Thursday, 18 September 2008

Meeting in secret

Abigel peeks into the library, searching for Rago. He walks down the stairs and steps silently over to Abby
He whispers, glancing to starwalker " follow me"
Abigel looks at him, almost scared
Rago hugs and kisses her still watching for someone observing
Rago Allen: the others forbade me to see you
Abigel presses her lips to him, and kisses him passionately, as if drinking, but then pulls away. "They did?"
Rago nods sadly
“They said you made me ill”
Abigel looks up into his eyes, tears gathering in hers, repeating Joah’s accusation: "Parasite"
Rago trys to solace her " I am sure its not you"
Abigel cries quietly and holds onto you, shaking her head, whispering. "Maybe they are right"

Abigel blinks, looking into Rago’s eyes, realising they are blood red.
Abigel steps back "What happened?"
Rago presses her onto him without any word.
Abigel trembles, needing him so much.
“I dont many things happen to me…”
Rago Allen: even if your the reason...I couldnt get well without you
Abigel kisses your eyelid softly "How could I do this to you? There are so many things happening. This is a twisted town.... The Shadows are cats... We are full of demons and witches. Who could have cursed you though, you gave no reason...
Rago Allen: I dont know what we should do now
Abigel holds him tight "What are /they/ suggesting? Simply, just don't meet me?"
Rago Allen: They didnt talk about any solution. They only said your the reason. They care more about their spying stuff…
Abigel shakes her head. "They MUST know a way... They are scholars."
Abigel reaches up "Your eyes...."
Abigel swallows, trying not to show you how shocked she is
Rago Allen: at least my mind is the same
Abigel smiles and kisses you all over.
“Nno obsession or stuff like that”
Abigel trembles and gets more needy, rubbing herself against Rago tightly while she kisses him deep.
Rago enjoys the bodycontact. He tries to stand, but looses his balance between her kisses "I feel too"
Abigel pulls away, her lips, trembling "Noooo. It is not me... how could I hurt you!?"
Abigel watches his lips hungrily, blinking "I need you"
Rago feels a draining of energy. Rago caughs " I...i..know ...I know"
Abigel frowns, uncertainly drawing away from him, her whole body trembling "You need help..."
Rago sinks on the floor, wincing.
Abigel crouches near him, so worried.
Rago looks up to her crying.
Abigel shakes her head "Nooooo"
She shouts “ Somebody help!”
Rago leans on the wall
A transparent demoness approaches “what’s wrong”
Abigel stands and reaches a hand towards Rago, trying to help, but dares not to touch him
“ He is so sick... I... they say I make him sick...”
“What can i do” asks the form, halfway still in another plane.
“Bring him... bring him to the hospital, please”
Rago Allen:”no..d..dont leave me alone”
Abigel cries, not daring to touch him
Demoness: your gonna have to tell me how to do that
“ I can show you where it is... I just cant”
The demon reaches out awkwardly “ i dont know how to pick people up”
Abigel nods "Ohh, you have not materialised yet properly here..."
Abby turns to a vampire, standing near. “Sir, can you pleeease help me?”
Taurius Biedermann shrugs " help on what?"
Abbyás eyes widen as she sees a redhead approaching“ Pix!”
Pix Cazalet lifts her head and smiles "hey Abi"
“ Rago, he needs to be taken to the hospital. Please, help me”
Abby sniffs, trying to speak behind tears.
Pix Cazalet nods "if I can, what's the matter?"
“ They say I am a parasite...”
Taurius Biedermann looks over Pix and remains on his noble pose
Abigel points to him, lying on the ground in the alley
Rago starts breathing heavier
“He is so weak…” Abby cries out “Noooo”
Abigel runs over, trying to help him get up
Pix Cazalet runs over and drops to her knees "what happened to him?"
“ I.... we are forbidden to meet...” Abigel cries "I need him"
Rago caughs and notices blood in his mouth. Abigel bites her lip and retreats.
Pix Cazalet looks into his face "what happened?"
Abby tries to convince herself: “ He looked much better before”
Rago isnt able to say anything.
Abigel shakes her head "I did nothing!" she looks around desperately
Pix Cazalet stares down at the man on the floor, his skin seems red and burnt, his eyes weeping with water, mucous membranes in eyes and mouth red and bleeding.
Pix Cazalet notices singed hair "where has he been?"
Abigel shakes her head, stepping further away "I just love him..."
Rago seems to loose his last might and lays down at the ground
Abigel covers her eyes, looking through her fingers
Rago trembles and moans of pain
Abigel cries "Help him, please!!!"
Pix Cazalet's face takes on a worried look as she reaches out a finger in desperation, sending energy through her fingers to him, trying to ease his suffering
Abigel watches hopefully. Abigel gasps as his hair turns white
“ What are you doing!”
Rago gets another heavy caughingfit
Abigel shakes her head and runs away
Pix Cazalet attempts to encase him in a blanket of comfort energy

Abigel runs in the library, crying
Please, sir. Please help me! Help Rago!
Starwalker Darkstone loosk up "what is teh problem dear?"
Starwalker Darkstone: Where si he?
Abigel trembles "He is in the alley.... he is so weak... his hair, is white, his"
Starwalker Darkstone: Take me to him
Rago wheezes ""
Abigel points to him on the street, her finger tremling.
Starwalker Darkstone approaches Rago.
Abigel slowly gets closer and closer by the wall "Is he getting better? Did you heal him?"
Starwalker Darkstone looks around at the otherss standing in the alley "Whats going on here?"
Sassy Jaxxon gasps softly as she approaches, having noticed Pix from the street and taps her gently on the shoulder... "What happened? Can' I help?"
Abigel looks at Sassy, her cheeks all rosy "Please, help him yes... I cant... I...."
Taurius Biedermann listens and attempts to help without getting noticed...and be secretive on his methods and actions....only rising his hands making a circle of
fire around both..Pix and him....
Pix Cazalet looks to Morgaine and nods "He is burnt and needs help"
Abigel reaches a hand out to him, trembling in her whole body.
Taurius Biedermann gets near Pix while he murmurs a few Ancient words to himself. he clouse his eyes and place his gloved hand upon her shoulder ... using his energy he transfers to Pix un huge amount of power used on the dark ages to heal his relatives hi battle.....he whisppers softly to Pix " use it wisely"
Rago seems to be in a coma
Abigel blinks, as she starts to glow, and almost raise from the floor
Starwalker Darkstone: anyone know how he got burnt?
Abigel seems to be full of energies, in top condition
Sassy Jaxxon widens her eyes at the information and the scene before her, waits patiently for instruction from Pix, not wanting to make the matter worse
Abigel breathes deeply, as if getting too much oxygen "Help him... Dont help me..."
Taurius Biedermann smiles softly to Pix removing his gloved hand upon her
Pix Cazalet nods as she closes her eyes and seems to suck all the energy from around her before laying her hands gently on Rago and murmuring soothing words
Abigel groans and hits the stonewall with her fists, the wall crumbling away in big chunks "HELP HIM!"
Starwalker Darkstone watches the scene curiously
BigSausagepizza Balbozar is Online
Sassy Jaxxon glances over quickly at the hysterical female and whispers... "Sssshhh, don't distract Pix"
Pix Cazalet's concentration is disturbed and she falls back before looking up accusingly at abigel "stop that"
Abigel Nightfire's eyes get wide, and trembles, staying quiet.
Taurius Biedermann whisppers slowly, making the wind as his vessel while he wonders off "...use it have the you have the meanings and ways"
Taurius Biedermann dessappears his the dark fog
Abigel Nightfire's tears flow freely, as she watches the scene without blinking, putting her hands together.
Starwalker Darkstone steps back a bit and bursts into flames to shed more light in the dark alleyway
Pix Cazalet frowns then shuts her eyes again attempting to concentrate. she again starts to mumble, her hands glow with light as she attempts to heal his burnt body
Abigel shudders, watching her hands and shaking her head, whispering "What are you doing to me? Stop healing me, I am quite well..."
Starwalker Darkstone motions Abigel to be still
arora Shepherd: abigel, are you ok?
Abigel throws her head back and groans, trembling "Take me away from him... NOW"
arora Shepherd: come on, lets go talk
Abigel trembles "I can't just leave, don't you see? I need him so much...."
You: Rago....
arora Shepherd: but i thought you just said you needed to get away from him
You: YES
Abigel cries, trembling
Steve Laxness steps silently by and covers his face even more
Starwalker Darkstone looks at Abigel "if you stay here, you need to stay quiet, the woman helping needs to concentrate.
arora Shepherd: Ok, how about just in the street
arora Shepherd: This way, come, abigel, pleas.
Steve Laxness raises an eyebrow at what he sees with his hidden senses
Pix Cazalet shrugs and shakes her head "I've done all that I can"
AurumDea Lykin sticks out her arm showing a red swollen wound, "You shot me" her voice mellow and calm
Steve Laxness speaks slowly “She is killing him” He nods to Abigel’s direction.
sassy Jaxxon nods and smiles warmly at Pix
Steve Laxness: Pix take the girl away
Steve Laxness smiles at Dea
Steve Laxness: yes and i hit yolu well
AurumDea Lykin grins, "I think not.."
Abigel trembles in her whole body, almost floating "Damn this..."
Pix Cazalet shakes her head in disappointment and frustration "I can't do this"
Starwalker Darkstone looks at Steve, then Abigal, to Rago back to Abigal
Steve Laxness chants some ancient words as the portal opens he pushes Abby through it with a sudden force.

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