Friday, 27 June 2008

The drawing is of a thin, black winged naked woman, but it is harshly scribbled over with black and red crayons. So wildly the paper is ruined. The winged woman stands in the centre, in front of a cage. The background is meticulously filled with layers of black crayon. Flames of fire are drawn around the figure, then thick red lines of pure rage tear into her. The drawing is slightly damp, kicked under a tattered bed, and the girl lying in the bed is not crying anymore. She is staring at the ceiling. She blinks. A tiny, glowing spider sits in the corner. She blinks again and the spider falls dead onto a pile of dirty dishes with a relatively loud thump. The girl focuses on the sound, the sirens, gunshots and roaring monsters are just filtered background noise. She lazily reaches under the bed to find walkman there. She puts the headphones on, without ever adjusting the volume, without ever inserting a tape. The music takes her away from the events passed, blurs the memories into something acceptable and recountable.

She was asking about Nareth in the bar from Grifith, but he didnt know about her whereabaouts at that time. She wandered the streets aimlessly, unable to locate her stepmum. She went to the beach, but didnt feel her presence. She stepped into the water kicking off her boots. She closed her eyes as the waves licked her toes and felt the body of water and the rocks responding. She was aware of the presence of mutant fish and others lurking under the rocks, the distorted lifeforms living around abandoned shipwrecks. She opened her eyes, found herself lying in the sand, and shook her head, wondering how much time passed. She grabbed a fistful of sand, slowly letting it fall through her fingers.

She was raised in a dream. Years passed with hours, and noone can anymore determine if it was an illusion or a memory. How can you tell the difference anyway. She felt each peck of sand sizzling through her fingers, and sat up, absently digging for more and just spreading it around into the wind as she stood up. She took the boots into her hand and walked the beach, the image of the first moment she saw her father crossed her thoughts, as he was entering the library barefoot. She likes giving names, so she called him Hippy from that on. She shivers and wills herself to dry as she puts her boots on. Maybe Nareth is just magicked away. Hat trick.

Abby stirs on the bed, closing her eyes tight as she watches the dark city and herself walking in it, meeting Grifith again. He tells her Nareth is dead. Abby clenches her fist, and the memory stirs, fading to the blurry image of the picture kicked under her bed. She has met the thing that claims to have been summoned by Nareth or whomever, the thing claims that this is planned and Nareth was willing, the thing claims it all makes sense. The thing calls herself Paradox. The thing calls herself Labyrinth. The thing that calls herself Chaos.

Abby opens her eyes and wills the music stop. She recalls the darkness and the silence.

So empty.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dear Diary

Nareth came finally. With folks. Her eyes were back, and dragged me to a horrid location, which she claimed to be my home from now on. We almost have lost Blink on the way too, but later we found her.

So here I am. The library has this dry smell of oldness, and everything is so brown or gray, or just simply so worn it has lost all colour. I have not seen this many shades of brown or gray though never in my life. Do you think that sort of diversity lifts one's spirit? Well, my friend, you are wrong. The fire is the only cool thing about the library. I hope that makes you smile.

Another thing about the library is the Red Lady, and her voice cuts like a knife, so, you know. I dont mind ladies with fangs, but even Nareth is scared of her, so... I made a mental note not to fuck with her, or she will make me clean toilets. I am not afraid of shit or something, but yuck. I am sure if she considers that a punishment, it would be one.

Anyways, I really really love Mu.. Nareth, and believe her, but to have her bring me here, into this smell and dryness and boredom?! She says one day I will understand. I fear that day. Really.

-- Chatlog #1: World of Axis Mundi some time from present. Location: Abandoned Carnivale --

Abby balances on a unicycle in a tent, whistiling to herself, followed by her spiderlegged doll, Blink. A vortex opens suddenly, all sorts of people appearing out of thin air.

Nareth blinks, trying to clear her head.
Abigel Nightfire's whistle stops abruptly and she almost falls off the unicycle
Nareth: Abigel.
Nareth: Child!
Bellatrix Bracken looks around, confused
Abigel smiles, tilting a head, blinking.
Nareth: Where is he, Abigel.
Nareth: The Magician.
Nareth: Is he near?
Abigel slowly watches people appear and stands closer to Blink, hopping of the unicycle.
Nareth sighs loudly.
Nareth: You see what I have had to contend with?
Pontifex nods, looking about
Joah Menjou looks around, confused.
Nareth: I do not sense the Gallifreyan.
Abigel grins at the lady "MumNareth"
Merma Wijaya looks around confused
Merma: Where are we?
Nareth: Do *not* call me "mum".
Nareth: When are we is the question.
Abigel nods and smiles. "He is not at home"
Nareth: Good.
Merma: When and where then
Nareth: Then we are fortunate.
Nareth: A world called Axis Mundi.
Nareth: Many years in your future.
Pontifex: Lets just grab this kid and head back
Abigel smiles. "Wanna look around, Nareth?"
Nareth: Fine by me, Sir.
Abigel takes a step back
Abigel: Nooo.
Nareth: No, I do not wanna look around.
Nareth: We are going home.
Abigel darts out of the tent like lightning, hiding behind a cart, but too curious and peeks out, waiting for their reaction.
Merma Wijaya turns and humms a little looking "Very odd place.. doesnt seem like the future..but it doesnt feel like the place we left either."
Nareth: Shit...
Nareth: Bella, help me.
Pontifex: Merma...
Nareth: Abby, please.
Abigel: We can surf!!!
Abigel: And the tower!
Nareth: We cannot surf. You are not safe here.
Abigel crosses her arms, eyeing the strangers "I am not going nowehere"
Nareth: Well, you are not.
Nareth: Child, you will go where I take you.
Merma runs over to the group looking at poncho
Nareth: Please.
Nareth glances to Pontifex.
Nareth: This part is none of my doing.
Abigel looks down "This is a nice place"
Pontifex looks back to Nareth and then to Merma, "I'm not good with kids..."
Nareth: Be that as it may, we must leave it, Abby.
Bellatrix Bracken looks around her
Bellatrix Bracken smiles at Abby
Nareth: Do you not wish to go home, Abby, with me and Bella.?
Bellatrix Bracken: Yes, it is a very nice place, but...
Merma Wijaya sighs and looks at abby.. then to nareth and back and smiles a little"abigail.. your mother misses you.. and nareth.. and bella.. they worried very much when you were gone.."
Bellatrix Bracken shivers, as if a chill has passed through her
Abigel smiles and blows dandelion in Nareth's face. "You would like it here"
Bellatrix Bracken looks around her
Nareth: I would...that is NOT at issue.
Bellatrix Bracken: I think... the nice looks are deceptive
Nareth: I have been sent to retrieve you.
Joah Menjou smiles at Abigel, "Would you show me your pet?" She walks closer.
Abigel perks an eyebrow. "Sent? You?"
Nareth: Please, Abigel. I know things have been hard.
Nareth: Yes...sent me.
Pontifex looks about, "We could always come back later."
Nareth: Look at my face. What's different?
Abigel: Dont go closer to Blink
Abigel: She Bites
Nareth glances down at the robot.
Abigel looks at Nareth
Pontifex: The fun ones always do...
Bellatrix Bracken smirks
Merma Wijaya shoots poncho a withering glance
Nareth: My face, Abby.
Joah Menjou: Does she? She looks like she needs a good place to play - where there are lots of things she can bite.
Abigel looks into her greeeeen eyes
Nareth: What is different?
Abigel: Greeeeen
Nareth: Yes.
Nareth: Green.
Nareth: Those are my true eyes.
Abigel watches her from different angles
Nareth: If we do this thing right, maybe I get to keep them.
Abigel: Oooh
Nareth: And you can look at them as much as you wish.
Abigel takes a step closer
Nareth: If I fail...they will be taken away from me again.
Abigel: Noo
Joah Menjou stands silently watching.
Nareth: Sir!
Nareth: Was that necessary?
Bellatrix Bracken looks confused
Pontifex grins, "Watch..."
Shelle Boardwalk is Online
Nareth: I am *trying* to work here.
Nareth glances back to Abby.
Nareth: You do not want them to take mum Nareth's eyes, do you?
Abigel gets distracted by strange gun easily and glances at portal
Abigel blinks and looks back to Nareth as it disappears
Nareth: No!
Pontifex sighs, "No one ever enjoys chaos.... Abigel, want to play a game?"
Abigel: First you have to surf
Nareth: Sir, you told me...
Nareth growls....
Abigel looks to tall red man
Pontifex winks to Nareth, "Dont get to open the final portal. First lets show her how fun they are."
Merma Wijaya looks at poncho frowning"what are you doing?"
Abigel: You come with me surfin, I play with you
Nareth groans.
Pontifex looks over to Merma, "Pattern recognition, whats the book term for it?"
Nareth: Are you asking me?
Pontifex smiles at Pavlov...
Nareth: Let 's take the child and go, Sir.
Pontifex: Yes, I said that about five minutes ago...
Nareth: Now...Sir...where do we go from here?
Nareth: Toxia...the Chateau?
Pontifex: The Chateau is gone in present day.. it would have to be somewhere else
Abigel watches Blink
Abigel: Wha...?
Nareth: What is this blasted thing following me for?
Bellatrix Bracken shifts her weight from foot to foot, glancing around the carnival uncomfortably
Nareth: Abi!
Abigel giggles
Abigel: She remembers you
Nareth: Clearly.
Merma Wijaya hugs her arms and looks around
Pontifex puts away his right hand
Joah Menjou smiles. "Dont let her bite."
Nareth: Toxia it is...
Nareth: It's a small one.
Nareth: Follow me...
Abigel looks around, and then at Blink. "Can we not come back?"
Nareth: Someday...maybe.
Nareth: Hold my hand, Abby.
Abigel Blinks
Nareth: Hold it tight.
Nareth: This will be a bumpy ride.
Nareth: Each of you, come when called. Do not fucking hesitate.

-- Toxia, present day --

Nareth: Abby?
Bellatrix Bracken nods
Nareth: Joah?
Joah Menjou: I'm okay.
Nareth: Abby...
Nareth: Merma and bella..
Nareth: And Sir.
Nareth: All present.
Nareth: That was a damned needle.
Nareth: Tight.
Abigel shakes her head, spinning around
Nareth: To the library?
Joah Menjou nods.
Nareth: Come along, Abby.
Pontifex: Wait, we're Bella?
Nareth sighs....
Pontifex: Did we loose Bella?
Nareth: She's here.
Nareth: Behind you.
Bellatrix Bracken: Here
Pontifex: Ah ok... so all accounted for
Nareth: Yes, Sir.
Clairewitch Reddevil: cool
Nareth: So...
Nareth: Duty done.
Abigel shrugs, looking around. "Books. Boooring"
Clairewitch Reddevil thinks thats funny and laughs
Nareth: You don't have to stay here, Abi.
Nareth: Just hang on.
Pontifex sighs, "Yes, you did most well. When Omega gets off the stage we'll discuss your future. Keep the eyes..."
Joah Menjou: "What happened to Blink?" Joah barely notices the ones on the couch.
Nareth: Thank you, Sir.
Nareth looks relieved.
Abigel: Aw
Abigel looks around worried. "I have to find her, Nareth"
Nareth: Child...what did I tell you about that man?
Nareth: Her?
Clairewitch Reddevil glances at Joah
Pontifex: Her? What man?
Nareth: The Magician.
Pontifex: I thought you didnt know him. What did you tell Abi?
Abigel looks around, searching for her pet. "The Magician? He is cool"
Nareth: I told her to stay away from him. And I do not know him. I only know of him.
Nareth: He has been appearing to Abigel.
Pontifex sighs, "I see..."
Nareth: Did I neglect to mention that?
Pontifex: I believe so..
Nareth: Pardon me, then.
Nareth: I need to sit...
Nareth: Excuse me...
Pontifex: No worries miss, I'm sure it got lost with the pile of questions I asked.
Pontifex: No doubt you informed Lorne and Larissa?
Clairewitch Reddevil: do we need to move?
Nareth: Lorne?
Nareth: Yes, please.
Clairewitch Reddevil: isnt this a public library ?
Nareth glares at the two on the sofa.
Pontifex: Yes, Lorne. Nice guy, about my height, had a sadistic sense of humor?
Nareth: It is public, but you aksed.
Nareth: And I told you yes.
Abigel eyes Pontifex. "Wanna candied apple?"
Nareth: I *know* who Lorne is, Sir.
Pontifex looks at Abby as if she was contagious, 'Uh, sure."
Nareth: Be careful what you take from her, Sir...
Abigel takes out one from her pocket, and unwraps it
Joah Menjou grins, "Candied apples are good, Pontifex. At least I always used to think so."
Nareth: All right, fine. I'll sit in a bloody goddamned chair.
Pontifex holds the candied apple up, "Someone once told me that lovers were like apples.."
Abigel tilts a head. "Really?"
Clairewitch Reddevil thinks thats funny and laughs
Clairewitch Reddevil: isnt the sofa big enough ?
Bellatrix Bracken wrinkles her nose
Nareth: Joah...thank you for coming along.
Nareth: I had no idea exactly what to expect.
Abigel stomps with a foot. "We didnt surf!"
Pontifex nods, "You'd like her, I think. Good reason to stick around, she has crayons."
Joah Menjou nods, "You are most welcome, Nareth."
Bellatrix Bracken looks at Nareth
Bellatrix Bracken: Nareth...
Nareth: Yes, Bella?
Abigel sticks out a tongue. "What do you think, I am a baby?"
Bellatrix Bracken: If you no longer need me...
Nareth: Abi, behave.
Bellatrix Bracken yawns
Joah Menjou laughs. "She has magic crayons that draw in the air."
Nareth: Yes, Bella, you can go back to the boat. I will join you shortly.
Pontifex: Crayons arent for babies, we all love them. I have a favorite color, whats yours?
Nareth: I should feed soon.
Bellatrix Bracken smiles.
Nareth: Very soon.
Bellatrix Bracken: thank you
Nareth smiles a tired smile.
Bellatrix Bracken nods and smiles, nodding to the others as she leaves
Abigel watches Nareth. "You can keep your eyes, he said."
Joah Menjou waves at Bellatrix as she goes.
Nareth: What? Abigel, will you come nearer?
Pontifex: Green... you like green i bet?
Abigel: Green. Yes
Nareth: Sorry. That took a lot out of me. It's been a while.
Nareth: It's sort of like...surfing.
Abigel hugs Nareth. "It was!"
Pontifex: Ah see, I'll make sure we find you a nice green crayon. Nareth, whats your favorite color?
Abigel: Red, sir
Nareth: And it sometimes gives me the worst now.
Belshazaroth Fargis thinks of a line, "Crayons, because all of the lead was used for making bullets."
Nareth laughs.
Nareth: Guess that's sort of obvious.
Pontifex chuckles, "Joah, et toi?"
Abigel looks to Nareth seriously. "I am sorry I caused you headache"
Nareth blinks, still not quite believing her eyes are in her head.
Joah Menjou: Cornflower blue.
Nareth: You did not cause it...the Magician did.
Pontifex: Ah, an admirer of the extended set, like myself.
Nareth: And it shall pass.
Joah Menjou looks with concern at Nareth.
Abigel nods slowly. "You should meet him, yes"
Belshazaroth Fargis: May I sit with?
Nareth rubs at her temples.
Joah Menjou: May I help you with the headache, Nareth?
Pontifex looks over to Merma, and then shaz, "Certainly"
Nareth: Certainly, Mr. Fargius. Sit.
Belshazaroth Fargis: !
Nareth: Exvcuse the thing on the sofa.
Clairewitch Reddevil: excuse me
Joah Menjou glances up at Bleshazaroth, "Hello again."
Clairewitch Reddevil: im not a thing
Belshazaroth Fargis: Hiya Joah, thanks for the history book. *hands the book back to her*
Nareth: You are most certainly a thing, as am I.
Clairewitch Reddevil: im a being
Abigel ponders
Joah Menjou takes the book from Belshzaroth and lays it under her chair.
Pontifex: So Abi, what can you tell us about this Magician?
Belshazaroth Fargis: Oh, I need to get back-issues of the newspaper
Abigel: He has got a gorgious hat
Nareth closes her newly returned eyes....
Abigel: And keys
Abigel: lots of keys
Nareth: One would open a TARDIS, no doubt.
Pontifex: Does he ever appear sick, or tired?
Nareth: Like me?
Abigel: Sick? What is that?
Nareth: She does not grow ill, Sir.
Nareth: Nor do I, or
Nareth: It did make her upbringing easier.
Joah Menjou whispers to Belshazaroth, "You'll need to talk with Pontifex about the back issues - but now is probably not a good time."
Pontifex: Hmm...
Abigel: And tired?
Abigel: Rather just sad
Abigel: Sometimes he was sad.
Nareth: Aren't we all.
Pontifex: Sad is a good start, what things mad him sad?
Belshazaroth Fargis stares at the monochromatic person next to Pontifex, "Are you a jester?"
Nareth: She is not a jester....
Nareth: It's just a costume.
Belshazaroth Fargis frowns, "Oh."
Clairewitch Reddevil stands up and looks at the crow, bows slightly. excuse me and good night , merry part
Belshazaroth Fargis: When's a good time to catch you Pontifex, sir?
Joah Menjou murmurs goodbye to the feline.
Pontifex: Anytime I'm alone!
Nareth takes her usual place on the sofa....
Belshazaroth Fargis: That almost sounds naughty
Nareth: I will note...the last time I saw Abi, she was much, much younger...though she could talk.
Nareth: She seems to have aged...I don't know, maybe fifteen years.
Nareth: Which would put her about 18.
Joah Menjou: How long ago did you see her, Nareth?
Nareth: This morning.
Joah Menjou eyes widen.
Pontifex: Last time I saw her...well she was born.
Nareth: Time does not flow quite the same in all worldlines.
Abigel tilts a head. "Oh, yes I remember you" Cant tell if she is serious or not
Nareth: How long were you gone, Abi?
Nareth: How many...years?
Abigel shrugs. "I had 899 birhtdays"
Pontifex: Are you sure?
Abigel grins wide "Lovely place it was"
Nareth nods slowly.
Nareth: 899.
Nareth: Birthdays.
Joah Menjou: In little more than a few weeks . . . .
Abigel: I hope we will have one tomorrow
Pontifex: Hmm Interesting
Nareth: Abi, did you get a birthday every day?
Nareth: Or once a year?
Abigel: Can I have a birthday tomorrow?
Pontifex: When was your last brithday?
Abigel frowns. "I dint have one today and yesterday"
Nareth: Right...
Nareth: Yes, you can have a birthday tomorrow.
Abigel: I can wish for whatever I want. The/surf/ was a birthday present, you know
Nareth: Yes, Abi.
Pontifex: Yes, first 900 years are fun like that, but eventually the birthdays get boring
Abigel purses her lips, thinking about the surf, and blinking out at the darkness
Jonathon Coage smiles and nods as he looks around before looking to Poncho "Good evening, brother."
Joah Menjou: What is the surf, Abi?
Abigel looks at her in disbelief. "It is a thing you ride the waves with, Joah"
Pontifex nods to Jon and his pet kitty, "Evening Brother"
Joah Menjou: "I've never done that," Joah smiles.
Abigel: Well, I said we should, but RedMum here"
Choi Zhangsun speaks loudly, "HELLO PONCHO."
Pontifex smiles, "Ah, you remember your teacher after all. Well...hello Choi. ":
Jonathon Coage shakes his head with a smile as he looks to Choi and then back to Poncho "The town seems to be sleeping, I was curious to see what you were up to."
Nareth: Abi...I have to return to the boat soon.
Joah Menjou twists around in her chair and smiles at the two.
Pontifex: Oh I was just about to leave.
Jonathon Coage smiles and nods to Joah
Choi Zhangsun gives a tiny snort, then grins. "How could I forget... Hey Joah."
Pontifex: Just debreifing Abby on her wild ride.
Abigel grins. "I will have to make a surf, and guard you"
Abigel looks up at pretty couple
Nareth: Guard who?
Abigel: Well, your boat
Nareth: Oh.
Jonathon Coage perks a brow "Wild ride?"
Joah Menjou smiles, "Hi, Choi."
Nareth: Thank you, Abigel.
Pontifex: Long story, though I did get to make a portal again....but no one used it
Pontifex frowns
Jonathon Coage nods "I see...those portals are quite impressive."
Abigel chuckles softly "I was told not to get into strange tall red man's portals”
Nareth: Yes...and it would have been bice if he had warned me.
Choi Zhangsun laughs, "He's strange all right.."
Pontifex: Not as impressive as some portals..
Nareth rubs at her eyes.
Pontifex looks to Nareth, "You're one to speak of warnings..."
Nareth: True, Sir.
Nareth: So...I keep the eyes if Omega says so?
Nareth: Have I proven myself?
Abigel looks around. "So, will you help me find Blink, Nareth?"
Jonathon Coage looks around with wide eyes "Eyes? I must have missed some wild ride.."
Nareth: Yes, I will help you find Blink....
Nareth: ...later.
Abigel nods, slightly more at ease
Pontifex: The eyes are literally out of my hands now..
nareth nods slowly.
Pontifex: As I feel are many other things.
Jonathon Coage shrugs and waves to all "Well...just checking in...have a nice night all."
Nareth: Sir...I would apologize...but I think you understand.
Choi Zhangsun casually glances at Poncho's hands and stops, with a smirk. "Yes, Poncho, I do see your hands seem to be tied.."
Nareth glances to the two at the door.
Pontifex nods, "Have fun Brother," looking to Choi, "Envy does not suit you."
Joah Menjou turns in her chair again and nods goodbye to Jon and Choi.
Jonathon Coage chuckles and shakes his head as he turns and walks out the door
Pontifex looks over to Nareth, "Forgive me if I don't."
Nareth: Very well, Sir.
Choi Zhangsun smiles brightly at Nareth, then flashes it at Poncho, "Funny, only thing green about me is my own eyes." She grins and waves at Joah.
Abigel tilts a head trying to comprehend what they are talking about, as if counting only by prim numbers
Nareth: It seemed the correct run.
Nareth: That's all.
Pontifex: Yes, I concur
Abigel: Thay ran?
Pontifex rises and leaves
Nareth frowns.
Joah Menjou shakes her head. "I'm confused."
Nareth: Joah...can you watch after Abigel for a short while?
Joah Menjou nods. "Yes, Nareth."
Abigel rolls her eyes
Nareth nods.
Nareth: Abigel, please wait here. I will be back.
Abigel: I am not a baby
Nareth: I know...
Joah Menjou: "No. You aren't. Lets go stir something up." Joah grins.
Abigel inspects carpet patterns
Abigel looks up. "Ah!! I like you"
Joah Menjou: I'm Joah, by the way.
Abigel: I know
Abigel shrugs. "Nareth called you Joah"
Joah Menjou smiles. "Well, I like a proper introduction."
Abigel tilts a head. "Oh... Why"
Joah Menjou sticks out her hand, offering to shake Abi's.
Joah Menjou: Because it's fun.
Abigel shrugs and shakes it, looking around "Abby"
Nareth: See? Back already.
Omega: Abby...
Joah Menjou laughs. "it comes in handy."
Joah Menjou: Lady, greetings.
Abigel nods.
Nareth: As snatch and grabs go, it was an easy job.
Joah Menjou whispers to Abi, "Fun later?"
Omega: You're well, Abigel?
Omega: Unharmed?
Abigel nods to joah and looks up at Red Lady
Nareth returns to the sofa.
Nareth: A bit older than when I last saw her, but, all in all...
Omega looks to Joah..
Abigel looks at Omega and remembers what Joah said about introductions, offering a hand. "Abby"
Omega: She's.. taller than I expected.
Nareth: She was gone quite a while.
Omega: Abby. I'm Omega.
Omega: And this is Denenthorn.. and over there, Severus.
Abigel nods, looking at everyone openly
Nareth: Abby, anytime Omega asks you to do something, you will, understand?
Nareth: No questions asked.
Abigel: Pff
Omega: We shall have to give her a position here in the Institue. Protection.
Severus Seversky silently puts the few scraps of clothing he has back on in the shadows
Abigel eyes Omega. "Why would I?"
Nareth: I fear I have made a poor excuse for a mother.
Pontifex nods, "Brit needs an assistant."
Denenthorn mutters something
Omega: Because, I am not accustomed to being disobeyed.
Nareth: Ah...perfect...
Omega: Ask Nareth to show you her hand, if you like.
Nareth frowns.
Abigel eyes the lady in red. "You want to hurt me now?"
Joah Menjou bites her lip.
Nareth: Would you like to see my hand, Abby?
Nareth: It's what happens when someone disobeys Omega.
Abigel: Crap. I knew I should stay
Nareth: Even her own childe.
Omega: No, not in the least. I have gone to considerable.. effort to ensure you come to no harm, in fact.
Omega: And I shall continue to do so.
Abigel rolls her eyes. "Nareth, you brought me to this lady so that she can hurt me all the time?"
Nareth: No.
Nareth: No, I did not.
Severus Seversky smirks wryly
Nareth: And...she will not.
Nareth: But you must obey her, as do I.
Abigel: But you just said…
Nareth: We obey her, Abby.
Nareth: She is own mother.
Joah Menjou speaks softly, "We all do, Abi."
Abigel rolls her eyes. "I obey noone"
Nareth: Abby, please.
Nareth: You used to obey me.
Omega smiles...
Omega: Quite the wild one, I see.
Severus Seversky chuckles softly from the shadows
Abigel holds up her chin
Abigel: The fire is nice, though
Pontifex: I blame her uncle Poncho
Nareth: Abby, would you come to me?
Nareth: Please?
Omega smiles, listening to Nareth's tone..
Abigel sways a head
Omega: Well. One of you has learned something at least..
Nareth: I would like to show you something very grown up.
Denenthorn smirks "Perhaps this one is not worthy of protection with such arrogance..."
Omega turns to Pontifex, smiling at him..
Nareth: have to understand, Omega did not *mean* to hurt me as much as she did. It accident. Still, had I not disobeyed her...
Abigel shakes a head
Nareth slips off her right glove, revealing a badly scarred hand, disfigured, the flesh melted, two fingers fused.
Pontifex smiles up to Omega, "I plan to punish Nareth for her actions tonight."
Abigel: Yuck, Nareth
Nareth: Yeah...yuck.
Severus Seversky slowly arches a brow
Nareth: But...I had it coming, and worse.
Omega looks to Pontifex with a raised eyebrow..
Abigel grimaces and looks away. "What the fuck is this place?"
Nareth slips her glove on again.
Nareth: Abby!
Joah Menjou looks puzzled at Pontifex's words.
Omega turns to look at Nareth, sighing..
Nareth: Jesus...
Nareth: Language.
Omega: It is.. the best you can hope for in this town, Abby girl.
Omega: Heaven help you.
Abigel pats on the couch, swaying back and forth
Nareth: It is good place, the library, Abby.
Abigel: I had a tent. And surf. And the sun.
Nareth: It is..our..home.
Nareth glances uncertainly to Omega, then Pontifex.
Nareth: No more boats, no more running....
Abigel sighs, looking back at Nareth's hand. "So what did you do?"
Omega: Abby. You're a big girl, now, yes?
Nareth: I...I was very, very rude.
Nareth: I embarrassed Omega.

Abigel glances at Omega. "I am not a baby"
Nareth: I threatened people.
Nareth: She knows you're not a baby.
Omega: All grown up, I see.
Omega: Old enough to make your own decisions then?
Abigel: You disfigured Mum
Nareth watches the kid nervously.
Denenthorn brushes his hair away from his right eye, revealing three long scars on his skin, the right eye is noticeably purple and silently watching Abigel
Omega: We could all be accused of having injury, even death, on our records, no?
Nareth: I explained, Abigel.
Abigel looks around, swallowing hard.
Omega: Who here has a clean slate.
Omega: Not you, Abby girl.
Nareth: I have killed many people, child. You know that.
Nareth: I killed that you would be born.
Abigel shots a glance at Nareth and looks back to Omega. "What do you mean?"
Omega shakes her head..
Omega: We all gave much. Paid hefty prices, for your safety, Abby.
Omega says quietly.. we pay still.
Nareth: I killed your true mother, Abigel.
Nareth: She asked me to.
Nareth: To save you.
Abigel stands. "Now I just needed that"
Nareth looks very uncomfortable.
Omega: We would not see you come to harm.
Omega: But you must work with us.
Nareth: No one is truly free, Abigel.
Omega: This is a dangerous place. Not one to wander alone, unprotected.
Nareth: Life is not a carnival, and neither is death.
Abigel looks out the window. "What do you mean!?"
Abigel glances between Omega and Nareth.
Nareth: You have to grow up, Abby.
RockPup Grut takes a sip of beer: this book club gets bigger everytime i'm in here...
Abigel: I was safe and cared for, had my birthdays and the sun was shining
Nareth: It was a lie, Abby. he was using you.
Nareth: Trust me.
Nareth: He would have tried to use you to become more powerful.
Denenthorn smirks "We mean that in this world people will torture, beat,rape, and kill you and not even think about it, so don't act so damn arrogant and allow someone to kill your ego that wa...."
Joah Menjou quirks her head toward the lycan and places as finger in front of her lips.
Abigel: You take me here, to this lady and tell me to obey her, and tell me you killed people and that she will hurt me if I dont.
Omega: Would you rather we lie, Abby?
Severus Seversky watches from the outside
RockPup Grut raises a finger to his lips and nods before taking another sip of beer
Omega: Let me spin you a sweet tale then. Like I would a child.
Nareth looks anxious.
Omega: This is a lovely place, we are all nice people, and you shall never scuff your knee...
Abigel takes a huge silk handcerchief and blows a nose.
Nareth: Omega...she has not had an easy time of it...
Omega shakes her head..
Nareth: Imagine, me as your mother.
Abigel holds out her palm to Omega
Omega reaches out, putting her hands on Abby's arms..
Omega: You are home.
Nareth grows silent.
Omega: You may not beleive it, you may not like it.
Omega: But.. you are cherished here. And we will protect you.
Denenthorn rolls his eyes and mutters
Omega: You are.. home.
Abigel shrugs. "Dah"
Omega: And.. both your mothers care for you..
Omega: As do I.
Severus Seversky blinks, watching
Abigel looks around. "And what do you do all the time?" she says with disgust "Read!?"
Omega laughs delightedly.
Omega: If any one asks you, you be sure to tell them that, all right?
Abigel watches the lady laugh.
Omega: Just tell them we read all the time and are very, very dull.
Omega smiles at her…
Abigel perks an eyebrow.
Omega: those part of our family know, perhaps that isn't the whole truth.
Omega: But I think it's best you discover us.. in your own time.
Omega: Now, Our Brit needs an assistant, I am told?
Omega looks to Joah.. yes?
Abigel repeats "Brit"
Omega: Brit. You will like Brit, I promise..
Joah Menjou: Yes, Lady.
Nareth: You'll like Brit, I think, Abby.
Omega: Once you've met her, you can decide if you'd like that or not.
Abigel nods. "Ah the baby with crayons. Am I a babysitter now?"
Denenthorn kablinks "Brit needs an assistant?"
Nareth sighs again.
Omega: A babysitter. Hmm. Would you like that?
Nareth mutters, "Me, as a mother."
Omega: We could find you another job..
Omega: There are toilets to be scrubbed after all
Omega: hours and hours of dusting..
Abigel crosses her arms and sniffs
Omega: Cataloguing.. filing...
Omega: No end of jobs here.
Omega: Perhaps babysitting Brit might be less arduous?
Abigel: Damn, Nareth. I had 899 birthdays.
Omega: Who knows.. you might learn something.
Abigel: You bring me to /this/ lady.
Denenthorn growls "I need bait for some friends in The Pit if she'd like..."
Nareth: Abby, will you *please* not curse, just for now?
Abigel grins and picks her nose
Nareth: I know how I talk, but I've asked you...
Omega: But as you say, you're free to make your own decisions.
Omega: Let her curse, if she wishes..
Nareth: I don't pick my nose, though.
Omega: but let her also THINK.
Joah Menjou shakes her head at Denny, then props her chin in her hands.
Omega leans over a little, showing fangs..
Omega: You are in a very fucking dangerous place, little girl..
Omega: But you have powerful friends. So be glad.
Omega smiles
Abigel inspects the teeth thoroughly
Denenthorn turns to Nareth "Should have brought the kid to me, I'd teach her respect, the little pig..."
Nareth sighs and nods to Denny.
Omega glares at Denenthorn.. I wonder what you were like at this age.
Omega: Pouty, I'll wager.
Omega smiles..
Abigel glances to Denny, nose wrinkled
Omega chuckles, and leans down to kiss Nareth's cheek..
Nareth: I should probably be getting back to the boat. I have not fed, and Bella is waiting. Sire?
Omega: Mother of the century, my sweet. She's delightful.
Denenthorn laughs "I was busy sparrin with my father... I think"
Nareth: Mother of the century...indeed.
Omega: As you wish.. of course.
Denenthorn: How old is she?
Nareth: Thank you, Sire.
Abigel scratches her head, looking around again, eyes darting from one dark corner to the other
Omega: We'll see you again soon, then, Abby?
Nareth: And Sir, we will talk. I know you will require...restitution.
Omega: And you can meet Brit.
Abigel nods. "Sure. She will get candied apple"
Nareth: Abby, please, do as Omega asks.
Nareth: I cannot be your mum now.
Nareth: You must take care of yourself, if we are all to care for you.
Abigel rolls her eyes. "Ok, ok" in a low voice
Nareth: Thank you.
Nareth: I am to keep the eyes for now, yes?
Nareth points to her face.
Omega looks to Nareth..
Omega: Can I trust you, Nareth?
Nareth: Honestly?
Nareth: I do not know.
Abigel chuckles
Nareth: It has not happend yet.
Omega: If you run..
Nareth: If I have no free will.
Omega: then you did not deserve to stay
Omega: so.. keep your eyes.
Nareth nods slowly.
Nareth: I do not believe that I shall run, Sire.
Nareth: I have run, and returned.
Pontifex frowns, "Sorry, I should not have chased..."
Omega: Nor I.
Nareth bows to Omega.
Nareth: I will take my leave...for now.
Omega nods..
Nareth: Behave, Abby.
Nareth: Please.
Abigel waves when she has already left and cannot see.
Pontifex rises, "I assume you wish for me to go to sleep as well?"
Denenthorn mutters "Arrogant, she'll die with that attitude..."
Abigel mutters "Freaks" to herself and watches the shelves.
Denenthorn eyes Abigel and whispers "Although, that one does have potential" he says as if he is holding a conversation with himself.