Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Abigel Nightfire pops in through the ceiling near the fireplace with a mischievous laughter as her mother leaves.
Joah Menjou: Abby!
Blueray Darkes attempts hiding further in the book
Joah Menjou: Joah smiles.
Rago Allen looks out of the window like he doesn’t see Abby only saying "hey"
Abigel Nightfire kisses Rago and looks around, and then back at Rago. "What is outside?"
Rago Allen: nothing....same view like this morning
Rago Allen: nothing
Abigel Nightfire slowly scans the room again, as something is amiss, her gaze resting on the rainbow kitty for a while.
Rago Allen: ...you left me alone
Rago Allen: i must have got a cold because of that
Abigel Nightfire blinks. "Oh."
Rago Allen sneezes
Starwalker Darkstone opens a book on holy magics and continues studying it
Abigel Nightfire leans close, holding Rago tight "I should make you a warm tea or something.
Joah starts to speak, takes one look at Rago, then pulls a small tablet and pencil stub out of her pocket, beginning to scribble as if she's paying no attention.
Rago Allen nods
Abigel Nightfire gestures and creates a kettle, then levitates it towards the fireplace, letting it float in midair above the fire.
Blueray Darkes pretends she isn't here, perhaps scared to death of Abby's reaction.
Rago Allen: the word "facebook" becomes a whole new meaning if i look at that one there
Blueray Darkes: Facebook?
Rago Allen: right facebook...its something well.....how should i describe
Starwalker Darkstone grins at the term, knowing originally it was meant for a book made of pages from the flesh of peoples faces and held magical scriptures on them
Rago Allen: do you know about computers?
Abigel Nightfire stares back again at Blue, and as she gets her true essence slowly, the kettle falls with a loud noise, spreading hot, steamy water around all over
Rago Allen pouts "but....my tea" he says with a lowering voice
Abigel Nightfire jumps up, as the water spills on Joah and Blue "Ooooh, I am terribly sorry, for a while I though this is Bluray..."
Blueray Darkes leaps up hissing at the water as its damn well hot, "GAH DAMN IT BRAT".
Rago Allen: oi!
Rago Allen: did you call my girlfriend a brat?
Abigel Nightfire grins widely, recognising Blue’s tone of voice exactly
Joah Menjou jumps up looking at her dress, then Abi.
Blueray Darkes: Brraaaaaaaat
Abigel Nightfire looks over to Joah worried
Rago Allen: watch your words furrball
Abigel Nightfire looks back to Blue, her grin getting wider and wider "Aaaaaw, this is TOOO GOOOD to be TRUE
Blueray Darkes fluffs out her tail, "This isn't fair, you weren't meant to see"
Starwalker Darkstone thinks that no one here really understands the meaning of the term brat
Joah Menjou raises one eyebrow at Abby, then turns toward the fire to dry herself.
Abigel Nightfire walks over and takes Kitty Blue’s scarf into her hand, stroking her face with it "Ooooooh, sooo soft and fluffy!"
Blueray Darkes: *mews*
Abigel Nightfire laughs "OOOOh and sooo cute!!!!"
Blueray Darkes hangs her head in shame, "We're even now".
Abigel Nightfire scratches Blue's neck, the most sensitive spot just above the scarf.
Blueray Darkes meeps at the touch, but seeing as it felt good she just relaxed and purred contentedly
Joah extends one hand slightly before the fire and the flame licks up causing the room to grow much warmer.
Abigel Nightfire watches her in admiration. "Aaaaaw, soo ingenious, so subtle. So delicate."
Abigel Nightfire admires the spell's perfectness with her third eye.
Blueray Darkes clenches her hands in to fists, she was going to say something but relented. The cat was taking over, she was happy to be petted.
Abigel Nightfire scratches behind her ear, and holds her palm even to be licked at with that tongue that tickles so.
Blueray Darkes licks at her hand mewling softly.
Abigel Nightfire's eyes flash and grins with greatest satisfaction.
Blueray Darkes crouches down and purrs.
Rago Allen pouts: “Stop making out”
Blueray Darkes: Aren't
Abigel Nightfire creates a rainbow coloured ball of yarn and hands it to her, enjoying the kitty self taking over Blue
Blueray Darkes grabs at it puts it on the floor and bats the ball of yarn around, she stops at what she is doing hissing all of a sudden. "I'm not a cat"
Starwalker Darkstone looks over his shoulder and down to the floor below to study teh sistuation
Abigel Nightfire grins "Aww, but you are sooo sweet, kitty." she screatches her ears again
Blueray Darkes thumps her tail on the floor in a slow pattern, her purring sound growing louder in her throat.
Abigel Nightfire almost floats from the joy.
Starwalker Darkstone pulls a pouch out of mid air, opens it and retrieves a catnip soaked, live rat and tosses it to the floor down by blue
Abigel Nightfire blinks at the rat and rolls her eyes. "Yeah... you needed to conjure that thing right now"
Rago Allen coughs " iam ill and noone cares"
Starwalker Darkstone grins "they are all the rage over at haven right now"
Abigel Nightfire blinks and snaps her finger, with the other scratching Blue's ear, as the kettle returns to float above the fire, with some newly created water and starts to boil.
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, i have something that should help, *casts a spell and a wine gobblet appears
Blueray Darkes pounces the rat claws outstretched, she grabs it sinking her cat fangs in to its back and shaking her head violently to break its back. Stopping a moment to receieve her pettings she then began to play with the dead thing getting high off the catnip fumes, before finally eating the meal with loud crunches on every single bone.
Rago Allen mumbes "seems that they wouldnt care even if i die or loose a leg "
Dragons Blood Wine whispers: This magical elixer is reputed to be the cure for what ails you, guaranteed to remove all curses and lengthen your life by many many years.....tho don't tell the dragons your drinking it. Magically crafted especially for you, Rago Allen
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, i'd say definatly feline
Rago Allen takes a sip of the glass...
Abigel Nightfire seems to speak to someone invisible "You see, I am not doing /everything/ by magic. I /could/ conjure ready tea, but I am making the effort to boil the water."
Rago Allen spits the wine accidently next to blues tail
Rago Allen: oho...you are tryign to kill me with that rubbish right?
Starwalker Darkstone: me hell no lol, it proof ofd poisons, illnesses and helps you live longer
Rago Allen: it did nothing only left a really abnormal taste
Rago Allen: and a unwell feeling in my stomach
Starwalker Darkstone: hmm, dragon blood wine is an aquired taste kinda like sakee
Abigel Nightfire leaves Blue reluctantly, and fetches the kettle for Rago, looking over to Joah "Do you have some tea into this?"
Blueray Darkes settles down finishing her meal, then returns to her reading happy to be left alone for now.
Joah slips her hand in her pocket, pulling out a small phial.
Starwalker Darkstone feels a disturbance in the magical fields
Abigel Nightfire smiles as Joah helps with the tea, pours it into a coincidentally close mug, blows over it to be of perfect temperature. She finds honey and lemon accidentally beside the fireplace and prepares the most perfect tea, handing it over to Rago with great care.
Starwalker Darkstone: I think, i'll go for a walk
Joah Menjou: "How about mint, peppermint and spearmint?" Joah hands the phial to Abi. "You know . . . there are laws about creating things. Your Father has tried to explain."
Blueray Darkes: Do we have to mention Lorne?
Rago Allen takes it and gives her a thankful kiss on her cheek
Joah shrugs: There is nothing free.
Joah Menjou: There are principles of equal exchange.
Abigel Nightfire tilts a head "The Hippy? Ooooh, is he affected by all this too?" she pulls her legs up, watching Blue with a curious smile
Joah Menjou: I did see Him bound through the Library last night. Chasing tail, I believe.
Joah Menjou: Not his, of course.
You: Haha
Abigel Nightfire covers her mouth. "Oooooooh"
Joah grins.
Blueray Darkes makes a slightly venomous sound, jealously perhaps? "I'm sure is having even more fun with Brianna since he is now a cat, not that she can provide everything that he is she has innonence in that. Maybe its the innocence he likes".
Rago Allen enjoys the heat of the tea and leans his head on Abby’s thighs
SilverHuskie Ewing walks in as he leaves a trace of blood on the floor, sitting in a corner
Abigel Nightfire raises an eyebrow "Ooooh, sweetie, you are so cute, I am sure he adores you..."
You: too
Joah Menjou: I'm sure he does, too, Blue.
Abigel Nightfire strokes Rago's face, beaming.
Joah Menjou: But He is right, Abi.
Blueray Darkes: Things between me and Lorne have been strained lately
Abigel Nightfire looks at Joah for a second, not fully comprehending, as she is far far away from that topic already.
Joah begins to look around for the person who made the shuffling, wet sound.
Blueray Darkes was glad the subject dropped, rarely did she mention her issues.
Abigel Nightfire blinks back to Blue "So, what has the Hippy against you, sweetie?"
Joah walks up to the stranger.
Blueray Darkes shrugs her shoulders, "He has nothing against me, he just has more interest in Brianna. I adjust move on, get over it and live my afterlife".
Joah Menjou: "What happened to you?" she asks gently.
Rago Allen: "i feel so bad" he mumbles slowly and quietly " i think i got fever"
SilverHuskie Ewing uhms "Mhh, just lost a fight, thats all..."
Blueray Darkes: That one has man cold.
Abigel Nightfire places her hand over Rago's forehead and shakes her head "I feel nothing..."
Rago Allen: I feel like my head could crush every second
Joah kneels down to examine the wounds.
Joah Menjou: My name is Joah. I'm a Praetor here . . . I could help you if you like.
SilverHuskie Ewing uhms as he presses himself into the corner, trying to backup
Abigel Nightfire looks at Blue, wondering.
Abigel Nightfire strokes Rago's forehead and blows cool air over him.
Rago Allen caughs a bit and takes another sip of the tea
Joah Menjou: "It's okay. You're safe." Joah turns to give a worried glance at Rago, before turning back to the stranger. "What's your name?"
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs as he looks to his right, noticing the globe as he presses a paw against his chest "Silver, my name"
Abigel Nightfire looks at the newcomer, remembering her from the library archives, and nods.
Rago Allen sighs at Abby "i would be nothing without you"
Abigel Nightfire hugs him tight and kisses his forehead.
Oreta Dagger looks around silently, noting Joah crouched in a corner with a ... injured stranger? She frowns, not wanting to startle him, and moves over to the couch...
Joah Menjou: Silver, may I help you? I won't even touch you if you prefer not.
Rago Allen asks a bit melodramatic " Will i have to die?"
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs as he slowly stands up "I.. i will do fine.." he says as he walks along the wall, looking for the way he moved in
Joah Menjou looks at Silver's chest.
Joah Menjou: You should be careful with that.
Rago Allen: iam to young to die because i havent done what means do usually
Rago Allen: planting a tree
Abigel Nightfire chuckles and shakes her head, tracing his lips with a finger lovingly "Silly you"
Rago Allen: building a house
SilverHuskie Ewing mhs "It will be.. helaed in few days.. but hank you.." he mumbles as he wanders towards the exit
Joah Menjou: It's easy for infection to set in. Especially here.
Rago Allen: having children
Joah Menjou: "Very well, then," Joah murmurs and returns to the fire, studying Rago.
Abigel Nightfire shakes her head and looks down at him, placing the fingers across his lips. "Shhh, you are, maybe indeed in fever..."
Joah nods a greeting to Oreta.
Oreta Dagger smiles back to Joah: Hey pretty lady...
Blueray Darkes mutters the word mancold again
Rago Allen puts the empty cup under the couch and enjoys the caring of Abby.
Joah walks wordlessly over to Rago and places a hand on his head.
Joah Menjou: Are you feeling warm?
Rago Allen mumbles with closed eyes " those hands are a bit cold"
Rago Allen: but yes now its warm
Rago Allen: it switchs between freezing cold and damn hot
Blueray Darkes: Sounds like flu....
Abigel Nightfire watches Joah inspect Rago.
Joah frowns. "You're quite hot. But this . . . ." Joah trails off with a puzzled expression on her face.
Abigel Nightfire strokes him absently. "Of course he is hot, that why I love him..."
Abigel Nightfire grins.
Blueray Darkes gags
Oreta Dagger giggles...
A wash of prana extends from Joah to Rago, gently exploring.
Rago Allen gets a little coughingfit
Abigel Nightfire blinks and pushes Joah away. "Hey... you are hurting him!'"
Joah withdraws quickly, glances from Rago to Abby with something like a scowl on her face.
Abigel Nightfire crouches beside him and hugs him tight "He feels much better when I am around, see?"
Oreta Dagger frowns, jumping on Joah's defense: „It's not her, lovely...”
Joah Menjou: Do you feel any better, Rago?
Blueray Darkes: ....
Rago Allen: mentally...
Abigel Nightfire hugs him tight and kisses his forehead. "I can heal you"
Joah pulses again toward Rago, but seems inwardly focused on Abigel.
Rago Allen nods "please"
Abigel Nightfire smiles, and hugs him more. "You can feel that, right?"
Rago Allen: feels warm and....like floating ...love
Abigel Nightfire smiles, full of energy.
Rago Allen: but i still feell weak
Joah Menjou: He should be feeling something, Abby. Something exactly like that. But not from you. Not at present.
Abigel Nightfire blinks.
Oreta Dagger smiles at the couple before turning her head towards the bare-chested Newcomer: Hello...
Joah glances over her shoulder at Oreta. "If you don't mind helping the newcomer . . . ."
Abigel Nightfire watches Rago's hair getting a lighter shade and swallows. "I think he is truly sick."
Oreta Dagger nods, jumping up from her seat...
Rago Allen: whaaat?
Rago Allen opens his eyes
Rago Allen trys to catch a streak
Rago Allen: my hair
Joah examines Rago as he speaks.
Rago Allen: my beloved hair
Rago Allen shutters in panic
Abigel Nightfire pokes her tounge out. "Come on, hey, it doesn’t mean you gonna die or something."
Abigel Nightfire glances at Joah.
Blueray Darkes: You forget he's mortal
Rago Allen: i CANT live without my hair
Joah Menjou: Abby . . .
Starwalker Darkstone hickups
Joah Menjou: Do something for me, will you please?
Abigel Nightfire grins at Rago, worried about his hair. "You are so sweet."
Oreta Dagger looks up to the balcony with a smile: I hate the Hiccups...
Abigel Nightfire nods to Joah. "Yes?"
Joah watches Rago's hair lighten slowly.
Joah Menjou: Would you make me a cup of tea?
Starwalker Darkstone grins "Ya, imagine if you were capable of breathing fire too?"
Joah Menjou: The way you like to do it?
Joah Menjou: Just use magic.
Oreta Dagger shrudders: Ick...
Joah Menjou: Let's say . . . pomegranate tea?
Abigel Nightfire nods with wide eyes "That would help? Ooooh."
Rago Allen leans his head back on Abby’s thighs , playing with a streak of his hair still worrying
Blueray Darkes snerks, "Maybe you can't make this so called tea the normal way".
Joah places one hand on Rago's shoulder. "Sit up a minute, please."
Rago Allen leans slowly back in a regular position still weak
Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes, remembering a dream she once had, and steps halfway through, becoming semi-transparent for a brief while, than fading in again, with a mug of hot, steaming tea in her hand. "See? Piece of cake... I mean... tea"
Joah keeps her hand on Rago's shoulder, while watching Abby.
Joah Menjou: I see.
A pulse of prana extends from Rago slowly drifting to Abby.
Joah Menjou: I see very well, in fact.
Joah frowns.
Abigel Nightfire holds the tea out. "It is the best..."
Joah Menjou: I'm sure it is.
Abigel Nightfire smiles proud.
Joah takes the steaming mug and holds it before her lips as if to sip.
Abigel Nightfire watches, confused "Wasnt that for Rago?"
Joah Menjou: Was it?
You: Umm....
You: Of course.
Joah Menjou: I simply asked you to make me a cup of tea.
You: Oh.... I thought....
Joah Menjou: It's of no matter.
Joah extends the mug to Rago.
Abigel Nightfire looks beetween Joah and Rago. "I remembered this dream.... this lady was making the best tea ever."
Rago Allen takes it noding
Joah steps closer to Abby, placing a hand on her bare midriff, then looking from Abby to Rago and back.
Blueray Darkes tilts her head
Rago Allen watches a hair floating down on the ground infront of him in panic
Abigel Nightfire watches hopefully.
Abigel Nightfire's eyes widen "Nooo. He needs medicine. A hospital.”
Abigel Nightfire points at Blue "She brought some virus"
Starwalker Darkstone watches the scene unfold with mild curiosity
Rago Allen: thats not a usual flu, I fear
Blueray Darkes: I don't carry illness I'm a demon
Joah Menjou: "Abby. We need to talk." Joah lifts her hand from Abby's midriff and turns to face her.
Abigel Nightfire grabs Blue by the arm and holds her in a strong grip. "What have you done to him?!"
Rago Allen: Hey dont judge each other
Blueray Darkes hisses at Abby, "I haven't done anything, stop accusing me of spreading shit".
Rago Allen: it could come from my journey
Rago Allen: something like a unwelcome souvenier
Abigel Nightfire shakes her slightly, then looks at Rago and releases Blue "She is a demoness... and she is here." She looks at Rago. "Why ,where were you exactly?"
Starwalker Darkstone: kinda like, "DON'T DRINK THE WATER IN MEXICO type thing
Joah Menjou: "Oreta, would you mind making Rago more comfortable. Perhaps a blanket if he's cold? Or a pillow?" Joah speaks keeping her eyes focused on Abby and Blue.
Rago Allen sneezes "nowhere exotic"
Oreta Dagger nods: Or course... Rago, how can I help? You chilly?
Joah Menjou: Abby.
Rago Allen: a blanket maybe yes
Abigel Nightfire bares her teeth at Blue "You are a Shadow.... Kitty..." she looks at her uncertainly, somehow feeling wierd.
Joah Menjou: This isn't a virus from Blue.
Abigel Nightfire looks at Joah. "He just had a flue, and you tried to heal him!"
Oreta Dagger nods again, going up the stairs to rummage around for some warm things...
Blueray Darkes grumbles at them all
Joah Menjou: And besides . . she's cursed, not sick.
Starwalker Darkstone leans over the railing, resting on his forearms
Rago Allen: please dont brawl
Abigel Nightfire looks back at Oreta "And who is that girl anyway? She just popped up now, that he is sick..."
Rago Allen: I am tired
Joah Menjou: She's a new Omegan, which you would know if you hadn't been away without word.
Rago Allen: i even dont see you focused
Starwalker Darkstone clears throat "I've been around, you could say the same about me"
Joah Menjou: It's not a virus.
Blueray Darkes stamps her paw on the floor, "I'm going I don't have to put up with this crap".
Joah Menjou: Or a bacteria.
Oreta Dagger trods back down the stairs and over to the couch, her arms laden with blankets and pillows: Here... I used some of these myself when I first got here, they're nice and warm...
Abigel Nightfire points an accusing finger up at the demon "And he? He is clearly jelous of my beloved's good looks. Look what he is doing to his hair!!!!
Rago Allen smiles up to her " thank you"
Joah sighs, watching Blue go.
Joah Menjou: Abby . . . you know what a parasite is?
Abigel Nightfire sniffs, looking at Joah, first blankly, then comprehension crosses her face "What?!"
Starwalker Darkstone grins and chuckles at the outburst
Joah Menjou: A parasite.
Rago Allen raises a brow to joah
Oreta Dagger helps Rago cover himself, taking care to not jolt him... she steals a glance back to Joah and Abby...
Abigel Nightfire trembles from tension, and shakes her head, looking at Joah, and then Rago, and then down herself and storms out of the room.
Joah calls to Abby, but doesn't chase her down.

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