Friday, 30 May 2008

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dear Diary

Mum said again she is just Nareth. So Nareth. She is so funny, painted the whole room red. I got this diary from her too, to write stuff on paper, not scribbles on walls. We also built Blink today.

I am not gonna write pages you know. But, today I went to the Vortex, and took a Peek. I almost fell in again, but Nareth said I have to grow stronger, so I feed. Nareth said it's the Professor's, but I know the Magician is out there too, waiting for me. He whispers to me after Angel leaves. Angel is beautiful, and she comes when I fall asleep and she kisses my eyelids. She told me, she came back just to do that every day for me. After that I hear the Magician, and I keep my eyes shut and we whisper the night away together, and then the Beasts or the Beauties come and take us.