Thursday, 7 August 2008


Tiamka Tir looks at the fellow accross from here, "Hello."
Zion walks in with a loud sigh and sits, nodding to the girl. "Hi there"
Rago: oO hello
Rago: hello.....abby?!
Zion looks up, and waves
Tiamka Tir watches the fellow curiously, "My name is Tiamka, what may I call you?"
Zion nods with a sigh
Rago looks to tiamka smiles "you can call me rago, like all"
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Pleased, Rago
Zion holds his head in his hands "Call me Zion, but... well. I am not him"
Rago: abby
Tiamka Tir nods, "I see."
Zion nods, and watches the carpet. "Maybe if I don’t move for a while I get out."
Tiamka Tir rustles her papers and puts them away, "I was just finishing some paperwork. Anythin intergesting going on?"
Zion sighs "Besides Grr going on the rampage the last days and that mysterious box appearing over there, me trying to get back into my own body, and resisiting the urges of a male one.... well, nothing overly interseting"
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Sometimes I feel as though I have had days like that."
Tiamka Tir: Zion, what happened to get you in your current state?
Zion sratches his head. "I happened. I have these powers you know. Very tempting to use them."
Tiamka Tir: Perhaps they could help you return to your normal status
Zion smiles to Tiamka, but averts his gaze quickly. "Who?"
Tiamka Tir: Hmmm? Oh, sorry. I tend to be a bit flakey.
Tiamka Tir looks at Rago, "Are there any theories as to how we can help Zion, or even what is in that box?"
Zion perks an eyebrow. "Even my dad couldn’t put me back in, I fainted. Then the Coven people tried, and I was almost there... well. My male instincts definitely came back" He blushes.
Tiamka Tir smiles at Zion, "May I ask, who is your dad?"
Terfridarma Tigerpaw shouts: hels fire
Zion groans. "He is the source of all my trouble. Or my mum. You know I could have been the daughter of a human, and no worries. He is Lorne, residing over at the Shadows"
Tiamka Tir nods, "Hmmm, this a very interesting situation."
Zion pulls up his knees, resting his chin on them and watches the fire.
Zion: Interesting? Oh, I am sure it is /interesting/.
Rago: abby, i mean zion said you will switch back soon
Tiamka Tir: I apologize, I tend to see puzzles before people. That was insensitive of me
Zion: Really? Well, I hope he is right about this, at least.
Rago: he, i mean your body was standing around the covenshop
Rago: calling me odd
Rago: but abby
Zion laughs
Rago: how is it as a man i mean
Rago: ...u know
Tiamka Tir smiles, " I can think of worse things to be called."
Zion smiles a crooked one, then his face gets red. "It is HELL"
Rago: hey
Rago: at least I am in nearly the same situation
Rago: i mean
Rago: body and so on
Rago: ....its not that bad...i think
Zion scratches his head. "Well, first of all, these balls... They itch. "
Rago imagines himself in the body of a woman
Tiamka Tir looks between the two people, "Seems to be a pattern here. Has this happened to anyone else?"
Rago: what?
Rago: urgh
Rago: mine not
Zion stretches. "The feel of the muscles is okay though"
Rago: i think zion has some hygenical problems
Zion laughs "The thing is I didnt dare to shower for a while"
Rago: if i where you i would take care for my body...i mean for your abby-body
Rago: who knows what hes doing with it
Rago: o.O
Tiamka Tir smiles, "That might be part of your itch problem
Rago: holy crap imagine that
Rago: you switch back
Rago: and your pregnant o.O
Rago: or he is pregnant in a male-body
Rago: bloody hell
Rago: I am scared now
Zion looks at him. "Care? What can I do? I mean I would tie her up and put her in a cage, or even ask the cybers to hybernate, but you know. I have a heart."
Zion: Pregnant? Bloody hell!!
Rago: holy cow...
Zion stands up and faces Rago. "You... You didnt do anything with her, right."
Tiamka Tir groans, "Yikes!"
Rago: lol no
Rago: iam not gay
Rago: i mean....
Zion looks down narrowing his eyes.
Rago: i cant sleep with male souls in female bodies
Zion smiles slowly, but then frowns again. "She is not pretty enough?"
Rago: noooo shes ... i mean....
Zion laughs
Rago thinks he cant say it in front of her
Rago: i like her
Tiamka Tir smiles, "Wise decision, Rago."
Rago: much
Rago: and shes pretty
Rago: i mean u are
Rago: i mean your body
Rago: ehhh
Tiamka Tir looks at the woman beside her, "Hello."
Rago: your character too of course
Rago: ...damn i should better shut up
Tiamka Tir smiles as she watches Rago try to dig himself out of his hole
Zion holds his head in his hands again and groans. "Yes, please"
Rago: i mean i would hug you know..but i feel gay then
Zion sighs. "THat is the thing you see. I... was not thinking about sex yet, you know. But this body... this all is so confusing."
Tiamka Tir looks at Zion, "so what does your real self look like?"
Zion groans again, frustrated. "Now what do you mean?"
Tiamka Tir: I mean your female body, what do you look like? I'd like to know in case I run into the one who is inside your body.
Zion tilts a head. "Ahh, okay. Well. I am young... slim. Blue haired... usually. Usually my eyes are green. I am a half demon, you see"
Rago: ohhh proofing question
Rago: whos ur father?
Tiamka Tir nods, "Sounds lovely."
Zion: I am daughter of Harlequin. The Lorne one.
Zion shrugs. "My mum says Ishould be proud. I am not overly sure about that."
Rago: u told me lester is your father...
Zion raises an eyebrow "You must have focused on something else, then"
Tiamka Tir nods understandingly, "Family dynamics can be troublesome."
Zion looks Rago in the eye. Believe me, now I know how those things work."
Zion chuckles and leans back, closing his eyes. "Anyways, the problem is I dont know if I should give in to the male instincts... maybe that would help the switch back, you see"
Tiamka Tir grins, "I'd say, just do what feels natural, I mean how many people get an opportunity like yours?"
Zion massages his temples and groans again.
Tiamka Tir looks at the box accross the room, "Does anyone know anything about that box?"
Zion: No idea there.
Zion: Rago? Do you know anything about that?
Rago: bout what?
Tiamka Tir sighs, "I really just want to force it open, but I suspect that would have negative repurcussions"
Zion: The crate, over there
Zion: Behind you
Rago: omega said supply from the mainland
Zion: What sort of supply, I wonder
Tiamka Tir nods, "i wonder, too."
Rago: u sit really masculin for a woman in a male body
Zion nods and watches his hands. "You see, my body remembers to be guy. Thats the confusing thing, really"
Rago nods with a distrusting glance
Zion: You know, I just wanted to have fun, enter, make his head spin, maybe vomit, you know how those things go, and then get out, and laugh
Rago: i thought your smarter :P
Zion laughs. "This had nothing to do with smart. I have powers that cry out for using them. I have to... learn how to control this, it seems"
GrrBrool Lykin snaps his mirror shut in a flash of soft golden light
Zion looks up to see Grr and smiles, jumping up, but then sits back.
Rago: o.O
Rago: oh man i cant wait to have to real abby back....
GrrBrool Lykin: tha real . . .oh, right
Rago pokes zion "do something"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah, great rack . .
Zion sighs and clenches his fist. "Okay, now... I propose a contest. We offer a prize. A great prize for the one, who finds a way to reverse this, what do you think?"
Rago: sounds good
Rago: but i fear I would blow myself off again during my try
GrrBrool Lykin frowns "how are those eyes?"
Rago: dunno u could look for them
Zion points a finger to Rago. "Yeah, you are the one blowing up the lab, right? Well, among the other many"
Rago takes up the glasses
GrrBrool Lykin looks again
Rago: they just itch a bit
Zion: What happened?
Rago: but i can see clear now
GrrBrool Lykin: yer just Fleshie, right? regualar Homo sapiens?
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Rago nods
GrrBrool Lykin: awright, now, i think we should get some healin on those, if ya consent?
Rago: joah gave me a medicine
Rago: think they only need time now
Zion closes his eyes "What did you try to do there? In the lab?"
GrrBrool Lykin: ahh, good, well, see, i got my own brand of healin, and she and me work well tagether, i figure, i can fix ya tha restof tha way up, if ya want, or if ya content ta let it heal regular, yer call . .
Rago: i was trying to....create....a stone
Zion: Hmm
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Zion " a blood stone"
Rago: and i did a mistake with the mixing
Zion: The bloodstone?
GrrBrool Lykin: and perhaps tha research
Rago: noo
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
GrrBrool Lykin: a replica blood stone
GrrBrool Lykin: a fake, ya know?
Zion chuckles
Zion: And it exploded. Congratulations.
Zion: Why dont you ask me?
Zion crosses his arms, and looks away
GrrBrool Lykin: anyway, captain cyclops here, well, got his 2's adn 3's mixed up, and . . . .kablooie
Zion covers his mouth, covering the laughter with a cough
GrrBrool Lykin: and, "Zion" ya not got tha best track record at perfect transmutations, yeah?
GrrBrool Lykin: so, pot, kettle, black?
Zion leans back. "I /can/ do stuff"
GrrBrool Lykin: anyway, no real harm done, he's healin, tha lab is mostly fixed
Rago: z...i mean abby could you please stand up
Rago: i think....i got a idea
Rago: if your abby maybe this will help
Zion looks at him curiously "Yes?"

GrrBrool Lykin looks around for cover
GrrBrool Lykin: mate, if you explode this body, i'm gonna have ta make ya clean it up

Rago hugs and kisses Zion gently.

Zion blushes deep red

Rago: and now?
Zion takes a step back and runs out of the building
GrrBrool Lykin: ABBY!
Rago: i hope...i didnt
GrrBrool Lykin: hey . . err . . .mate . . .

GrrBrool Lykin looks greasily at Rago "smooth, man, smooth"
Zion puts his head against the wall but doesnt say a word

Rago trys to controll his laugh "sure"
Rago: uhm
Rago: i hope he is himself now, but at the same time i hope not
GrrBrool Lykin: i think tha reaction said it all didntcha ?

Zion tries to melt into the wall and not look up
GrrBrool Lykin backs up against the wall casually, leaning
Rago: i know nothing
GrrBrool Lykin: so . .how about we gota tha Haven, and do manly stufff, yeah?
Rago: so he is
Rago: himself?
Rago: o:O
Zion whispers quietly "Please, leave me alone a bit"
Rago starts to brush his tongue with his hands
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Rago and frowns, gesturing with his head that he should back off, annoyed
GrrBrool Lykin: flamin monkeys flyin outta my butt, some Fleshies just no . . . .i dunno . . .just. Goddess help me, . . . .
Zion looks up at Grr, his face still all red. "You can go too. I will be fine"

GrrBrool Lykin: ha, i think me and my old buddy can lean against tha wall fer a bit, dont ya?
GrrBrool Lykin: i mean, seein as we got so much in common and all
Rago: cmon grr just leave him
Zion hits his head against the wall just slightly, but repeatedy
GrrBrool Lykin: back off, mate, this is my job, and yer makin it harder, i got a responsibility to him
Zion: Please, Grr
Rago: tz
GrrBrool Lykin swiftly slips his hand between head and wall for the next knock
GrrBrool Lykin whispers "no damagin other peoples stuff"
GrrBrool Lykin: luv
Zion stops, his eyes filling with tear "I have to get out"
GrrBrool Lykin: i know
GrrBrool Lykin: so,
Zion slides by the wall and holds his face, trembling strongly. "I want to"
GrrBrool Lykin: well, its gunna take some doin, is all, and we need ta get tha big-heads workin on it, right?
GrrBrool Lykin: and right now, ya need ta just make tha ride smoother, right?
Zion peeks over at Rago, and looks down.
Rago blushs and looks down on his feet
GrrBrool Lykin: and both Medic Grr and Sargant Grr recommend . . .
GrrBrool Lykin: BOOZE
GrrBrool Lykin: so, Haven, some beer fer you, some rum fer me and white wine and a slice of lemon fer Rago . . deal?
Zion blinks and bites his lip, closing his eyes. "I am sorry, I dont think I can move now"
GrrBrool Lykin waggles a finger at Rago "no makin -Zion- cry, right, it's un-manly, men dont cry, w ebottle it up till he have aneurisms or heart failure"
GrrBrool Lykin slaps his chest in a manly fashion
Zion laughs, but his body weakens and he faints.
GrrBrool Lykin catches Zion, swinging him over his shoulder, in a classic combat carry and sighs, taking him inside
GrrBrool Lykin pauses, patting the wall, one handed, before entering
GrrBrool Lykin plops Zion on the couch and gives him a thorough examination, for at least 10 minutes, physical, and spiritual
Rago blushes and pouts a bit
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Rago much more gently than before and speaks quietly, so as not to disturb the unconcious "Zion"
GrrBrool Lykin: ok, mate, we got a delicate situation here, as ya can see
GrrBrool Lykin: what did ya do, i missed it?
GrrBrool Lykin stands up

Blueray Darkes sniffs the air to pick up the man's scent, "No.. I was just passing by saw that thing over there, wandering in and then spied Rago".

Rago: hey blue...
GrrBrool Lykin smells of Grr by virtue of clothes
GrrBrool Lykin: and can we help ya further?
GrrBrool Lykin stays neutral in expression, to the point of stiffness
Blueray Darkes smiles slightly, "You do have a human form, first time I seen it". She motions to Rago, "I want to see him, unless you have a problem".
GrrBrool Lykin: dont bleed, and we're fine.
GrrBrool Lykin turns and keeps attending to Zion
Blueray Darkes giggles, "Rumours of my blood got out, what did I expect when I bleed on people"
Rago: :)
Rago: what brought you here
Blueray Darkes points, "That did"
Rago: the crate?
GrrBrool Lykin: you've been warned, and so have We, thats all, yer as welcome here as anyone else, Blue
Blueray Darkes strokes her fingers idly through Rago's hair, "Yes, crates don't normally show up in the library". Glances at Grr, "I don't intend to bleed on anyone just yet".
Rago: well i know exactly as much about the crate as you i think
GrrBrool Lykin: we got supplies from tha mainland, just stuff, nothin of note, nor of concern ta ya, Institute stuff
Blueray Darkes: What sort of supplies?
Rago: coffe
Rago: cookies
Rago: pencils
GrrBrool Lykin: and cleaning products fer tha carpet
Blueray Darkes laughs
Rago: oh and i hope a empty diary
GrrBrool Lykin: or two
Rago: and some new underpants
GrrBrool Lykin: ive had LOTS ta say in mine recently, im gettin pretty good at spellin
Blueray Darkes: Why not just go commando?
Blueray Darkes: Seriously going commando saves money
GrrBrool Lykin lifts Zions shirt to look for bruising
GrrBrool Lykin nods "got a point there Rago, i dont weare anythin under my leathers . . .easier ta Change, too . . ."
Rago gulps
Rago: urgh
Blueray Darkes chortles at the human, ruffles up his hair
Blueray Darkes: Isn't that the human the brat was in?
GrrBrool Lykin: yup, this is tha Fleshie awright
Rago whispers to grr
GrrBrool Lykin: hmm?
Blueray Darkes watches the werewolf intently, "I found it amusing that she had done something far out of her own league, but of course I would find entertainment when the brat has something backfire".
Rago: why u inspecting him like he had a accident
Rago: he only was...under a psychical schock
GrrBrool Lykin: well, i just hope she dont go insane or cut her own thread
Rago: he cmon
Blueray Darkes: Might be for the best if she did....
Rago: why he should
GrrBrool Lykin grabs Rago and rather ungently pulls him close "does this look like a faint to you?"
GrrBrool Lykin: does this LOOK like hes just tired? ya think runnin out, poundin his head agaisnt tha wall till he passed out is NORMAL?
GrrBrool Lykin: think befer ya experiment
Rago tears off
GrrBrool Lykin looks over his shoulder at Blue after releasing Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: no, i dont think that'd be better
Rago shouts angry " ive nothing done wrong! i wanted to help! normal people wouldnt react like THIS!"
GrrBrool Lykin: i'm not gonna lose another of this line
GrrBrool Lykin: exactly, it AINT normal
GrrBrool Lykin: this is some SERIOUS fucked up shit
GrrBrool Lykin: whatcha did shouldn;t have done this
Rago: and why u judge me for that then?
GrrBrool Lykin: because ya did it,
Blueray Darkes tilts her head as she tries to stop from smirking, she walks up to Rago and wraps her arms around his waist
GrrBrool Lykin: so, chill out
Rago: i didnt do it
GrrBrool Lykin: and lemme see if there is anythin ELSE that lead ta this
GrrBrool Lykin: ya did SOMETHIN, ya changed somethin
Rago: dont tread me like i tryed to kill him!
GrrBrool Lykin: maybe just tha straw on tha camels back, but it happed after ya did what ya did
GrrBrool Lykin sighs
Zion stirs and groans quietly
Blueray Darkes purrs
GrrBrool Lykin mutters "awready be dead if i thought that" and pats Zion
GrrBrool Lykin looks as Blue leaves
Rago takes some little stones out of the flowerpots and throws them on the street
Zion coughs and blinks repeatedly at Grr, trying to find his voice
GrrBrool Lykin: hush Little One
GrrBrool Lykin: bit of a shock?
Zion looks at his hand and groans loud.
Blueray Darkes chortles, turning on her heel making her coat swirl as she goes back inside, "I want a cookie"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
Zion closes his eyes again.
Picket McDonnell looks around and snorts "they need a tv in here"
GrrBrool Lykin calls back, in a much softer tone "Rago, ya wanna come back on in here, mate, someone might wanna see ya"
Blueray Darkes: Then it wouldn't be a library
Picket McDonnell giggles "sure it would... they could have those movies made after books."
GrrBrool Lykin: we got more than just books, if thats watcha mean, Picket, right?
Picket McDonnell perks her head to the side "oh? whatcha got?"
Zion sits up, looking around only to notice the demon ladies and shuts his eyes tightly again
Rago: but i dont wanna see anyone
Blueray Darkes: Rago get your ass in here
GrrBrool Lykin: thats great, Rago, but i need ya ta come and sit with yer buddy here
Zion pulls up his knees and shakes his head hesitantly.
Blueray Darkes: Is Abigel still in there?
Rago: you can come here if you want something
GrrBrool Lykin: so, please, with a cherry on top, get in here, and sit with Zion, he NEEDS you
GrrBrool Lykin: and dont be a dick
Picket McDonnell blinks at blue and giggles "wow I think you just made him your bitch." then she notices zion and grins wickedly "Oh look its that pretty little one I almost got to screw when abby was in him"
GrrBrool Lykin: we got quite enough dick goin about dont you?
GrrBrool Lykin: thanks,
Blueray Darkes: I like dick
Picket McDonnell: Who doesn't?
Blueray Darkes: Lesbians?
Zion closes his eyes again and whispers. "No, please Grr, dont"
Picket McDonnell: True enough.
GrrBrool Lykin: we all like dick, so, we're in agreeance
Blueray Darkes: Grr is gay?
Picket McDonnell: Interesting.
GrrBrool Lykin: nope, but i got one, and i like it
Rago: i think he means his own one
Rago nods
Blueray Darkes laughs
Picket McDonnell laughs
Zion groans
Picket McDonnell motions to the couch "whats wrong with pretty boy there?"
GrrBrool Lykin: can i do anythin fer you two, or are ya just here ta mess with my buddy here?
Rago: that he isnt a boy...
Blueray Darkes giggles at Picket, "the brat is still in there"
Picket McDonnell smirks "well he is pretty. you gonna argue that?"
GrrBrool Lykin: Rago, shut it and sit with yer friend
GrrBrool Lykin: just. sit.
GrrBrool Lykin rolls his eyes to Blue and Picket
Zion pulls up his knees and tries to be very small at the corner of the couch
GrrBrool Lykin: so, you two, what do you need here?
Picket McDonnell: Is she? hmmm I though she was cured, freed. whatever.
Blueray Darkes: I know how she can get her body back
GrrBrool Lykin looks over his shoulder
GrrBrool Lykin: then lets sit at tha desk over yonder and talk about that
Zion looks up to Blueray curiously
Blueray Darkes shrugs, "Maybe I don't feel like it"
Rago: i think we had enough experiments at this point for today
Zion closes his eyes again and the red shade reenters his face
Picket McDonnell: I could always just do a soul transfer. If you had both bodies.
Blueray Darkes: Lot simpler than that
GrrBrool Lykin: then ya can both stand and look pretty elsewhere, if ya dont mind
GrrBrool Lykin: i need ta see ta Zion
Blueray Darkes pouts, "I like standing here and looking pretty, we brighten up the place"
Picket McDonnell pouts "I thought the library was free for anyone"
GrrBrool Lykin: and he's freakin out pretty bad
GrrBrool Lykin: it is, and were closed
Picket McDonnell: Give him a zanex.
Picket McDonnell blinks "funny... denny said you never close."
GrrBrool Lykin: so go bother someone else fer a bit, yeah?
Blueray Darkes: Denny being that odd grumpy angel?
Picket McDonnell nods to blue "he's ma friend"
GrrBrool Lykin: well, Denny's not here, and i am and yer both makin me to horny ta think, does that make ya feel better, now, please, piss off, i have work ta do
GrrBrool Lykin points casually to the door "please"
Zion snorts and chuckles
Picket McDonnell: But its cold outside, would you really toss us out into the cold? Poor and helpless? For shame.
GrrBrool Lykin: yes
GrrBrool Lykin: i would
Blueray Darkes: Meanie
Picket McDonnell whines like a kicked puppy.
GrrBrool Lykin: go find some unsuspectin Fleshie ta warm yer parts
Blueray Darkes points to Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: his call, but not here
Picket McDonnell smirks and points to zion "I don't think he'd suspect"
Blueray Darkes snickers, "Matter of fact we wound him up pretty good, but alas for the brat's father doesn't want us messing with him/her/it"
Picket McDonnell giggles at blue "when have I ever listened to someone's parents?"
Zion groans again. "My dad?"
Blueray Darkes: Listen to Lorne
Picket McDonnell: I don't wanna.
Blueray Darkes: Your funeral
Zion finally smiles.
Picket McDonnell: Already had two.
Blueray Darkes: Okay I'll make you a deal
GrrBrool Lykin rolls his eyes "will tha two of ya piss off and let me work? unless ya WANT me ta get Legion in here ta sort this out so i can.
Zion frowns then and holds up his chin. "Why does he interfere anyway? I shag whoever I wish"
Blueray Darkes: I'll tell you the solution to her problem, if she promises to stop being a pain in my ass and give me a cookie
GrrBrool Lykin: oh fer Fucks sake
Picket McDonnell: I want a cookie too.
Zion chuckles
GrrBrool Lykin: well, if only ya'd said
Blueray Darkes look at Zion, "What say you"?
Zion: Jeez, chicas, please have some cookies." he gestures towards the table and a bowl of cookies appear with two glasses of milk
GrrBrool Lykin: see, i got my very own cookie factory, and i dont want it boken, so, take tha cookies, like two pretty demonesses, and fuck tha hell off fer a while, awright?
Picket McDonnell idly holds out her palm, making a small fireball in it. She concentrates, watching it twist and bend, turning into a firerose, one of the most beautiful and rare flowers. She frowns a bit, feeling quite nasty today, she drops the rose to the floor and smashes it out with her boot.
GrrBrool Lykin mutters "so much easier when i just had ta kill stuff"
Blueray Darkes: I guess they don't want the solution, but thanks for the cookies.. Ooh monsters
Blueray Darkes grabs some cookies and runs
Zion rolls his eyes and rubs his temples. "They give me a headache, those two"
Picket McDonnell blinks "she took all the damn cookies!" and runs after blue shouting "share!"
GrrBrool Lykin: you and me both, but me fer longer, you, maybe more often
Zion laughs
Zion smiles to Rago, forgetting about being a guy for a second and his eyes shine brightly "I painted Blue Pink once"
GrrBrool Lykin: yeah
Zion clears his thoat. "SShe... said she knows a way..."
GrrBrool Lykin looks at Zion VERY carefully
SweetMamma Voom: is this it
GrrBrool Lykin unfocuses his eyes and stares into Zions head, and down his body
GrrBrool Lykin: yuh-huh
GrrBrool Lykin: ya know . .. that . . .that was close
GrrBrool Lykin looks over at Rago
GrrBrool Lykin: mate, yer little stunt almost did it . . .
Zion looks at Grr curious and confused
Zion holds his head, shaking it slowly "You dont mean...."
GrrBrool Lykin: yup, looks that way, yer Spirit is all . . . .unstuck
Zion blinks. "But, I am still... this"
GrrBrool Lykin: almost, i said
GrrBrool Lykin: i think thats tha path
GrrBrool Lykin reaches over and playfully punches Rego on the shoulder
Zion groans and closes his eyes again
Zion: Shit
GrrBrool Lykin: well DONE, mate, accidental science wins again
GrrBrool Lykin spins, reaching for his hip
Rago smiles a bit selfish
GrrBrool Lykin: oh, Fleshie , Stokley, hey there, welcome back
GrrBrool Lykin: have a seat, if ya like, er get a book, er somethin
Stokley Constantine browses the stacks, looking for the right book....
Stokley Constantine hears GrrBrool and turns towards him, smiling
GrrBrool Lykin waves and goes back to looking intently at Zion
Stokley Constantine: 'Ello, I was just looking for a book, doing a little research on something I overheard last night
GrrBrool Lykin: you sarted it, didnt you. right?
Zion looks back at Grr and slowly nods. "You mean the switch?"
GrrBrool Lykin nods
Zion looks away "My trick, yeah"
GrrBrool Lykin: so, was it a shock when Rego here showd ya how he felt about ya?
Stokley Constantine curiously eyes the crate under the tarp, wondering if it's the same one the kindred were talking about the night before
Zion stirs uncomfortably in the chair
GrrBrool Lykin listens "mind ta tiger luv, she's not been fed in a few days . . . "
Zion laughs, his distress disappearing
Zion slowly focuses on Grr. "You did not see that, okay." He stands, weak to the bone, and breathes deep. "I need a walk."
GrrBrool Lykin: i saw nothin
GrrBrool Lykin: but i learnt a lot, and . . .we can fix this
GrrBrool Lykin: Child of tha huntress, tha Demon and tha Angel? we'll fix this

GrrBrool Lykin: awright?

GrrBrool Lykin looks up at Zion's eyes and fixes them in a deep, wild, feral golden stare

GrrBrool Lykin: you hear me in there?
Zion smiles a faint one slowly and nods

GrrBrool Lykin: good, off ya go, walk safe, Little One
GrrBrool Lykin: and dont wreck my SHIRT!

Zion is careful not to look at Rago, but waves