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Second attempt

GrrBrool Lykin: GET TO COVER, THEY'RE INSIDE THE LINES RUN . . . . RUN . .. RUN . . .


Rago Allen ducks behind the door


Rago Allen: whats going on


Zion Volos shouts at him "Fuck, Grr, you almsot shot me"

Rago Allen: better you get out of his line of fire

Zion Volos runs up the stairs, holding his hands towards Grr, slowing down

You: Maan, will you just stop that? What the hell happened?


Rago Allen: better u leave him alone

Zion Volos blinks

Rago Allen crouches over to grr acting like hes his army-comerade

GrrBrool Lykin looks around, sweating, fome flecking his muzzle and runs about before dashing off into the night

Legion steps with an echoing gate to the door opposite that She had entered, peaking around the edge at Grr. She opens Her lips, and there is a sound like muffled words, saying something about air support on it's way


Zion Volos looks after Grr, sniffing wipes his nose with an arm.

Zion Volos smiles at the lady, his smile slowly fading. "Pretty rainbow, but its still you who took my Nareth"

Legion follows the flight, or rather the charge of the light GrrBrool into the night, turning HEr attention then to Zion with a smile, accompanied by whispers the crawl across his shoulders "Abigel. Is it not time we found your body, and brought you back into it?"

Legion watches Abigel, the smile growing into a grin "We took nothing. We will be why she is returned to you, in fact."

Zion Volos shrugs. "No, it seems your magic soup is not working with me"
Zion Volos looks up at what has been said. "What do you mean?"

Legion hides Her growing grin a little more behind the door "We were able to track your body when this body consumed the food...and Nareth is not gone. She will return when Labyrinth no longer dictates her destiny"

Zion: Labyrinth.... a tricky bitch. I dont believe a word she says, and still...
Zion Volos crosses his arms and looks around. "I can understand her"

Legion turns to follow Abigel's walk further into the room, simply staring a while "We do not see the challenge there. It is an ultimately simplistic mind."

Zion Volos laughs
Zion: She is a trickster. Simplicity might be just a mask....
Zion Volos shrugs
You: Not that /I/ know
Zion: But you know, this is a library, still. When I am bored read.
Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Anyways, what can I help? As far as I know you are less simple...."

Legion continues watching, not moving from the spot near the door, small trails of frost growing slowly out across the floor "We are another aspect of your father, and We will bring you back to yourself."

Zion Volos sighs. "Well, I just wanted to ask for that bit myself too. Whats the deal?"
Zion Volos watches the frost occupy the floor and raises an eyebrow, scratching his head. "Maybe you should move closer to the fireplace, woman"

Legion retains a smile, and a certain sweetness to Her whispers "Refer to Us as "woman" again, and We will illustrate a range of unpleasant male weaknesses, is that clear, young lady?"

Zion Volos grins but nods "Sorry, Hippy, but you know." He takes a step back, looking her over. "Its a thing."
You: Fact
Zion Volos grins.

Legion holds Herself vaguely more stern "It is a matter of ettiquette. You refer to a woman as Ms., or Miss, or Ma'am, or by her name when speaking to her. You do not call her 'woman', it is rude. Shall We walk to the voodoo shop now, or do you wish to remain in this body?"

Zion Volos sighs and nods. "Yeah, he seems to belong there"

Pix Cazalet looks up suddenly "yes?"
Evil Titler: No-one gave Cerberos Vlodovic a new title! Cerberos will stay with the existing one for a while more.
Ares Mizin looks around at all the people, "Nevermind, its good to see you anyway."
Calleigh Constantine blinks and steps aside heading for the door.
Ares Mizin: Hey Calleigh hon!
Calleigh Constantine flashes a quick smile. "Hey..." She murmers heading out the door.
Cerberos Vlodovic: ow physic energy resisdue
Cerberos Vlodovic rubs temples
Ares Mizin whispers, "you're not mad at me are you?"
Legion steps near to Abigel, looking back at Abigel in Zion, and back to Her daughter's body. Her whispers roll around, and towards Zion in Abby "You must be removed. We will facilitate."

Calleigh Constantine smils slightl seeing Abby and Zion. "Hey you two, nice to see you together."

Pix Cazalet smiles a little and shakes her head "not at all, why would I be?" lays her hand gently on her shoulder "I'm just concerned for you"

Zion Volos coughs

Cerberos Vlodovic:'ll just step outside

Abigel Nightfire remains emotionless as she watches Legion, then she looks to Call, "Nice to see you as well."

Zion: "Zion, this is... Legion"

Zion Volos clears his throat and gets red. "She is.... "

Abigel Nightfire bows her head.

DCS2 2.34: Zion Volos OOC: damn, I just cant say right now "She is my father" because I will die laughing :D
DCS2 2.34: Ares Mizin OOC: rofl
DCS2 2.34: Abigel Nightfire OOC: lol

Calleigh Constantine frowns glancing over the stranger named Lorne, piecing it together. She looks to the two. "Are you guys ready? Or shall I leave you be for a bit?"

Abigel Nightfire glances to the others, "I'm ready."

Zion Volos swallows and looks up. "What? YEs... How?"

Legion watches Abigel's physical aspect with curiousity, noting the silence, and looking to Abigel in Zion "She is one of the two that caused you to live."

Abigel Nightfire nods slowly, "Call has a spell that should work."

Pix Cazalet: That was what my message was meant to convey

Pix Cazalet: Janet can be a reasonable man, but you do need to be careful

Calleigh Constantine nods towards the shop, "Come in and we'll get started." SHe glances to Legion, "It should just allow them to naturally swap back..."

Zion Volos laughs "Yeah, just like that" He snaps his fingers. "Bamm, and we are there"

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Call, watching a moment before nodding "We will watch then."
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes look Legion over slowly as she gestures for her to enter.

Zion Volos shrugs and follows Call

Zion Volos stops. "So, Whats the buzz?"

Pix Cazalet groans "not another one"

Calleigh Constantine scratches her head as she sighs. "This is going to be fun..." She glances sideways to Legion for a moment before looking to the two. "Preapre yourselves, this might not be fun..."

Zion Volos raises an eyebrow. "Now fun or not fun, lady?"

Legion cocks Her head at Calleigh, wondering, and waiting

Pix Cazalet looks towards Calleigh and nods extending her hand and gesturing to the curtain as she walks to clear the way

Zion Volos watches Call "Do we need candles? Crayons? Sacrifice?"

Calleigh Constantine murmers softly, Zion, Abby, come on into the back, I can focus back there without the gun fire." She waves her hand, dropping the ward, motioning for the two to follow.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine: "Alright you two, stand a few feet appart, facing each other."
Zion Volos looks down at Abby, and pats her shoulder, and raises her chin. He slwoly smiles and drops his hand.

Abigel Nightfire takes a deep breath and sighs.

Calleigh Constantine glances between the two. "Focus now." She murmers as she puts her hands on their shoulders, a pale blue flame winding up her legs as her eyes begin to spark bright white. "Concentrate on your body..." She whisper, her voice becoming distorted as her hair begins to float.

Zion Volos blinks. "Erm.. which one?"

Cerberos Vlodovic: ((got to run, dinner))

Zion Volos looks down on Abby

Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes gently.

Zion Volos scratches his head and shrugs, closing his eyes too. He shakles his arms, and rolls his head around.

Calleigh Constantine laughs lightly. "Your original." She murmers as the flames encircle the three, Calleigh murmering something under her breath as she bowed her head, focusing as waves of energy begin to seep into the two.

Legion sniffs quietly at the changing atmosphere, touching the psychic backdrop experiemntally, as one tests the water with a toe

Zion Volos opens his eyes and looks at Abby, nodding slowly.

Abigel Nightfire 's eyes open, glowing with the white/blue fire, "At least try, a little." Her voice was quiet and also a bit distorted.

Zion Volos nods again, watching Abby from half closed eyes

Ares Mizin: You mean what have they been doing? Calleigh knows better than me, she's the one who told me.

Calleigh Constantine's eyes lose focus as the room begins to warm, her body pulsating with a pale blue light. She can feel the two souls, and begins to try and link them back to their original bodies. A few of the flames that wrapped around either gently reach out to the other, wrapping around themas if small burning ropes that did no harm to them. She pushes her energy, coaxing the two to accept the bond back to their original bodies.

Abigel Nightfire relaxes and lets her mind open up as she closes her eyes again.

Zion Volos's dropped arms starts to rise from the field of energy around him, his hair scruffled in all direction and he giggles as if tickled

Pix Cazalet nods "as I said out what we need to know but no threats and be nice"

Legion's ear perks at the conversation, and She extends a singular tendril of perception cautiously towards the ritual

Zion Volos's body trembles slightly, overwhelmed, his eyes darting back behind his eyelids and he groans "This hurts."

Calleigh Constantine's hands suddenly spark, her eyes snapping into focus. "What--?" She instantly draws her hand away from Zion, watching as the blue flames turn on her, flashing bright white before dropping to her knee. She growls lowly, clutching her arm to her gut. "Try to pull on your bodies before my bind breaks..." She murmers her head dropping.

Joah Menjou steps quietly into the Voodoo shop, looking for Abby.

Pix Cazalet frowns "when do we beg? Have we ever begged? We do not need to beg"
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes snap open as she drops to one knee. She looks over at Call, but can't speak.

Ares Mizin laughs, "Hyperbole, but you know what I mean."

Joah Menjou glances from Lorne to Calleigh and the two before her, watching.
Calleigh Constantine's body shakes as flames engluf her. Her eyes flash white before she just collapses to the floor between the two, her body sparking.

Legion smirks at the conversation, wondering if the sabre rattler understands the rules of the posturing game

Zion Volos blinks as Call falls to her knees, and grabs Abby as she also weakens.

Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Fuck, we just mess others up too"
Zion Volos holds Abby, gently shaking her and looks up to Legion "Please, help us"

Abigel Nightfire breathes heavily as she tries to keep her eyes open, "Get.. Pix.." She crawls closer to Call.

Joah Menjou: "Will she be alright?" Joah whispers, turning toward Legion.

Abigel Nightfire starts to regain her strength as she places her hand on Call's neck, feeling for a pulse, but finds nothing.

Legion wanders further into the room, and over to the fallen, squating to hold Her hand over Calleigh's forhead, feeling through the threads of her being, searching for a mis-stitch

Zion Volos takes a step back as Abby kneels and watches Call with widened eyes. "What... what happened to her?"

Abigel Nightfire takes a shaky breath with closed eyes. "She is dead." She speaks slowly and very quietly, running her hand over Call's head, searchign fora sign of life.

Calleigh Constantine's body sends sparks back through Legion, but the inner fire of the young elemental was shutting down quickly, leaving only a few small burning embers that was slowly going out.

Zion Volos shakes his head, getting paler and paler, his voice rising with every word "How... no, I have.... that CANT BE..."

Legion's hand jumps as the sparks force muscles to tauten. Blackened patches of skin sliowly grow flesh colored again, as Legion lowers Her hand closer to Calleigh's forhead, inclining Her own head as She looks around the dieing fire for kindling--for cause, atempting to "Breath" a breath of life, and another on the embers

Zion Volos watches and swallows, his voice back to normal, this time rather whispering "She cant just die."

Abigel Nightfire gets to her knees and stands slowly, her eyes empty. She feels the room get colder as Call's life leaves

Legion closes Her eyevoids, crawling across the fallen Calleigh's pattern, and searching for a line connecting her to anything, or anywhere else

Zion Volos shakes his head. "I did nothing, I swear, nothing happened. Why would she die? Why would she weaken? What the fuck is happeneing to me? Everyone who cares fucking dies or gets crazy around me"

Calleigh Constantine's body doesnt respond, her face turning to a pale white as the the body began to spark softly, pieces of her skin beging to break dwon to ash as she lays silent, her eyes closed and looking peacful...but a spark still goes from Zion and Abby, connecting them, a final blue spark.

Joah Menjou draws close, lays a hand on Zion's shoulder and says softly, "Abby . . ."

Abigel Nightfire 's empty eyes are locked on Call's dead body as she aparently ignors the spark between her and her old body.

Joah Menjou's eyes widen as she sees the spark, she pulses prana to it, pulling it, reaching out toward Legion, then focusing on Calleigh.

Brianna Willenov sticks her tongue out,"Its for some sick friends."

Zion Volos watches the spark briefly, but he is too shocked to realise the posisbility of getting back. He takes a step towards the girl and watches Legion. "You CAN bring her back, right? You CAN do it"

Legion looks up to Joah, and the spark, snapping Her fingers, and pointing at Abigel's body "Will you squander what she has just risked her life to give you? Get back in your own body, young lady."

Abigel Nightfire clenches her first, "No." she says, her voice quiet and whith a hint of anger, "She's dead." She turns and walks out of the shop."

Kaya Collins blinks and looks around then walks behind the curtain

Ares Mizin: Wait, who jut died?
Ares Mizin blinks

Zion Volos shakes his head in disbelief. "Damn the seven hells, if I just could I would have done it, right?"

Brianna Willenov giggles,"Okay, then come on."
Ares Mizin nods, "alright."

Joah Menjou lowers herself down, opening spirit to Legion and studying Calleigh intensely.

Kaya Collins glances around the room eyeing each and every one of the individuals, she watches Calleigh for a while before her eyes rests on Legion

Kaya Collins gasps notably and her eyes shoots back at Calleigh with a intense look
Gloriana Maertens is Online

Calleigh Constantine's hand collapses into a pile of ash as the tips of her hair begins to follow, her body soon following, only remaining a small few embers of blue and red in the ash.

Zion Volos swallows and watches them all, taking a step after Abby as she left, hesitantly. He growls as he turns back and looks Legion over. "Bring the lady back, please"

Joah Menjou raises her head slightly, seeing Nerissa, she nods, then focuses again on Calleigh.

Kaya Collins breathes heavily and she's obvilusly quite upset over something, her chest moves up and down fast and a little uncontrollably and as she watches Calleigh, her breath changes even more and her eyes shoots up to Legion as she whispers hoarsly to Zion * ...on..?*

Legion kants Her head to one side, and to another, whispers rolling along the walls, and floor, as She reaches into the folds of Her skirts for a bottle, meaning to scoop the embers into it "Why haven't you gotten back in your own body, Abigel? She has risked her life for the opportunity."

Zion Volos's cries out, dropping on his knees reaching out to the ashes, not daring to touch them. "She CANT just die"

Nerissa Dae had passed and watches from a few feet back with an impassive face. She looks at Joah and then the others before she looks to what's left of Calleigh.
Zion Volos bites on his fist and blinks, swaying slowly back and forth "This.... is not worthy to die for... why on Earth?" He looks up at Legion with anguish. "I missed it, I cant feel a thing. I am SORRY"

Pix Cazalet winks at Cerberos "having fun sitting in the gutter?"

Zion Volos whispers "Sorry" repeatedly, hitting his forehead with his fists as he slowly gets up.

Kaya Collins shakes her head trying to prosess what she was just told mentally, and then what is going on before her, she feels totally out of control over the situatuion and can only watch with pounding heart and fear and rage filling her chest

Legion scoops the embers into the jar, Her hand hissing with the heat for the brief moment it connects, and stoppers the bottle. The bottle immediately fills with a rather significant concentration of oxygen, moving heat around in strange ways, as Legion looks up to Abigel "Why can't she just die? People do so every day."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes begin to shift as they seem to start for the door, the two embers glowing brighly, reflecting a small blue line of glimmering sparks lead out the door, faint but the tether was still there. The two embers fall back to the floor of the jar.

Joah Menjou watches the embers dance.

Legion looks down to the jar, and out the door, standing, and stepping towards it

Zion Volos groans and slams his head heavily into the wall "GET OUT"

Nerissa Dae sighs finally and points to Legion. "Put it down. She belongs here, with her family."

Kaya Collins's eyes watches Legion on her way, burning intensly, she knows she tends to jump to a conclution way to fast, but this still wasn't sure, but something was not right

Legion had held the jar out to where it had been sparking, whispers trailing behind Her "We have no intention of keeping her. We are following to where the tethers lead"

Joah Menjou turns slightly toward Zion, placing a hand on his shoulder again. "We should go." Her touch is comforting, that of an old friend. "We should go home."

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Nerissa "Come along. No need to leave her as embers in a jar."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes swarm and being glowing red right outside the door, taking shape of the fallen woman. Where her chest would be, a burning fire glows within the ashes. The figure put a finger to her lips before turning and darting out the door.

Zion Volos runs against the wall, over and over again, blood flooding over his face

Joah Menjou pushes gently into Zion, speaking so only he can hear, "Abby, stop. Please."

Nerissa Dae 's jaw clenches as she looks at Zion like he's lost his mind, a small glare setting coldness in her eyes as she looks at the others standing around. She shakes her head. "Fuckin' I don't have enough problems." She snaps and rubs her brow as if pained then jerks her arm to the doorway. "Fuckin' do what needs to do. I don't know what the hell to do anymore."

Zion Volos growls and smears the blood on his face, slowly sliding down by the wall and looking at his hands. "Rule number one, no permanent harm"

Kaya Collins makes a low hissing sound and follows Legion

Joah Menjou kneels beside Zion, taking one bloody hand in her own. Her fingers are small but curiously strong. "Come back to the Library." She tugs on his hand.

Zion Volos looks up, slighly confused, his eyes slowly clearing up. He almost made it, but not quite. "I really tried"

Joah Menjou: I know you did.
Joah Menjou: But it's not over.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine's form glances along the streets, her hair being swept by the wind, ashes blowing down the street as she glances about, the being looking worried as she mouths, 'Where'd he go?' The form turns frowning to Kaya's question, trying to speak but no sound comes from her.

Zion Volos wipes the blood out of his eyes, blinking at the form and squeezes joah's hand.

Nerissa Dae scowls as her eyes jerks towards Kaya and bites her tongue to keep from jumping her in response, forcing control to her words. "I don't know. I never know. "
Joah Menjou: Joah squeezes Zion's hand back, and does not let go.

Legion holds the jar out in front of Her, tossing it onto the street at the Calleigh forms' feet. The jar pops, like a light bulb thrown on the ground, releasing it's contents

Kaya Collins frowns muttering *apparently neither do i....fucking hell....*

Athena Blackadder: "heyas Calleigh"

The small demon lifts her arms up and folds them over her head, eyes clenching tightly closed. What ever is wrong with her, she's keeping a barely controled grip on herself.

Zion Volos groans and takes a step towards Call and Legion. ((small demon? ))

DCS2 2.34: Lorne Harlequin OOC: brb

Calleigh Constantine's form turns staring at the jar as the Embers shoot up suddenly, darting for her form and join ing the beating red light in her. In a moment, the girl is eveloped in flames, her body becoming whole as she smokes, frowning darkly as she looks down the street, her eyes appearing from the flames. "Twit ran off before he could get back into his body."

Joah Menjou watches cautiously, eyes roving from the Calleigh from to Legion to Nerissa and back. She steps down and closer to Zion.

Nerissa Dae drops her arms finally and slumps. "I'm useless here. And every where else. Get one of the stronger people, I'm in the way." She turns and shoves her way through anyone in her way.

Kaya Collins blinks and looks at Nerissa muttering *wow...she's even worse than me...depressing....*

Calleigh Constantine watches nerissa, her eyes sparking as she murmers darkly about something. "Oh joy."

Zion Volos winces as he steps closer, his head still bleeding from several gushes, but he chuckles with a snort "That was a trick, right? A mean, mean trick, right?"

Joah Menjou raises her eyebrow slightly, frowning at Calleigh. "That was quite some trick,' she mutters, still holding tightly to Abby's blood soaked hand, leaving with him to the library.

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Grand idea

Abigel is still intrigued by the Tarot reading she recieved recently, so she paces up to the woodoo shop again, to check on the witches in case of any news. Mostly Coven members hang around in front of the shop, so Abigel approaches them in a friendly manner.

Nerissa looks over. "I wonder, now that Lestat has regained his true self, he will join them.." She turns her eyes on the figure arriving and goes silent.
Abigel smiles to the Tarot lady (Call) and considers Nerissa curiously for a while
Calleigh Constantine smiles glancing up to Abigel. "Hello Abby, something I can do for you?"
Zion glances at Abigel and nods slightly.
Abigel Nightfire slowly smiles to Nerissa. "Cute wings" she looks back to Calleigh. "Sure. So when will this love of my life appear? I am soooo curious"
Calleigh Constantine giggles lightly. "Already there, you just need to implament it." She winks, grinning. "Its up to you to figure it out now."
Abigel Nightfire frowns.
Abigel Nightfire finally looks to Zion. "You forgot to wipe your neck"
Nerissa Dae regards Abigel in silence. Its hard to say what she's thinking because her face is a blank slate before she looks away again. Seems the demon still has trust issues.
Zion blinks and looks down at his hand as a spark jumps from his index finger to his thumb. He glances at Abigel, "Did I?"
Nerissa Dae looks at Zion and grunts, pointing to her neck. "Right there. Rather messy."
Abigel Nightfire smiles. "Ah, a firestarter. I am Abby. Nice to meet you. But you should ask whoever feeds from you to clean up after herself"
Zion examins his hand then looks at Abigel, "I'm Zion, and perhaps it just doesn't bother me." He grins slightly.
Nerissa Dae looks back towards Abigel, a stray smirk plays at her lips suddenly, and then she's looking away to return to watching the streets.
Abigel Nightfire raises an eyebrow in appreciation of the answer and smiles. "So, how are things hanging over here?"
Nerissa Dae shrugs a little. "The same as everywhere. Moments of pure hysteria followed by boring schooling and stale discussions."
Abigel: Schooling? What do they teach here?
Zion shrugs and gestures toward Nerissa, "What she said."
Nerissa Dae glances at Zion and then Abigel again. "The same as the library would teach, though ..for some, its harder to find a teacher."
Zion nods, having yet to find a teacher.
Abigel scratches her head. "True, they are giving me lectures aaaall the time there"
Zion: "Sounds rather boring."
Abigel: Tiring and painful stuff. Gotto read and then a cat gets mad becuase I call her wise and cuts my tongue off that sort of things.
Nerissa Dae says through a cough, "Because you ran like a wyld child most likely."
Nerissa Dae slips off the walling. "And how is the Lady Red?" she asks out of the blue.
Zion shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
Abigel Nightfire visibly leaves out the reasons and details and gestures widely. Her movements stop in mid-air as Nerissa says she is a child. She then drops her hand. "That bitch? She is having these mood changes. Faints and then dresses like a soldier, and then she is all motherly....
Abigel realises she called the Lady bitch and slaps her own mouth
Zion grins and opens his eyes slowly.
Nerissa ms with a nod as she looks down. "Her heart, what left of it, is in pain and broken. She needs to be loved and is losing them." Her fingers fiddles with the straps to her belt. "It be wise to watch over her before she slips too far into the abyss of despair."
Abigel Nightfire frowns at Nerissa and at what she just said and stays quiet. She then talks slowly. "She is still very regal"
Nerissa just tends to prove more and more just how un demon like she can be to the other's within the city, trying to put a mask up to hide her weaknesses. "True..but she's in a state that needs to be watched over, regardless. To protect her more then others around her."
Abigel blinks at the girl she once tied the shoelaces together and tilts a head. "Protect her?"
Nerissa sighs and lays her hands over her stomach with a grimace. "If you will forgive me, I am feeling unwell..I think I return to my home for some rest."
Abigel blinks, still processing the unexpected. She waves to Neri and inspects the pebbles in great detail.
Nerissa bows her head before she withdraws from sight.
Zion nods as Nerissa vanishes then glances over at Abigel.
Abigel clenches her fist and relaxes it again. "I was mad at the lady, because she let my stepmum leave, you see. I expected her to be able to... prevent things
Zion nods, "Which lady, and why?"
Abigel licks her lip and blushes slightly, lowering her eyes. "I shouldnt say such things about the sire of my stepmum"
Abigel: I mean she is a bitch, you know, but a tough one. In a good way, if you get what I mean. The Lady Omega.
Abigel looks around uncertainly
Zion nods slowly, seeing her uncertainty, "Of course."
Abigel shakes off the feeling and smiles. "So, do you play with fire?"
Zion smiles, "I do, from time to time. What about you?"
Abigel Nightfire grins "All the time"
Zion 's smile widens, "Sounds like fun."
Zion: "I take it fire is your specialty?"
Abigel sighs. "It should... But sometiems well... it burns." Abby reaches out a palm and colourful flames dance around chaotically. Her eyes she tears for some reason. "Well, not literally"
Zion laughs, "Mentaly burns you?" He says with a hint of sarcasm.
Abigel Nightfire closes her fingers around the flames and they disappear. "I have blood of my demon father, I was born by the death of my mother, and her killer is my stepmum who was eaten alive by my father and his kind."
Zion is silent for a moment while he thinks, "So your father is the only one alive now?"
Abigel Nightfire tilts a head. "Yeah, but he is many, actually. A whole Legion"
Zion tilts his head slightly as well, "How does that work?
Abigel smiles. "Don't worry, though, my stepmum is in the maze I was told, and I will bring her back. My mum is an Angel, so she visits me when I sleep. Daddy is a demon with many souls..."
Zion nods, "Right, sounds like a complicated family tree."
Abigel grins and rolls her eyes. "They were all Omegans once"
Abigel: And you?
Zion smiles and nods, "Well nothing interesting, just a mother and a father. Both have passed now, long before I came here to Toxia."
Adred Clawtooth peers hesitantly into the voodoo shop window
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "Not a pint of demonblood? Not a kiss from an angel? Not even a curse?"
Adred Clawtooth slinks away quietly
Zion smirks, "I was possesed by a demond for many years, but that was after I had left my parents."
Abigel: Possessed? How do they do that? May I possess you?
Abigel scratches a head, repeating possession and wonders. "Maybe I should really read more"
Zion shrugs, "i suppose you could try, but seeing as you arn't really a demon, and you have a body of your own, i doubt it."
Abigel: Hmm
Abigel: So if I leave my body, I can possess others? Did he have fun? And you? No, I guess it wasnt that much fun for you, right? Did it spin your head? Did you have to throw up?
Abigel inspects Zion curiously
Zion sighs, "I can't speak for it, I would assume it had fun." He watches her watch him, "It made me crazy for a while till I managed to get it under control."
Abigel: Crazy? Hmm.
Zion nods, "i killed my mother when she came and found me."
Abigel Nightfire's jaw drops
Zion nods with a sigh
Abigel Nightfire's expression gets serious. "I am sorry"
Zion shakes his head, "Don't worry about it."
Abigel exhales. "If you say so."
Zion nods, "I came here to get it out of me, and it worked. Now I'm better, i suppose."
Abigel nods, swallowing. "Still, I mean, I weas told I should find myself. You know, to find out who I am. Maybe I should see if I can possess someone. As you have experience with it...."
Zion smirks, "I suppose that would help, what about your body?"
Abigel shrugs. "We put it into a coffin like the vampires do"
Zion nods, "And hope you don't get burried."
Abigel swallows but shrugs."Well, that would be even more interesting then"
Zion nods, "It would certainly mix things up."
Abigel Nightfire peeks into the woodooshop. "I am sure you guys have some books on possession"
Zion follows her in, "Probably, I havn't really checked."
Abigel Nightfire takes off a book and opesn it at just the right page. "You see?" she shows him a pentagram, and a list, fetching some ingredients from the shelves. "A very well equipped shop this is"
Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))
Abigel Nightfire enters the room and looks around curiously
Zion smirks, "careful."
Abigel Nightfire snaps her fingers and Zion appears in the middle of the pentagram
Zion sighs and points at her, "YOU arn't supposed to be up here."
Abigel Nightfire lights the candles she brought and points a finger towards Zion and he cant move
Abigel Nightfire wipes her mouth with her sleeve and strokes back the hair from her face, but it falls back again. She starts to read the symbols, which interestingly make sense to her only while she reads them.
Zion sighs, "And you think you will be able to posses me without any help, having never done it before?"
Abigel Nightfire circles you and raises her voice as she cants, her face gettin slightly blushed with excitement as she feels some sort of power emanate from the pentagram and the candles. She holds you Zion her gaze and keeps on canting already seeing the symbols all around in the air floating from the book
Abigel Nightfire cants louder and louder, looking Zion deep in the eye as if drawn, her eyes get wider and wider as the powers risen seem to get hold of her and she finally realises she is not in control anymore and faints

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Find the fuck out

Athena Blackadder: "hello"
Abigel looks up lazily
Abigel snifffs and adds in a deep voice "Hiya"
Athena Blackadder: "just saying hey"
Abigel rolls her eyes, not taking off her gaze the fire. "Okay"
Abigel sighs as if the problem of worlds was on her shoulder and slowly gets up
Labyrinth slowly looks up, seeing Abigel.
Abigel spits into one empty bottle and watches it. She turns slowly to Labyrinth holding the bottle in her hand still. She raises an eyebrow. "Ah. You there"
Labyrinth: Me....
Labyrinth blinks.
Labyrinth watches the girl.
Abigel sighs, puts down the container and walks over. "I am a scholar now. Scientist"
Labyrinth: Science....yessssss....
Labyrinth gazes at the bottle.
Abigel grins.
Labyrinth: What is...the purpose...of that...?
Abigel: Well, observation.
Labyrinth: Observation....
Abigel nods, pretending to be very scientific about her saliva.
Labyrinth: What..then...are we observing?
Labyrinth turns her head, watching Abigel.
Abigel picks her nose, tossing its content and shrugs. "Thats the science. How the fuck should I know. Thats why I observe." She inspects the ceiling and the floor, generally avoiding gazing at Labyrinth's features
Labyrinth looks back to the bottle.
Labyrinth:, child.
Labyrinth: Waiting...for the realization...of possibility.
Labyrinth: Yesssssss...
Labyrinth: I
Abigel closes her eyes and leans back. "I could turn it into lots of things. But why bother?"
Abigel tilts a head at her name mentioned.
Labyrinth: ...child of the Lorne and of..the Larissa...godchild of...the Nareth...
Labyrinth blinks and continues watching the bottle.
Abigel exhales as if irritated. "What does that matter to you?"
Labyrinth: matter.
Labyrinth: All matters...nothing matters.
Abigel nods, muttering "Bunch of loosers anyways"
Labyrinth: were the her way..she loved you.
Labyrinth: In her..way.
Abigel sniffs but smiles a crooked one. "Sure thing."
Labyrinth: Do you...doubt that?
Abigel frowns to Labyrinth, briefly dropping out of a teen aspect. "I doubt everything at this point."
Labyrinth: That is wise...child.
Labyrinth: Doubt...everything..always...
Labyrinth holds out her left hand, holding it over the bottle...
Abigel watches
Labyrinth sighs and the bottle simply ceases to exist.
Abigel smiles. "Quite the trick, miss"
Labyrinth: No...trick...
Labyrinth looks at her left hand, then lowers it.
Abigel nods. "You take stuff, right? All the time...."
Abigel bites her lip
Labyrinth watches Abigel a moment.
Labyrinth: Sometimes...I take...and sometimes..things come to me...
Labyrinth: Wouldst thou...have...the Nareth thee?
Abigel watches the spot where the bottle stood before. "Well, can you bring it back"
Labyrinth: I can...if I so..desire.
Abigel: Proove it
Labyrinth holds her hand out again...
Abigel watches, leaning closer
Labyrinth: It is harder...returning that...which has...entered...the maze.
Abigel nods
There is a soft popping sound, and the bottle reappaers, undamaged, on the table.
Labyrinth: Yessssss...
Abigel: Do... you need help? A memory? Energy? Matter?
Abigel smiles at the sight.
Labyrinth: So....
Labyrinth: Child of...Larissa...
Labyrinth: My question stands...
Abigel takes the bottle and sniffs it not overly scientifically. "Well, is it the same spit? The one that was before?"
Abigel shakes the bottle
Labyrinth: It is the same....Abigel.
Abigel looks at Labyrinth through the distortion of the bottle "Well, Nareth was fun. Of course I want her back. It has been a while though." Abby focuses on the saliva again "She had green eyes."
Labyrinth: Yesssss....she did. She...might still.
Abigel looks at Labyrinth, almost breaking the glass she holds.
Labyrinth: I must leave...this House...soon..child.
Labyrinth: The Joah...has taken the Sigil..of the Nareth and I..must follow it.
Abigel frowns. "Joah? She..." Abby looks around. "How?"
Labyrinth: I gave..her..the razor, the Nareth's she wished to have it.
Labyrinth: But...she has now..left the library...with the Lorne...
Labyrinth watches Abigel a moment, and she smiles.
Abigel tilts a head slowly and rolls her eyes, inspecting the ceiling again as she leans back. Several possibilities rolling in front of her eyes
Labyrinth: You..were angry..when the Nareth left you in
Abigel looks back to Labyrinth
Labyrinth stares directly at Abigel.
Abigel breathes in through her nose "What do you know about anger?"
Labyrinth: I know...everything...about anger...child.
Labyrinth: Everything....
Labyrinth cocks her head to one side.
Abigel puts down the bottle carefully instead of breaking it.
Labyrinth glances to the bottle.
Labyrinth: You are...a young
Labyrinth: Not..a child...
Abigel regards Labyrinth and tilts a head. "Everything?"
Labyrinth: You would a young woman.
Labyrinth: Yessssssss...
Labyrinth: Everything.
Abigel swallows. "Grrr...." she pauses
Labyrinth: I speak true.
Labyrinth looks at her left hand, flexing it, and the joints in her exoskeleton pop.
Abigel watches. "What.... what is it that you are doing here?"
Labyrinth: In this mean?
Labyrinth: Or...speaking with you now?
Abigel raises her voice just barely "Speaking, existing, taking things and speaking and taking again
Labyrinth: Ah...
Abigel looks away
Labyrinth: I was summoned...the Nareth...was summon me.
Labyrinth: However.....the Nareth did not know...the reason why...she summoned me...and I do not know it now.
Labyrinth: I am here.
Labyrinth: The incomplete.
Labyrinth: As for my...reasons...
Abigel rolls her eyes and stands close to her. "Well, find the fuck out."
Labyrinth: Find...the fuck...out...
Labyrinth: You...are brave...or foolish..or both...
Labyrinth: I speak with thee....
Labyrinth: If thou wouldst be..treated as might serve thine purpose to act as one.
Abigel laughs and looks down, taking a step back. "I act first. Many tell me to think, but..."
Labyrinth: I would make offer.
Abigel flexes her fist, relaxing a little. She turns sideways, looking down. "An offer"
Labyrinth stands slowly.
Labyrinth: An offer...yesssssss...
Labyrinth: Wouldst offer?
Abigel sighs, admitting curiousity, but slowly "Yes"
Labyrinth: It may pass...that the Nareth is..restored.
Labyrinth: That she is freed...from the maze.
Labyrinth: Soon..possibly.
Labyrinth watches the fire...
Labyrinth: But...many things..must come to pass...first.
Abigel nods, looking down. She adds quietly. "Good."
Abigel tilts a head "What is the offer?"
Labyrinth: When I leave....though may follow me.
Labyrinth: If thee wishes...
Labyrinth: I may..lead the Nareth.
Labyrinth: I may..not.
Labyrinth: Nothing is...certain.
Abigel blinks uncertainly "Okay"
Labyrinth turns slowly, dipping her left hand in the fire as she turns.
Labyrinth: Do you...understand...the offer?
Abigel kicks at the patterns of the carpet. "She is in the maze...."
Labyrinth: She me...
Labyrinth: I am...the maze.
Abigel nods, struggling. "I think I understand."
Labyrinth nods.
Labyrinth: Come nearer..daughter...
Labyrinth: This I know...
Labyrinth: As I hold the memories...of the Nareth.
Labyrinth turns to watch Athena...
Abigel crosses her arms around herself and watches the fire behind Labyrinth. "I am just me." she raises her gaze and walks nearer
Labyrinth: Very
Labyrinth: In this House...the Nareth was hated...loathed...feared.
Labyrinth: As she was...elsewhere.
Abigel frowns at Labyrinth. "Well, she was just like me then and still. I think..."
Labyrinth smiles.
Labyrinth: Perhaps...Night....Fire.
Abigel sniffs, and blows her nose.
Labyrinth: When thou were a child...she read you stories....
Labyrinth: ...and in those stories...there were...sometimes...heroes.
Labyrinth: Yesssssss...
Labyrinth looks at the woman in the purple dress and blinks.
Athena Blackadder bows deeply
Athena Blackadder: I leave you both
Abigel stirs in her seat uncomfortably and closes her eyes
Labyrinth: Heroes...who rescued....lost...and forsaken...maidens...
Labyrinth: Wouldst thou speak to me...Black Adder?
Athena Blackadder: "what do you wish from me Labyrinth?"
Labyrinth: I wish nothing...
Labyrinth: Thou stands near though thou has wishes...of me.
Labyrinth: So..I asked.
Athena Blackadder: "I do not"
Labyrinth: So be it.
Abigel listens to Labyrinth's voice about stories and leans back, her eyes still closed.
Labyrinth: Wouldst the a story of thine own..Abigel?
Abigel opens her eyes, looking into the distance
Abigel tilts a head. "heroes are strong."
Labyrinth: Yesssss...
Labyrinth: You are..strong...
Abigel looks at her "Yes"
Labyrinth: Then...I offer thee...the chance to retrieve what thou hast..lost.
Labyrinth: be the this...story.
Abigel swallows and considers Labyrinth thoughtfully. "I will... I can do whatever it takes"
Abigel stands closer to her, milliard questions restrained in a stare.
Labyrinth smiles and nods.
Labyrinth: Then..first...thou must give me something.
Labyrinth: A small, small thing.
Abigel looks up the ceiling.
Labyrinth: The bottle.
Abigel spits into her hand and holds it out
Labyrinth smiles.
Labyrinth: This suitable.
Labyrinth raises her left hand and the saliva in Abigel's hand vanishes.
Labyrinth: Now...
Labyrinth: Thou me.
Abigel exhales and nods.
Labyrinth: I promise will ahve your bring...your godmother...back...
Labyrinth looks at her hand.
Abigel still holds out hers, looking down
Labyrinth looks at Abigel, then takes her hand.
Abigel closes her eyes "Deal"
A wave of strength and a sense of safety surges through Abigel...
Labyrinth: Deal...
Labyrinth releases Abigel's hand.
Labyrinth: Your doubts...will...vanish. In time..all will be made..clear.
Labyrinth: Now...I
Abigel smiles at the feeling and what has been said, and turns around lightly. "Do you like my jacket?"
Labyrinth: It is...a fine...jacket.
Labyrinth: Dost skin?
Abigel grins and twirls around, spinning faster and faster
Abigel smiles "It is lovely"
Labyrinth smiles and closes her eyes.
Abigel hears a strange music, like distant pipes...
Abigel: "Well, see you then laters" Abby disappears in a blurry whirl, her voice left over, whistling the tune

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Kaine: In truth.. I came here for a little help.. from my old family
Kaine smiles

miss Korhonen: ohh, well go ahead kaine were listening
Pix Cazalet watches Bethany's face intently sensing fear in her posture
Storm Severine walks to the crowed to see if anything is interesting here

Kaine leans over and looks at Mei 'Well.. you know I heard the Shadows had their fun with this little one....I think I heard her screams myself.'
Kaine chuckles 'I am referring to the Coven...'

Storm Severine: greetings

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) stands up and roars at Kaine.
Anjia Chuzen rawwwRRRrrrs

Kaine smiles briefly 'Down kitty.'

Abigel watches the scene quietly and nods when Rago joins her.

Pix Cazalet stands up "and what can we do for you Kaine, everyone seems to want us tonight"

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) says 'You're asking for a death sentence.'

Kaine shakes his head 'It is not what you can do for me... it is what Bethany can do for me'

Noodles Nightfire: mei stand down
Noodles Nightfire: dont let this trash antagonise you

Bethany Matahari frowns deeply hearing Kaine mention the Coven and she walks up the steps to the door of the Shop. She stops suddenly and turns to stare at Kaine with wide eyes, speechless.

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) says 'nods and hisses at Kaine before turning around and padding over to the group.'

Pix Cazalet looks over at Bethany then back at Kaine "do you have some kind of spell you'd like her to perform?"

Kaine smiles and nods towards Pix 'Yes.. there is a certain ritual I would wish for her assistance with, seeing as has.. previous experience.. but I wish to discuss it without the distraction of this..' *sniffs* '..rancid air.'

Pix Cazalet nods her head slowly "then you'd better come inside"

Bethany Matahari shakes her head frantically at PIx and whispers in urgent tones, "No Pix. I don't have anything to offer him! I can't help him!"

Kaine nods and smiles

Pix Cazalet: It's ok Beth, let's see what he has to say first
Pix Cazalet waits and gestures to the door "you first Beth"

Kaine: ..Enjoy the night Ryders... Don't do anything I wouldn't do

Kaine laughs

Anjia Chuzen rawwwRRRrrrs

Bethany Matahari grips her skirt nervously as she stands back, allowing Kaine to pass.

Pix Cazalet waits patiently watching him go inside

Abigel pokes Rago in the side. "It seems I need a Tarot reading."

Bethany Matahari gives Pix a look of utter confusion before she follows them inside.

Rago Allen: uhm..sure

Kaine nods

Rago Allen: could be usefull

Noodles Nightfire: talk about being nosey

Abigel: Hiya, Tiger

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) nods to Abigel.

Abigel smiles to Beth. "Good day"

Bethany Matahari waits in the front shop, hoping Pix and Kaine really didn't need her. She busies herself with tidying the counter. She turns to see a customer, "Oh! Abigel! Hello! Ye...ummm..good day! Yes!" she stammers and babbles.

Pix Cazalet folds her arms in front of her and stares across at Kaine "guess you'd better tell me what you want"

Kaine whistles the Danse Macabre, switching his gaze between Hawk and outside the door, waiting for Bethany

Abigel smiles brightly. "Isnt it beautiful? How the green clouds gather and then dissolve?"

Calleigh Constantine glances to Abigel out the corner of her eye, the sharp blue staring into her.

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) says 'Excuse me, I'm going to go look for something to kill and pretend it's Kaine.'

Kaine stops once more and looks at Pix 'No no, not until this one has left and Bethany is here with us.. my business is important.'

Noodles Nightfire: sure remember stay out of trouble

Meiying (Anjia Chuzen) nods and leaps away.

miss Korhonen: try not to wander in the pit, i know its tempting to kill a few things in there

Bethany Matahari nods slowly as she peers outside, "Yes...sure. Beautiful."she appears very distracted.

Pix Cazalet: This is our home. Do not demand things in this house or you'll be thrown out

ZOLTAR v2.1: An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure.

Abigel looks indifferent to Beth's discomfort and stretches and walks around, inspecting the contents of the store with interest. "So I was wondering, do you guys offer Tarot readings, really?"

Kaine shakes his head 'Not a demand, merely a declaration of my desire not to speak until certain things are as I wish them to be... I do not demand you do anything... I have patience.'

Pix Cazalet raises her voice "Bethany, could you join us please?"

Calleigh Constantine smiles slightly. "Yes we do ma'am." She whispers lightly.

Abigel peeks at the Tarot table and pats with her foot
Bethany Matahari peeps into the back room to see if the conversation between Pix and Kaine have come to an end yet. She gestures over her shoulder to teh Tarot table and then frowns. "Oh, Abigel...I'm sorry. ummm..Pix is calling. Perhaps Calleigh can help?"

Abigel smiles "Great"

Hawk Perway: I personally don't like your tone.. KAINE... I stay here for my loyalty and desire to see no harm come to Pix. If Pix wanted me to jump I would jump. "

Kaine stares at Hawk and simply smiles.

Calleigh Constantine smiles lightly as she motions to the table, sitting down gently.

Hawk Perway: And your are not yourself.

Pix Cazalet sighs "this is Coven business Hawk, please wait outside"

Abigel hops on the chair comfortably, swinging with her foot and whistling something silly

Hawk Perway: If you need me Pix merely ask for me.

Hawk Perway: I would more be more than happy to oblige.

Kaine waves 'Ta ta Hawk'

Bethany Matahari parts the beaded glass curtain and looks to all assembled. She nods to Hawk politely but gives him a pleading look to stay as he walks out.

Abigel smiles to Caleigh "Nice eyes"

Kaine smiles to Pix and then to Bethany
Kaine: To my request then..

Bethany Matahari looks over to Pix with worry slowly etching her brow. "Pix? There really isn't anything I can do for Kaine. Really." she insists.

Abigel breathes in the smell of the cards and looks at th Calleigh expectanty. "So you shuffle and all, right?"

Kaine rubs at his chin 'You recall the resurrections I performed?'

Rago Allen looks interested on the table

Abigel smiles causally to Rago, winking with excitement. "I am gonna get my reading. See?"

Rago Allen: oh yes but...

Bethany Matahari bites the inside of her cheek and she grimaces, her pulse quickens.

Pix Cazalet growls "how can I forget"

Rago Allen barks quickly "i dont belive in that stuff"

Kaine nods slowly 'Well... there was a price...'

Calleigh Constantine glances out the corner of her eye to Rago, the blue sparking.

Kaine sighs and looks to Pix, his eyes hidden behind the goggles, his voice breaking slightly as he speaks 'I am dying Pix.'

Abigel sniffs "What you believe in is a thing. How things work is another"

Pix Cazalet hisses a look of annoyance becoming evident on her face "didn't I tell you there'd be a price?" then gasps "how?"

Calleigh Constantine laughs quietly as she sits. "Hmm.." She looks over to Abigel, "Are you ready? Stranger?" She implies softly, asking her name quietly.

Bethany Matahari hand covers her mouth and she frowns. "Dying?" she whispers.

Abigel looks over the deck, drawn by its radiance. "Its a powerful deck."

Abigel: Abby

Kaine shakes his head 'This body can not take the energies required... it is falling apart... at a base level..'

Abigel: Call me, Abby.

Rago Allen: i can explain you how that nonsense works

Pix Cazalet tries to hide her sadness and stares across "and how exactly can Bethany help?"

Rago Allen looks over to calleigh " sorry nothing personal"

Kaine smiles briefly 'Bethany is a healer.. a potion maker, correct?'

Calleigh Constantine smiles slightly as she closes her eyes, nodding her head slightly. "Very well Abby.." She runs her hand over the top of the deck, a blue spark following her hand as she looks to Abby, "will you please shuffle the deck ma'am?" She smiles slightly to Rago, shaking her head. "None taken."

Pix Cazalet: and?

Kaine shakes his head 'I request Bethanys assistance in aiding me with a potion... to hold the effects at bay.'

Abigel nods, and leans closer. Her blue hair swirls slightly as if cought in a breeze and her face is lit from some inner light. "Hmmmm"

Pix Cazalet smirks a little "can't Lorne help you with that stuff?"

Kaine shakes his head 'His style.. is slightly different.. and he is too preoccupied with the aptitude of the Shadows for the arcane.'

Bethany Matahari finds herself studying Kaine as he continues speaking. She holds her breath unconsciously hearing he needs her help. She takes a step towards him, "But what kind of potion? I don't know of anything that powerful."

Pix Cazalet considers his request and looks at Bethany before whispering quietly to her

Tarot Table: Future - Love. Passion. understanding. affinity. Possible meaning - good feelings to oneself.

Kaine shakes his head 'I can help with the potion, I need someone who understands certain principles behind them...'

Calleigh Constantine smiles softly as she glancs to he cards, her eyes glowing softly as she reads.

Tarot Table: Present (reversed) Wrong attitude to life and people. Excessive emotionality. hot
temper. abrupt actions.

Pix Cazalet smiles warmly and shakes her head before whispering again
Pix Cazalet grins as she lowers her mouth and whispers one last time

Kaine begins to whistle the same familiar haunting tune as he looks around

Abigel sniffs, looking at the cards

Calleigh Constantine looks at the cards, tilting her head curiously. "You really do not care for people do you? Often on the offensive with the temper to follow in your wake?"

Hawk Perway: So noodles whats going on lately my friend?

Abigel looks away

Noodles Nightfire: not much

Hawk Perway: Same.

Abigel purses her lips and shakes her head, looking at the cards and lowers her eyes.

Rago Allen looks at abigel

Abigel: Some people might.... agree on that

Hawk Perway: I appreciate the help by the way.
Hawk Perway: I didn't even call yet you were there.

Calleigh Constantine smiles softly. "No fear; you just need to be weary of your words because I see that you have a bright future for you...Someone special."

Noodles Nightfire: no troubles

Abigel frowns. "What?"

Bethany Matahari nods slowly though reluctantly to Pix. She looks up at Kaine. "I will help you." she frowns slightly, "For the sake of your soul...and because you were once...a friend."

Abigel inspects the cards closely "Who? Why? What the fuck?"

Kaine smiles to Bethany 'Thank you.'

Ibuki Kohime: oh wow
Ibuki Kohime: lots of ppl
Ibuki Kohime: hi love

Calleigh Constantine smiles warmly as she looks into Abigel, her dark eyes glowing with a flickering blue flame. "Theres a being dear to you, that you would give the world to protect, your light in this darkness; they will be able to enhance your life."

Noodles Nightfire: hi ibuki but dont call me love
Noodles Nightfire laughs

Ibuki Kohime: not you big off

Noodles Nightfire: tsk no sense of humour today eh

Ibuki Kohime: sash here

Kaine is Online

Ibuki Kohime: well im sry

Bethany Matahari eyes soften to Kaine as she sees his smile...the familiar smile that graced his face when he was of the Coven once. "Please let me know when you will need my assistance Kaine."

Abigel swallows "no way... My mums dies and I... Noone special. None"

Kaine chuckles 'Well.. do you wish to begin now?'

Ibuki Kohime: so sweety how are you?

Sash Clip: im fine dear, what about you?

Bethany Matahari gasps as she is taken by surprise. "Oh! Now? But I'm not...not...umm...ready."

Rago Allen looks comaptionated

Ibuki Kohime: well ive been better

Kaine tilts his head 'What will it take for you to be ready?'

Calleigh Constantine frowns darkly. "If you listen to that voice, your temper will continue to get worse. Your mind will close out and soon you will shut out all dear to you. Let your mind open; you will find that light when you do."

Sash Clip: Something happend?

Ibuki Kohime points up to the eyepatch, "yea got mugged by a werewolf and lost an eye"

Abigel raises and eyebrow and looks at Calleigh thoughtfully. "Damn. Everyone is keeping on tellling me that."

Sash Clip: awww shit, do you know it?

Calleigh Constantine smiles slightly. "The one is within the ranks of your family...I can feel that my friend."

Ibuki Kohime: na

Abigel looks at Calleigh with wide eyes, shaking her head in disbelief

Ibuki Kohime: i was walking passed the club an next thing i know i have no money and there is fur everywhere
Ibuki Kohime: thank god the hospitol was right there

Calleigh Constantine eyes continue to glow. "Be careful with your anger, your words will possibly chase them away; but the worry and care keeps them close, trying to see you through the darkness."

Ibuki Kohime: but anyway i just came in to get some herbs

Ibuki Kohime: and not the good kind of herb

Abigel frowns and stands, still shaking her head. "Creepy, this place. Really"

Rago Allen: can we go then?

Calleigh Constantine smiles slightly, waving her hand as her eyes close, the cards reseting with a blue flame. "The cards do not lie."

Abigel looks down at the cards, and then looks up at Calleigh. "Thanks, I guess"

Ibuki Kohime: i wish i knew the werewolf that did this

Rago Allen thinks: "not the cards but the one whos laying them maybe "

Noodles Nightfire: ibuki are you sure it was a wolf

Ibuki Kohime: i mean shit now i have to look out for my surroundings with one eye

Noodles Nightfire: cats have fur too no

Ibuki Kohime: yea im sure the howling gave it away

Abigel tilts a head and looks up at Rago and then back at Calleigh. "Umm. Yeah, we should go"

Calleigh Constantine smiles slightly and nods to Abby, before glancing to Rago, her eyes flashing bright blue. "I suggest your friend begins to open his mind to other theologies, they may help him one day." She smiles sweetly.

Abigel: Bye

Calleigh Constantine: "See you around."

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Alonzo Castaignede: So Rago was going to regale us with his tales of Omega was he not?
Rago Allen scratchs his head
Rago Allen: was i?
CYLONXD Slade closes her eyes in deep thought "i hear the Omega Sindacate was the only faction to truly get on its feat after whateve the hell hit this place"
CYLONXD Slade: Whatever-))
Grr: well, we're not so much a sindicate as an institute, and yeah
Blaze Wiles shrugs "Arena, roof, wherever, just out of the way
Grr: we are pretty much tha most only group thats . . .well . . .tagether, if ya ask me
Abigel comes in and sniffs, nodding to Omega and Grr. She then regards the strangers and shrugs. "A fox, even" she sits down and throws a paper airplane into the air, a page possibly tore out of an army code of conduct
Grr: ha
Grr: well, so, anyways
CYLONXD Slade with her eyes closed still "all the other factions are more like street gangs and thugs"
Abigel nods "And chicken"
Grr: well, yeah
Grr: that they are
Alonzo Castaignede smiles and keeps his peace
Grr: some of em
Abigel rolls her eyes, folding another airplane out of another page
Grr: ok, so , most of em are, at best, like that
Abigel throws the second airplane and sticks out a perfectly healed tongue as she follows the spirally path of the airplane that lands in the ear of Alonzo. "Ups, sorry"
Grr: so, aparty from Abigale here, we are interested in learnin, and gatherin knowledge of one sort or other
Alonzo Castaignede laughs and takes the airplane, adjusting the wings, "all forgiven friend," as he tosses it, watching it sail across the library.
CYLONXD Slade with her eyes closed still lets out a Slight laugh and smirks
Abigel whistles innocently and inspects the ceiling
CYLONXD Slade: "i have heard this"
Grr: so, cousin, what can ya tell us about yerself? and you too, Fleshie
Alonzo Castaignede rises, "If you will all please excuse me, I have a few things to attend to."
Lady Omega smiles.. Pleasant journies, Alonzo.
Lady Omega: Do try to stay out of trouble?
Alonzo Castaignede grins, "I go where god leads me."
Alonzo Castaignede bows to the room, "Go in Peace."
Abigel picks her nose her eyes and says "Who says I am not eager to learn?" she closes her eyes and cants " Under the Geneva Conventions, medical personnel who are exclusively engaged in the medical service of their armed forces and chaplains who fall into the hands of the enemy are "retained personnel" and are not POWs. While this allows them the latitude and flexibility necessary to perform their professional duties, it does not relieve them of their obligation to abide by the provisions of the CoC. Like all members of the Armed Forces, medical personnel and chaplains are accountable for their actions. "
Abigel folds another airplane
Lady Omega: Reciting is all good and well, Abi, but are you a scholar, or a parrot?
Abigel sticks out a tongue. "A scholar?"
Lady Omega: A parrot can repeat words without understanding their meaning.
Grr: and had tha Kit had a chance ta read thgat yet?
Lady Omega: A scholar seeks to draw information from what they read, and put it to use.
Lady Omega: So - which are you? A parrot, or a scholar?
CYLONXD Slade Smirks and opens her eyes "i just got here...seen the place and Simply not wishing to be a running lunatic. I work best at long distance and prefer peace over noise. I'm not afraid to die but am in no Hurry too do so"
Abigel throws the third airplane "Well, I put it to use. See?"
Abigel sighs. "I am none of that. Honestly, I dont understand this"
Abigel: Though.... "I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist. "
Grr nods to Cylonxd
CYLONXD Slade Once again Closes her eyes
Grr: maybe this will help . . i got as bunch of em printed up
Rago Allen: YAY!
CYLONXD Slade opens her eyes and reads "sounds Fair"
Abigel coughs as the third airpane catches Omega's hair
Lady Omega reaches out, catching the plane.
Lady Omega unfolds the paper, smoothing it out.
Lady Omega walks over to Abi, handing the page out to her..
Abigel looks up, biting a lip
Grr: books . . not . .., fer . . .throwin . . .
Grr: not ever L. Ron Hubbards ones
Abigel nods and reads. "If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy. "
Lady Omega holds the page under Abi's nose, waiting her her to take it..
Abigel takes it and folds it into a pocket. "I read it all"
Lady Omega leans over, very close to Abi's face
Abigel blinks
Lady Omega: You, child, will not damage my books. Or you will find there are worse things than a cut tongue.
Lady Omega: You understand me?
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "It was fallen apart anyways. But sure."
CYLONXD Slade looks at Omega "seems you Command Respect"
Lady Omega: I put your mothers hand into that fireplace over there, and burned it to a mangled, scarred ruin.. because she spoke out of turn.
Abigel growls quietly
Lady Omega: Do you think I will stand by while you disrespect your family here? You will not damage my books. And you will learn some respect.
Abigel: Because if not you will hurt me
Lady Omega smiles, baring fangs… “No, sweetheart. No.”
Abigel nods. "There is a lot to learn here" She looks up into the lady’s eyes, blinking again
Lady Omega: Because if you do not? That street out there will hurt you. And you - will hurt you. And those you love.
Lady Omega: Your mothers would weep to see you hurt a book like that. They would weep. And I would spare them that pain.
Grr: wild anger . . . even when quiet . . .is still a wild anger
Abigel sniffs. "I heal fast"
Abigel pulls up her knees and looks away
CYLONXD Slade looks at Omega and Smiles "spoken like a true Vampire and…a poet"
Grr: only on tha outside, little one
Lady Omega puts a hand gently on Abi's head, stroking her hair, before returning to her seat.
Grr looks at Cyclonxd carefully 'ya got insight there, cousin . . .deep insight"
Abigel takes a deep breath and still isnpects an undefined speckle hangin in the room
Grr: what say you to our little Family's ways . . .from what ya heard and read?
CYLONXD Slade Smiles "respect, brains and integrity, something i Admire"
Grr: do ya think ya could live by our code and put up yer arms?
CYLONXD Slade smiles "yes"
Abigel sighs and walks to the fire. In the meanwhile the left of the paper airplanes fly back to her, unfolding and reattaching themselves to the booklet.
Grr watches Abi
Grr: and yer name Cousin?
CYLONXD Slade: Most Call me Cy or Cyl
Grr: well then Cy . . i'm Grr . . .Praetor . . . and i'd like ta welcome ya to tha Omega Institute
CYLONXD Slade smiles "thank you very much"
Grr: we expect great things from ya, don't let us down
CYLONXD Slade: I won't
Grr: oh, and i got goodies . . .Rago, did ya get goodies?
Rago Allen: no
Lady Omega smiles..
Grr: lemme go grab tha stach ., . . .
CYLONXD Slade Smiles
Grr: with your blessin, Yer Ladyship?
Grr: with yer blessin, Yer Ladyship . . .
Lady Omega: Of course..
Abigel watches the fire and disappears slowly

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Hello kitty

Grr looks up at Abi and winks.
Abigel: Hiya.
Grr: c'mere Little One, lemme see yer hands fer a sec . . .
Binx mews, "I scare easy too."
Denny nods "Abby"
Grr nods to Binx "see, and ya get NINE lives . . you'll go far"
Abigel hides her hands behind her back.
Grr: aww, c'mon, its fer . . .erm . . science
Grr: and swordplay . . truth be told . . .
Denny yawns "After six thousand years I regret nothing and I fear less"
Lady Omega smiles.. Welcome, Abi...
Abigel inspects Binx for a while. "Hello, kitty. Hiya, YinYang Angel. Hello, Lady Red.” Abigel sniffs and sneezes. "Hiya angel lady in pink."
Grr leans back around to keep talking to Denny "six kay? fucke me gently with a chainsaw, well, see, ya can figure where i come off thinkin ya immortal, right? ya musta read my files by now . . . i'm tha Spring Chicken of tha Institute"
Grr grins "apart from Abby here . . ."
Grr: g'wahn, show me yer hands . ..
Abigel rolls her eyes and shows her palm to Grr briefly.
Denny nods "I wasn't always an angel you know"
Grr: really? huh . .. .
Lady Omega smiles..
Grr rapidly assesses Abby's palm.
Grr: tha other . . . ?
Abigel rolls her eyes, but not seriously "Leave me alone, will ya?"
Lady Omega: I wouldn't hold out much hope for that, Abi..
Lady Omega: He's tenacious. Once a coyote gets his maw on you... that's it.
Denny turns to Omega "I still do not think I rightfully thanked you for saving me from my sorry existance"
Lady Omega smiles.
Lady Omega: Saving you?
Abigel sighs and shows her other hand too.
Grr looks at it and nods.
Denny smirks "If not for you I'd probably still be a fucking Shadow"
Grr: too much right hand, grip lightly with it and stear tha sword, tha power comes from tha left, ya should get callouses on tha left, not tha right . . .it'll come, after tha blisters fade . . .
Abigel: Ooooh, man in black, literally.
MB: Good evening everyone.
Grr: ha
Grr: yup
Grr: anyway, Abi, i got my own reasons fer pesterin ya . . . trust tha honesty of a simple critter there, hey?
Abigel tilts a head, admitting slowly "Yea..."
Denny yawns "Evenin'"
Grr: righto then . . .settled, i'm simple and yer not shakin me yet . . .
Grr: howzit hangin, MB?
MB looks down... How did you know?
Grr taps his muzzle "tha nose knows"
MB: I really should go see a doctor.
MB cracks a smile.
Abigel: Hmmm?
Denny turns to Abby "So, Trouble, you have been staying safe I hope?"
Abigel takes a step back, just in case
Binx searches another pocket for another snack. She licks her paws sucking the taste of string cheese off of each finger.
Grr extends paws and wriggles claws "i got medikin skills . .. i can fix yer plumbin . .. ":"
Abigel smiles to Denny. "Well, I painted Blue Pink, if that’s what you mean"
Denny facepalms "Oh, My, God... are you insane!?"
Abigel grins
MB: Yes, of course you can Grr. Someone tried a similar line on me once, and I really did have to go see a doctor.
Denny smirks "You're gonna get us all killed you know don't you?"
Grr: thats what she means by OUT of trouble . . .i do what i can, mate, but. ,. . hell, i never been much fer words, but it sounded fuckin mental . . .
Grr: but, can ya imagine it? ha
Abigel smiles. "Yeah, I behave"
Grr: behave like WHAT thuogh, is tha question on his lips Abby . . . ha
MB: Nice shirt Grr. It just finally registered.
Denny continues smackig himself in te head "Damn ye child if ya wasn't Larissa's I'd have kicked yer ass long ago"
Abigel grins. "Well, on the Shadow side being the child of Lorne's protects me.
Abigel sticks a tongue out
Abigel: Which is way boring though
Abigel: I dont wanna be protected
Denny rolls his eyes "Why do you think I'd have kicked your ass, Lorne is a moron"
Abigel laughs
Abigel: Anyways, Shadows are chicken
Denny shakes his head "Abby, you and Brit will be the two tha contribute to me becoming bald"
Abigel giggles picturing Denny bald. "Lovely"
Abigel: I want a bike for my next birthday though
Binx's whiskers twitch as she nearly lost a life to a shadow recently. She smiles like the cheshire cat though at the thought of the woman nearly losing her bra when she pulled Binx's tail. A look of pure satisfaction crosses her face...and then...her ears flatten again at what followed.
Denny looks at her with a smile "Yanno, you're a total pain in my ass"
MB: Shadows can be deadly opponents. If you were older, you might not be so glib about them.
Abigel rolls her eyes. "Come on, Blue has a matching whip to her hair"
Abigel: Isn’t that lame?
Denny: I was a Shadow I know their ways
Denny: Blue will tear your heart out without hesitation
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "Well, maybe they are chicken since then. I hope you had some real shadowy about you"
Denny fades back into a dark corner without a word.
MB: Wow, my ears just popped.
Abigel: So, black man... what is your story?
Grr: Abbi, in case ya were wonderin, tha Shadows are how ya say, not so much about tha huggin and kissin and more about tha flayin and discectin. i been in two bloodbaths in that place. so, spare us a thought fer tha memories, i have pulled two of my Kin dead outta that place, shredded, and riddled with holess
Grr stares at the fire for a while
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "Why for?"
MB: Well, it there's a beginning, middle, and end. I haven't figured out which part I'm in yet.
Binx mews, "Because....they do not back down." She shakes her head and thinks that Abby has the survival instincts of a pampered persian housecat.
Abigel laughs "Ahh, kitty wisdom has got a tongue"
MB: After answering the young ones question with a vague answer, MB goes back to listening intently to the other conversation.
Abigel watches MB. "A true Omegan too."
Grr: true? interestin what ya consider true Abi?
Binx flinches and feels her fur hackle a bit. She slowly extends her middle claw and rubs a whisker meaningfully while essentially flipping the little brat off.
Abigel rolls her eyes. "In this cased a lot of speaking and way less telling"
Grr: and yeah, Binx here is right about tha Shadows, once they decise yer prey, or a threat, its like holdin tha blade of a blender . . .not so good fer yer hand, not to big a deal fer tha blender
Abigel sniffs. "I should just blow the place up"
MB: So sayeth Grr's book of wisdom.
Grr: been tried, its a fuckin volcano, Abi, they cope . . .
Grr: ha, ya think i should start writin these down, MB?
Abigel: Ok, then paint all the walls pink, damn it
Abigel frowns, musing. "That should have an effect on them, righto?"
Lady Omega looks up from her laptop.
Lady Omega: Don't you dare.
Abigel grins, enjoying the picture in her mind
Abigel: Why?
Grr: Abi, tha last time someone suggested paintin tha pit, they tortured them fer days,
Abigel: Well, I dont suggest it then, I just do it
MB: I was just thinking... one thing that would probably really drive them crazy...
Abigel: I aint no chicken
Abigel looks at MB
Binx nods silently lost in thought as she thinks . o O (Yep...a spoiled pink persian pampered housecat.) She can almost envision Abby in a jeweled collar hissing at the world from her loft on Fifth Ave. She gives her paw a light lick thinking of the foundling center.
Abigel: Yes?
MB: just have a whole group of people just move in - take up residence in their lair.
Grr: tore off wings and digits, broke every bone in thir limbs and damaged their brain so bad it took weeks fer them to remember who they fuckin were
Grr: and THEN they had ta start healin tha damage done to their spirit
Abigel: I sat on the throne, that was fun
MB's eyes glint thinking his preposterous thought.
Abigel: Well, they took my Nareth, what WORSE they can fucking do, Grr?
Grr: you really want tsa know?
Grr: DO YOU?
Grr fur rises
Abigel watches Grr quietly "yes"
Binx shakes her head, "Didn't you just say that you are protected there? If so, you can horf a hairball on their throne." She rolls her eyes, "Cross the wrong one, and you are dead, little girl. Not a shadow....just...the wrong one."
Grr starts breathing faster
Grr: well, see, this is what could happen
Grr: they could give ya her back
Abigel blinks
Abigel: What do you mean, big guy?
Grr: one chunk at a time, one fettid remnant at a time, make ya hold them, make ya cradle them, make ya love tha pieces
Abigel: You are sick
Grr: they can take tha memories of her ya have and bend them twist them till shes nothin mor ethan tha nightmare ya never be free of
MB: You've been reading the wrong books Grr. Maybe it's time for some of the lighter stuff.
Grr: they can do both, then make ya fuckin eat what left, so you KNOW what they did, and you become them, they can do that Abbi, and they would do it and fuck eachother over yer broken body and make ya beg fer death
Abigel stands, looking at Grr.
Binx mutters, "Ever cross me, and I'll carve my name in your belly so they know who shut her up." With a sassy flick of her tail, she stands and says, "I should leave...thanks for the hospitality......i want to keep the evening pleasant...always." Looking back at Abby and then to Grr, she says, "Brat is not a disability...but could be a life threatening condition...not from me, of course....especially if you are caring for her...but....its a wonder she has lived this long." To Abby, she mutters, "A pink persian in a window seat on fifth avenue."
Grr: this aint fiction, MB
Grr: this is what i've seen
Grr: this is what i've fuckin DONE
Grr: you check my service records, they're in tha files
Abigel: Kitty wisdom stralls the streets, all beware
Grr: and ya know what. it was just a JOB ta me
Grr: tha Shadows, they LIVE fer that
Abigel: They dont see me as a threat Grr.
Grr: THATS what they are. so when Denny, who ALSO fuckin KNOWS, casue HE used ta be one, warns ya, ya LISTEN, yeah?
Binx shrugs as she heads for the door. Hearing the girl's words, she turns and swipes hard at Abby. Claws extended. If she had wanted, she would have struck her face. Holding the claw at her skin, she murrs, "Shut the fuck up before you get hurt."
Grr: not a threat?
MB: I don't suggest that it's fiction, just a bit on the extreme side if you're on an education roll.
Abigel pokes a tongue out
Grr: did Blue see it as a threat? does she see what ya did and wonder what ELSE ya could do?
Grr: do ya think they might wonder if ya might blow up their fuckin House?
Binx swipes again lightening fast and slices Abby's tongue. It is hard enough it will likely need stitches...and Binx smiles at the thought of a wad of gauze in the girl's mouth.
Grr jumps up and tackles Binx
Grr: not in this house, Kit, not my Family
Abigel hisses and holds her bleeding mouth.
Abigel: Fuck
Binx rolls across the floor turning and jumping to her feet. She stands and turns to Grr. With a nod, she says, "Then the little persian needs to learn what she says and to whom she says it too. She runs her mouth off on me again, I do live in the streets." Turning to Abby, she points a claw and says, "Your face is there ONLY because I didn't want to scar you up. Learn some respect.....or it will be beaten into you. Brat."
Grr pins Binx and walks her to the door
Grr: out
Binx frowns yanking away and says, "I'm leaving.
Abigel holds her mouth, and watches the blood on her hand, slowly smiling. "Awight"
Binx picks up her book and walks out.
Grr whispers harshly to Binx
Binx says to Grr, "I don't care who she is. She doesn't taunt the world without chances....and you know it, Grr. If she doesn't learn to curb her are gonna be burying your cub there."
Grr: "she may be a fuckin brat, and a cow, and a death-bringer, but she's OUR brat, cow and death-bringer, and WE do our disciplinin, ya were a guest here, remember it and behave like it
Abigel winces, but stands, still bleeding. She is trying to comment, but it hurts.
Binx loses a lot of respect for him and says, "Then...I won't be back. If a guest is treated like this." With a flick of her tail, she walks out.
Grr: so be it, but you do it, i see reason to, and you'll find tha result in fiar measure
Abigel tilts a head watching them, and produces a silk handcerchief she holds. She spits some blood into the fire and wipes her mouth.
Grr hands Abby medical gauze
MB: Well now. Wasn't all that lovely. My heart feels a little warmer.
Grr: get that in there
Grr sighs
Abigel sniffs but pushes Grr's offer away, mumbling something like "I dont fucking need that" but it goes though rather like "Mmffffnnn"
Abigel makes a face and runs upstairs to the lab, spitting blood into a sink and washing her mouth, spitting more blood
Grr shoves it in her hand "use it or i will, i seen Feline wounds lead ta gangreen, ya have ta let it knit good they have allergins"
MB stands
Abigel curses terribly, but it is all a muffled noise only filtering through blood and water and moans
MB: Interesting. If you'll excuse me, I need to go check on something across town.
Grr: sure, MB . . .woulda been nice ta see ya, but .. . . things . . .
Lady Omega looks up..
Lady Omega: GrrBrool.. make sure the brat's wounds are attended to. Whether she likes it or not.
MB: Grr, there are always things, and if it's not one thing it's another.
Grr: on my way
Drak Jefferson says nothings
Lady Omega: And then, if you please, remind her how she is to treat our guests.
Abigel spits blood into the sink continuously and curses when she can
Grr: right
Drak Jefferson remains silent
Grr: you, gimmee yer face
Abigel growls at Grr, stepping back
Abigel spits again into the sink
Drak Jefferson walks back into the stacks silently
Grr: oh, growl all ya like, i can just knock ya out and do it to yer unconcious body
Grr: but i'd rather have yer cooperation, its YER body, after all
Abigel blinks a tear out and pokes her bleeding tongue out
Grr: right, now, good pose, hold that . . .
Abigel rolls her eyes, trying to restrain trembling
Grr rummages behind him in his pack for his MedKit
Grr: now . . you
Grr: hold still and listen to tha words that fuckin come out of my mouth
Abigel wipes her tears and sniffs.
Grr: do i have yer attention in this fuckin matter?
Abigel nods and swallows some more blood. She of course makes a face, still.
Grr grips your head tightly in one very strong, clawed paw, and as equally gently, dabs at the wound with a cooling gel.
Lady Omega looks up.
Marvin Hellman: allo
Lady Omega: Well, hello there, my brassy friend.
Abigel sniffs, but tries to stay motionless.
Grr: now, Binx there seems ta have taken some slight offense at yer tude.
Abigel winces and presses her eyes shut
Grr: and ya know, its wearin thin fer some of tha other populace too
Abigel clenches her fists and stays, trembling slightly. "Mfff"
Grr: hold still!
Grr puts the cooling gel away
Grr: the problem aint yer self, its yer way
Grr: yer angry
Grr: anger is good
Grr: yer wild, wildness if tha preservation of tha world
Grr: wild anger
Grr: gets you and yer squad killed
Abigel listens to Grrr and trembles
Grr: wild anger gets yer Pack killed
Abigel tries to swallow and her tongue is already the size of a melon
Abigel: Mfffffffffffffmmmmm
Grr: wild anger lets ya wake up and realise YOU fuckin got yer Kin slaughtered
Grr looks close in to your tongue, studying it carefully
Grr: wild anger . . .lets ya wake up screamin night after night because YOU killed yer Family
Grr: because YOU slaughtered children and mothers with child and tha old and tha sick
Abigel Nightfire's tears flow as she is trying to speak and she just shakes her head, kicking the table, all the glassware ringing in disdain
Lady Omega purses her lips, listening to GrrBrool
Grr: wild anger leads ya ta say thing, ta do things, that you dont see tha results of till yer friends and Family pay tha price
Abigel nods and sniffs, looking at grr slowly, ovber the pain the idea that he is not exactly describing her situation getting to her and she looks at him with wide eyes
Grr: do ya understand me?
Abigel slowly nods
Grr reaches into his pack again and pulls out a bottle of dark brown liquid
Abigel watches the bottle not overly enthusiastic about its content
Grr: Binx gave ya a warnin, a silly cat warnin, she scratched yer tongue, ooh ahhh, it fuckin hurts, ya gonna be in pain fer a while
Abigel makes a face and her clenched fist ends in her other palm with a slam
Grr: poke out yer tongue
Abigel rolls her eyes and pokes out a swollen tongue
Metin Irata: edersin
Grr: yer not gonna like this . . .but its good fer ya
Grr: like tha lesson of tha scratch
Grr: Binx was our guest, ya know,
Abigel rolls her eyes again
Grr: she was freely invited ta be there, ya saw how she and Joah were,
Abigel raises an eyebrow
Abigel: Goah?
Grr: yeah, Joah
Grr: they are friends . . .
Abigel shakes her head and rolls her eyes
Grr: and now, cause of what happened . . .i threw her out
Grr: cause we dont hold with folks cuttin on ours in our own house
Abigel looks down at that and sniffs.
Grr: now, hold tight fer a sec, this is gonna fuckin burn
Grr dabs the brown liquid over the wound, even through the local the Betadine burns as it does its work
Abigel hisses and grabs Grrs arm, just to hold onto something
Grr: thats it,
Grr: this will heal
Grr: just a random cat scratch
Grr: a moments wild anger, see?
Grr: no real intent ta harm fast reflex
Grr: *past
Grr: awright, ya can put yer tonge back in yer head
Abigel retracts her tongue and shivers at the taste of brown stuff, restraining to spit it all out. "MMMmmmffmmmfffffuck'
Grr: our reputation is what we got here, Little One
Grr: we AINT a fightin force
Grr: we AINT feared because we torture folks and rape their minds out
Grr: we AINT respected fer tha danger we represent ta lives and holdings
Grr: we're respected cause we keep our heads when we have horrors thrown in our muzzles
Grr: do yta grasp that, Abigale?
Grr: we ARE tha horrors
Grr: and yet, we live
Grr: we go on
Abigel breathes through her nose and watches Grr "Aw bee vespected?"
Grr: we learn
Grr: yeah, we are. and ya know how i know that?
Abigel shakes her head
Grr: becasue when all else fails
Grr: when
Grr: when they cant smash, burn, chop or otherwise kill somethin
Grr: they come askin our help
Grr: all of thwem
Grr: they come and the ASK
Abigel tilts a head
Grr: they ask us Abby, cause we know things, and we keep our heads
Grr: tha Shadows
Abigel tries to swallow and then just grunts. "Mmmmfffffmmm"
Grr: Tha Righteous
Grr: Tha Kay Aye
Grr: even tha fuckin Pack
Grr: they come to us fer answers cause they KNOW thats whst we are
Grr: what they DONT know, they suspect
Grr: they fear
Grr: and fer what they dont know, they respect us, so, yes they respect us
Grr: that and i'm fuckin awesome, didn;t ya know?
Abigel giggles.
Grr: right
Grr: so
Grr: manners . . .
Grr: ya KNOW what fuckin manners are, right?
Abigel watches Grrr and shrugs.
Abigel acts as if raising a skirt and pretends to be a princess, walking around on tiptoes
Abigel makes a face
Grr: do i need ta show ya Mrs Beeton's guide fer young ladies?
Abigel raises an eyebrow
Abigel: Mwsss Beetown?
Grr: or do ya think just tha Army Regualtions fer Proper Conduct would do?
Abigel smiles.
Grr: ha, c'mon
Grr: i'll show ya
Abigel nods and scratches her head
Grr bows his head to Omega
Abigel winces every now and then but the pain slowly retreats
Grr: ettiquette, ettiquete . . .ah, here it bloody is
Grr pulls a 4 inch wide dusty tome entitled "Mrs. Beetons Book of Hosehold Management"
Abigel peeks up at Grr from sideways
Grr: ya can read THAT . . or . . . .
Abigel: Ow?
Grr reaches over and finds a magazine thick book
Abigel shakes her head at the sight of the thickness of the Beeton book, hopelessly
Grr: or . .. Royal Australian Army Personell Coder of Conduct vol 3.4 "Personal Conduct for Enlisted Soldiers"
Abigel looks at the thinner one curiously
Grr: this
Abigel: Waws tha?
Grr: thats tha one i learnt from
Abigel nods
Grr: most of tha rules are "do this or get yer head kicked" and "dont do that or we beat ya with bars of soap in socks"
Grr: easy lessons fer not shootin yer mouth off
Abigel lauhgs, as far as swollens toungue allows
Grr: try that one on fer size
Grr: one thing, Abi. i was zoo-born. i never grew up in Fleshie culture like a lot of these other buggers, i didnt even grow up in tha Wild, where ya have a big Family ta teach ya
Grr: i had THIS
Grr: and tha Army
Abigel looks up at Grrr. I was raised in a Carnivale. We had some animals too
Grr: in cages, yeah?
Grr: well, i learnt ta see tha world through cages like that
Abigel pokes out her tongue which regained its old size and seems less hurt. "Yeah"
Abigel sniffs. "Nareth told me the Carnivale world was a cage too"
Grr: Nareht was right
Grr: Shes Tha Huntress
Abigel looks up. "The Huntress?"
Grr nods
Grr: c'mon, lets sit
Abigel sniffs and takes the pamphlet of army manners from him
Lady Omega looks up..
Lady Omega: How is the patient?
Grr: whole and growin
Lady Omega: You are not a child, are you, Abi?
Grr gives a fast and subtle salute and sits
Abigel: Mope
Lady Omega: Then stop acting like one.
Lady Omega: You will apologize to Binx next time you see her.
Abigel: Meee?
Abigel rolls her eyes. "She ripped off my tongue, lady, I didnt raise a hand even, to her"
Lady Omega: You insulted her.
Abigel: She was being all wise on me
Lady Omega: And she gave you one little scratch. She could have cut your throat.
Abigel rolls her eyes
Grr: i think ya'll find Feline pride will ask that, but that she'll be just as sorry as well, fer harm done, more than needed
Grr: and then i'd have had ta kill her
Abigel sighs "All right, I will apologise"
Lady Omega nods...
Abigel shakes her head. "Just a scratch anyways"
Grr: and then i'd have ta explane ta Lari how i let it happen, and why i hadn't taught ya better
Lady Omega: She uses this place as a refuge too...
Abigel: Binx?
Lady Omega: Yes. Her and her ..friend, they live on the streets.
Lady Omega: They were starved enough to attack the diner the other day.
Grr: and how would i tell . . . . . . Nareth . . . .Ab, how wold i tell tha Huntress i failed to protect her Ward?
Lady Omega: Faced down a shotgun for a plate of pancakes. That is hunger.
Lady Omega flinches just a little at the sound of Nareth's name
Abigel scrathces her head. "Well, I think she could learn some manners too, anyways." she takes Grr's pamhlet "I will read this through, just because you asked"
Grr: i'm sorry, Omega, but she has ta know whats at stake
Lady Omega nods...
Grr: ya do that, Abi, and yer welcome ta pass it ta Binx too
Abigel leaves without saying goodbye or thanks

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Grr's pizza

Grr loaps over
Grr: g'day there little one . .. . i been lookin fer ya

Abigel raises an eyebrow, looking around.
Grr: yeah, you

You: Hiya.

Grr: How are ya? All yer limbs on I see, thats good.. I scented ya to and from Tha Pit a few times, so ya can see why i was concerned, yeah?

Abigel sniffs and wipes her nose, her deep voice shouts of boredom and desipse. "Swell"

Grr: “Yyeah, xactly” Ya hungry? I am, i was thinkin i'd cook, fer a change...”

Abigel perks an eyebrow again, thinking for a while as if the concept was new. "Hungry?"

Grr: “mmhmm, us growin folks like ta take solid food from time ta time ta fill tha belly, and fill out tha skin and bones”

Grr looks casually but speaks seriously "I think it's do ya good, yeah?"

Abigel looks down. "Yeah, food. Okay"

Grr nods and brightens "good one . ... burgers or pizza?"

Abigel scratches her ass "Pizza... I guess."

Grr: “Can do… Comin? Have a seat.”

Abigel looks around with a sigh. "Diner."

Abigel climbs a chair

Grr: “That it is, one of my favourite places...”

Abigel raises an eyebrow but her expression is still of a bored teen as she looks around with doubt

Grr: “Righto”
Grr: “So, i'm gonna MAKE tha bases . . .”
Grr: “bear with me”
Grr grabs bowls, and fishes under the desk for flower

Abigel pulls up her upper lip slightly. "You really cook"

Grr: “uhh, yeah? why? i learnt in tha Army”

Abigel rests her head on her elbows. "I just find food."

Mark wanders in and gives everyone a small smile... he loooks about, he looks to the girl for a while before moving his eyes to grr, "erm... grr isn't it...?"

Abigel perks a bored eyebrow at the neko. "Yeah, he is called that"

Grr looks under the window "yup, thats me . . i'm . . makin pizza , . . "

Mark nods slowly... "Alright..." Smiles at the mention on pizza... "Mind if i have some?" He moves over to a seat... waiting for him to say yes before he sits.
Grr starts mixing the flour, and water, and oil in a a bowl

Abigel takes the glass and licks her fingertip, circling with it over its edge absently.

Grr mixed the flour and starts kneeding the dough

Mark sits down anyway... he sighs and starts to mash the food on the plate.

Grr: awright

Abigel makes the glass sing with her finger as Grr cooks, looking at the process every now and then.

Grr: “So, Abi, where ya been hangin then?”

Abigel puts down the glass and looks up. "Well, not near the library, for sure."

Grr: “Yeah, i gathered that . . .ya know yer welcome there . . .i stay there a lot myself”

Abigel grunts and looks away.

Mark picks up the glass... he sways it in his hand and pours the measily bit of drink down he throut...

Grr finishes the ball of dough, and puts it aside

You: I have a room. I can take care of myself. I dont need anyones help.

Grr grabs the bag of mushgrooms and the sick of salami out of his pack and tosses it on the bench
Grr: a room huh? nice one . . .

Abigel takes a knife and scratches the bartop absently. "Yeah, I painted it all black”

Mark: What a nice friendly colour.. *smiles*

Grr: “Mmmmhmm, cover up tha graffiti and stuff”
Grr: “blood stains and tha like?”

Abigel: “Yeah. It is not perfect though. I should use some ectoplasmic paint or something”

Grr slides his short sword out of its scabbard.

Abigel perks an eyebrow at the sound of a blade.

Grr: prepair ta DIE, salami!

Abigel giggles.

Mark grins.

Abigel rolls her eyes, but smiles for the first time.

Grr starts to hack at the salami, seemingly wildly, but close attention will show quite deliberate alternating strikes.

Mark looks between the two.. "Im guessing you both are omega..?"

Abigel: I am Abigel

Mark smiles, "Good to meet you.. Im Mark."

You: So... consider me an alpha

Grr: nope, Omega is a pale lookin lady, red hair, powerful spirit
Grr: pointy teeth

Abigel rolls her eyes.

Mark stretches his arm over the chair for Abigel to shake as he nods to there words.. "Well.. i meant.. you both work at the library. Your in that clan. Or group.”
Mark shrugs. “not to certain.”

Abigel looks at the hand. "Sure." she shakes it tentatively

Grr: i live there, tha Institute is my pack

Mark nods as he takes his hand back.. "I see." He wipes his hand down his top naturally.

Abigel crosses her arms. "I dont live there. But my mums.... "

Grr gathers up the salami pieces and swaps them for mushroom

Mark: Mums... Plural? *raises a eye brow*

Abigel looks up at the ceiling with a sigh.
Abigel: Complicated.

Mark nods.. "Alright. I wont press you,"

Grr: “yup,interestin family we have”

Mark nods to grr... "Yeh.."

Abigel shrugs. "The are both dead anyways."

Grr: died, they both died, not quite tha same
Mark nods slowly.. "Im sorry to hear that.."
Grr looks at Abi carefully
Abigel continues scratching the table. "Yeah, Grr is right. One is an angel who can only come to me when I sleep and the other was eaten alive, because that is a nice hobby"

Mark itches his neck.. "Right... sounds... delightful."

Abigel looks back at Grr in the eye briefly before focusing on the knife again.

Grr starts rapidly hacking the mushrooms into slivers whilst looking Abi in the eye
Grr: "die mushroom scum, die"

Mark half smiles at Grr... "I have gun... might work better."

Mark: Maybe some explosives if we want to go really over the top.. *smirks*

Grr makes a pile of massacred mushroom, and flicks his sword, re-sheathing it with a flourish
Grr: “not needed mate, spit roast, maybe”

Mark nods.. "Righto."

Grr: right, now tha bases
Grr: so, Abi, how about what ya do fer fun? hey?

Abigel chips out small pieces from the table carefully. "So yeah... they brought me to this place and expected me.... Actualy I dont think they even expected anything of me. So yeah, I have a place and I live there. Not in the library, no."
Abigel looks up: “Fun?”

Mark looks over to Abi.. then down to the table with a slight frown.

Grr: yeah, ta pass tha time with all yer freedom

Abigel: “I stare.”

Grr: “hey, cool, nice”
Grr: “see anythin?”
Grr: and if ya say "infinity" i'm givin ya a spankin . .. ha

Abigel: “Sure. I see the black walls. Relaxing.”

Mark itches his ear.. "Sound fun.. you should come on down to fish co. Might find some fun there if you ever want to take time out.."

Grr starts flattening out the dough onto a pan

Mark: Us kittens can be fun *smiles..* Much better than a wall im sure.

Abigel regards Mark doubtfully

Grr looks at Mark with a protective, predatory glance as he pauses in the flattening

Mark itches his head... looking at them both.. "Ok.. Never mind."

Mark gives them both a vague smile.. "Just a suggestion"

You: I am sure you kitties enjoy chasing mice and fishing and all. You see, I know where all the mice are and fish. I snap a finger and they are there." a bunch of mice appear in the middle of the kitchen, running to separate corners franctically
Abigel shrugs, unimpressed by her own trick

Grr: hmm

Mark shakes his head.. "Na... i dont like mice or fish.. now sweets are nice..." he smiles... "We just play around and have fun"

Grr starts spreading tomato paste around the pizza bases

Abigel growls, raising her voice. "I grew up at a place I had a birthday every other day. Dont tell me I dont know how to have fun"

Grr: mmmhmmm . . .

Mark frowns, looking up to her. "Im sorry..."

Mark: Didn't mean to upset you abi,

Grr: so . . .Abi, ya had any formal combat trainin? now THAT is fun . . .
Abigel slams the knife on the table and crosses her arms, looking at the pizza being prepared.

Abigel: “Combat training?”

Grr: “cause i can see ya know how ta treat a knife with respect”

Abigel seems sniffs. "I have punched Blue and Labyrinth once or twice..."

Grr: “punchin anybody with a hand can do that. I mean how ta hurt folks without leavin a mark Or tear an arm off and make em ask fer tha wet end

Mark frowns a little... knowing all about that.

Grr:” Tricks and traps of ambush and stalkin”

Abigel bites her lip. "I could use that"

Grr: “Small arms combat, close in fire support. Artillery and demolishions”
Grr: “Room clearance tactics and prisoner extraction”

Abigel chuckles. "Do you want me to wear a red headband too?"

Mark smiles marginally at the comment.

Grr: “No”

Abigel cleans the dirt from beneath her nails. "Okay"

Grr: “But i want ya ta focus on what ya can do and what ya are. it . . err . . .worked fer me. I was zoo born Abi”

Abigel tilts a head. “Focus. Why?”

Grr: “cause ya have a gift”

Mark looks at his watch and get out of his chair.. "Well.. im off.. Il see you two some time maybe."

Grr: “Cause ya aint like most of tha Fleshies”

Grr nods
Grr spreads salami and mushroom over the pizza

Mark nods to the pair and exits briskly.

Abigel nods, passing him a plate of sweets that she pulls out from under a newspaper
Abigel: Take care

Mark smiles, taking the sweets.. "Thanks."

Grr fishes a bag of shredded cheese and heaps it over the top

Abigel watches the red haired kitty take Marks place and nods. "Catpeople"

Grr: yeah . . great aint they? tasty

Abigel looks at the mess she has carved out of the table in front of her and shrugs, taking now the fork, discovering the joy of scratching parallel lines into it

Grr looks at the pizza, nods and slips it into the oven

Grr: so . . .do ya think any of that stuff sounds like fun, and . . .useful to ya?

Misfitz Messerchmitt scrunches her nose a little and pauses in the doorway. "Ah swear.. this place stinks an' I dun think it's the sewers.." Trails off and casts her dully glowing eyes towards Abigel. "Hmm.. suppose that should be as friendly a greeting I should expect.. eh?

Abigel shrugs. "Sure, if you say so. Some people just get on my nerves..." she stops as the kitty speaks. "Yeah, hiya"

Grr: “cause . . .well, i aint much of a conversationalist, or a deep thinker like tha others, but i got skills, and i'm . . .good at it”

Grr looks under the nook at Misfitz

Misfitz Messerchmitt snickers quietly and scans the counter for a menu, quickly plucking one up to thumb through it. "Hallo.." Was softly murmured while she browsed for food to choke down.

Grr: “you talkin about tha way i smell, or my cookin, Kit-lady?”

Abigel looks back at Grr "So they get on my nerves, like that Blue bitch or even your ladyship. Would be fun to send them to hell"

Misfitz Messerchmitt peers over the top of the menu and offers a crooked smile. "I more meant tha' whole damned town...

Grr: cause i'm makin pizza . . tha rest of that is . .err . .on tha house

Misfitz Messerchmitt gingerly rub the back of a hand against her nose. "Eh, let's say I fell off the back of a truck and am a wee bit new around here. So I'd be the last to judge a warm meal so long as it ain't got roaches on it."

Grr: mmhmmmm well, now, Abi, see . . .tha trick ta livin a long and un-scarred life
Grr: mmmhmmm, well, i think we got enough ta slide ya some too

Abigel makes sure parallel lines scratched with fork stay there for a long time, so she is making a thorough job with them. "Long and unscarred."

Misfitz Messerchmitt offers a playful two fingered salute. "Let's see what I can scrap up money wise.." A hand was already rummaging in a pocket to pull out a few crumpled dollar bills.

Grr: yeah . . not like me
Grr: short lived and heavily scarred
Grr: nice one
Grr: awrighht, looks ready . . .smell that, yeah?

Abigel sniffs as the pizza starts to dominate the air. "Not bad."

Misfitz Messerchmitt turns her head slowly to watch the carving compliments of Abigel. "So.. you have a name or will 'hey you' work?

Abigel pokes out a tongue, still entangled in artclass. "Abby"

Grr gave you Slice of Pizza.

Misfitz Messerchmitt grins. "Well, nice to meet'cha then Abby.. I'd be Fitz or Fitzy.. take yer pick.

Grr: pizza fer three

Abigel looks up, dropping the fork "Yummie"

Misfitz Messerchmitt couldn't have offered a more wide-eyed gawk to the pizza, stomach rumbled and she'd quickly take a bite.. cursing being the damn stuff was still hot!

Slice of Pizza whispers: Yummy, Good Pizza!

Abigel grabs a slice and nods, her mouth already full. "Nice mffff to mee... you Fizz"

Misfitz Messerchmitt snickered, covering her mouth with a free hand as not to send partially chewed pizza bits flying. "Mhph.. yea'..'

Grr: GODDESS, hot, hot, ow

Misfitz Messerchmitt cringed a bit at Grr's appearance seemed to finally sink in though she really wouldn't say much.. not a good start to make enemies already.
Grr: whats up, Kit-Lady, never had a Shifter feed ya and not tear off yer arms ta make desert with?

Misfitz Messerchmitt slowly and surely inhales the pizza slice, choking on the last mouthful. "Ngh.. w-what? Yeah.. I guess tha's a nice way to put it. Sorry, ah usually dun stare.

Abigel eats two pizza slices covered together with 3 bites.

Misfitz Messerchmitt idley thumbs over the silverware closest to herself.. lost in the glimmer for a few moments before peering back towards Grr with her eeriely glowing eyes.

Abigel sniffs again, putting the fork and the knife absently in a backpocket, and salutes. "Thanks for the food, general." She scribbles some notes on a paper. "And that is my address. In case... you need a headcount"

Grr grins at Mizfitz

Misfitz Messerchmitt frowns and lowers her gaze towards the counter infront of herself.

Grr: and ya know ya can always call, Abi . . if ya feel tha itch ta make stuff go boom

Abigel smiles brightly. "Oooh, I do feel that often."