion curiously
Zion sighs, "I can't speak for it, I would assume it had fun." He watches her watch him, "It made me crazy for a while till I managed to get it under control."
Abigel: Crazy? Hmm.
Zion nods, "i killed my mother when she came and found me."
Abigel Nightfire's jaw drops
Zion nods with a sigh
Abigel Nightfire's expression gets serious. "I am sorry"
Zion shakes his head, "Don't worry about it."
Abigel exhales. "If you say so."
Zion nods, "I came here to get it out of me, and it worked. Now I'm better, i suppose."
Abigel nods, swallowing. "Still, I mean, I weas told I should find myself. You know, to find out who I am. Maybe I should see if I can possess someone. As you have experience with it...."
Zion smirks, "I suppose that would help, what about your body?"
Abigel shrugs. "We put it into a coffin like the vampires do"
Zion nods, "And hope you don't get burried."
Abigel swallows but shrugs."Well, that would be even more interesting then"
Zion nods, "It would certainly mix things up."
Abigel Nightfire peeks into the woodooshop. "I am sure you guys have some books on possession"
Zion follows her in, "Probably, I havn't really checked."
Abigel Nightfire takes off a book and opesn it at just the right page. "You see?" she shows him a pentagram, and a list, fetching some ingredients from the shelves. "A very well equipped shop this is"
Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))
Abigel Nightfire enters the room and looks around curiously
Zion smirks, "careful."
Abigel Nightfire snaps her fingers and Zion appears in the middle of the pentagram
Zion sighs and points at her, "YOU arn't supposed to be up here."
Abigel Nightfire lights the candles she brought and points a finger towards Zion and he cant move
Abigel Nightfire wipes her mouth with her sleeve and strokes back the hair from her face, but it falls back again. She starts to read the symbols, which interestingly make sense to her only while she reads them.
Zion sighs, "And you think you will be able to posses me without any help, having never done it before?"
Abigel Nightfire circles you and raises her voice as she cants, her face gettin slightly blushed with excitement as she feels some sort of power emanate from the pentagram and the candles. She holds you Zion her gaze and keeps on canting already seeing the symbols all around in the air floating from the book
Abigel Nightfire cants louder and louder, looking Zion deep in the eye as if drawn, her eyes get wider and wider as the powers risen seem to get hold of her and she finally realises she is not in control anymore and faints