Friday, 25 July 2008

Grand idea

Abigel is still intrigued by the Tarot reading she recieved recently, so she paces up to the woodoo shop again, to check on the witches in case of any news. Mostly Coven members hang around in front of the shop, so Abigel approaches them in a friendly manner.

Nerissa looks over. "I wonder, now that Lestat has regained his true self, he will join them.." She turns her eyes on the figure arriving and goes silent.
Abigel smiles to the Tarot lady (Call) and considers Nerissa curiously for a while
Calleigh Constantine smiles glancing up to Abigel. "Hello Abby, something I can do for you?"
Zion glances at Abigel and nods slightly.
Abigel Nightfire slowly smiles to Nerissa. "Cute wings" she looks back to Calleigh. "Sure. So when will this love of my life appear? I am soooo curious"
Calleigh Constantine giggles lightly. "Already there, you just need to implament it." She winks, grinning. "Its up to you to figure it out now."
Abigel Nightfire frowns.
Abigel Nightfire finally looks to Zion. "You forgot to wipe your neck"
Nerissa Dae regards Abigel in silence. Its hard to say what she's thinking because her face is a blank slate before she looks away again. Seems the demon still has trust issues.
Zion blinks and looks down at his hand as a spark jumps from his index finger to his thumb. He glances at Abigel, "Did I?"
Nerissa Dae looks at Zion and grunts, pointing to her neck. "Right there. Rather messy."
Abigel Nightfire smiles. "Ah, a firestarter. I am Abby. Nice to meet you. But you should ask whoever feeds from you to clean up after herself"
Zion examins his hand then looks at Abigel, "I'm Zion, and perhaps it just doesn't bother me." He grins slightly.
Nerissa Dae looks back towards Abigel, a stray smirk plays at her lips suddenly, and then she's looking away to return to watching the streets.
Abigel Nightfire raises an eyebrow in appreciation of the answer and smiles. "So, how are things hanging over here?"
Nerissa Dae shrugs a little. "The same as everywhere. Moments of pure hysteria followed by boring schooling and stale discussions."
Abigel: Schooling? What do they teach here?
Zion shrugs and gestures toward Nerissa, "What she said."
Nerissa Dae glances at Zion and then Abigel again. "The same as the library would teach, though ..for some, its harder to find a teacher."
Zion nods, having yet to find a teacher.
Abigel scratches her head. "True, they are giving me lectures aaaall the time there"
Zion: "Sounds rather boring."
Abigel: Tiring and painful stuff. Gotto read and then a cat gets mad becuase I call her wise and cuts my tongue off that sort of things.
Nerissa Dae says through a cough, "Because you ran like a wyld child most likely."
Nerissa Dae slips off the walling. "And how is the Lady Red?" she asks out of the blue.
Zion shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
Abigel Nightfire visibly leaves out the reasons and details and gestures widely. Her movements stop in mid-air as Nerissa says she is a child. She then drops her hand. "That bitch? She is having these mood changes. Faints and then dresses like a soldier, and then she is all motherly....
Abigel realises she called the Lady bitch and slaps her own mouth
Zion grins and opens his eyes slowly.
Nerissa ms with a nod as she looks down. "Her heart, what left of it, is in pain and broken. She needs to be loved and is losing them." Her fingers fiddles with the straps to her belt. "It be wise to watch over her before she slips too far into the abyss of despair."
Abigel Nightfire frowns at Nerissa and at what she just said and stays quiet. She then talks slowly. "She is still very regal"
Nerissa just tends to prove more and more just how un demon like she can be to the other's within the city, trying to put a mask up to hide her weaknesses. "True..but she's in a state that needs to be watched over, regardless. To protect her more then others around her."
Abigel blinks at the girl she once tied the shoelaces together and tilts a head. "Protect her?"
Nerissa sighs and lays her hands over her stomach with a grimace. "If you will forgive me, I am feeling unwell..I think I return to my home for some rest."
Abigel blinks, still processing the unexpected. She waves to Neri and inspects the pebbles in great detail.
Nerissa bows her head before she withdraws from sight.
Zion nods as Nerissa vanishes then glances over at Abigel.
Abigel clenches her fist and relaxes it again. "I was mad at the lady, because she let my stepmum leave, you see. I expected her to be able to... prevent things
Zion nods, "Which lady, and why?"
Abigel licks her lip and blushes slightly, lowering her eyes. "I shouldnt say such things about the sire of my stepmum"
Abigel: I mean she is a bitch, you know, but a tough one. In a good way, if you get what I mean. The Lady Omega.
Abigel looks around uncertainly
Zion nods slowly, seeing her uncertainty, "Of course."
Abigel shakes off the feeling and smiles. "So, do you play with fire?"
Zion smiles, "I do, from time to time. What about you?"
Abigel Nightfire grins "All the time"
Zion 's smile widens, "Sounds like fun."
Zion: "I take it fire is your specialty?"
Abigel sighs. "It should... But sometiems well... it burns." Abby reaches out a palm and colourful flames dance around chaotically. Her eyes she tears for some reason. "Well, not literally"
Zion laughs, "Mentaly burns you?" He says with a hint of sarcasm.
Abigel Nightfire closes her fingers around the flames and they disappear. "I have blood of my demon father, I was born by the death of my mother, and her killer is my stepmum who was eaten alive by my father and his kind."
Zion is silent for a moment while he thinks, "So your father is the only one alive now?"
Abigel Nightfire tilts a head. "Yeah, but he is many, actually. A whole Legion"
Zion tilts his head slightly as well, "How does that work?
Abigel smiles. "Don't worry, though, my stepmum is in the maze I was told, and I will bring her back. My mum is an Angel, so she visits me when I sleep. Daddy is a demon with many souls..."
Zion nods, "Right, sounds like a complicated family tree."
Abigel grins and rolls her eyes. "They were all Omegans once"
Abigel: And you?
Zion smiles and nods, "Well nothing interesting, just a mother and a father. Both have passed now, long before I came here to Toxia."
Adred Clawtooth peers hesitantly into the voodoo shop window
Abigel raises an eyebrow. "Not a pint of demonblood? Not a kiss from an angel? Not even a curse?"
Adred Clawtooth slinks away quietly
Zion smirks, "I was possesed by a demond for many years, but that was after I had left my parents."
Abigel: Possessed? How do they do that? May I possess you?
Abigel scratches a head, repeating possession and wonders. "Maybe I should really read more"
Zion shrugs, "i suppose you could try, but seeing as you arn't really a demon, and you have a body of your own, i doubt it."
Abigel: Hmm
Abigel: So if I leave my body, I can possess others? Did he have fun? And you? No, I guess it wasnt that much fun for you, right? Did it spin your head? Did you have to throw up?
Abigel inspects Zion curiously
Zion sighs, "I can't speak for it, I would assume it had fun." He watches her watch him, "It made me crazy for a while till I managed to get it under control."
Abigel: Crazy? Hmm.
Zion nods, "i killed my mother when she came and found me."
Abigel Nightfire's jaw drops
Zion nods with a sigh
Abigel Nightfire's expression gets serious. "I am sorry"
Zion shakes his head, "Don't worry about it."
Abigel exhales. "If you say so."
Zion nods, "I came here to get it out of me, and it worked. Now I'm better, i suppose."
Abigel nods, swallowing. "Still, I mean, I weas told I should find myself. You know, to find out who I am. Maybe I should see if I can possess someone. As you have experience with it...."
Zion smirks, "I suppose that would help, what about your body?"
Abigel shrugs. "We put it into a coffin like the vampires do"
Zion nods, "And hope you don't get burried."
Abigel swallows but shrugs."Well, that would be even more interesting then"
Zion nods, "It would certainly mix things up."
Abigel Nightfire peeks into the woodooshop. "I am sure you guys have some books on possession"
Zion follows her in, "Probably, I havn't really checked."
Abigel Nightfire takes off a book and opesn it at just the right page. "You see?" she shows him a pentagram, and a list, fetching some ingredients from the shelves. "A very well equipped shop this is"
Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))
Abigel Nightfire enters the room and looks around curiously
Zion smirks, "careful."
Abigel Nightfire snaps her fingers and Zion appears in the middle of the pentagram
Zion sighs and points at her, "YOU arn't supposed to be up here."
Abigel Nightfire lights the candles she brought and points a finger towards Zion and he cant move
Abigel Nightfire wipes her mouth with her sleeve and strokes back the hair from her face, but it falls back again. She starts to read the symbols, which interestingly make sense to her only while she reads them.
Zion sighs, "And you think you will be able to posses me without any help, having never done it before?"
Abigel Nightfire circles you and raises her voice as she cants, her face gettin slightly blushed with excitement as she feels some sort of power emanate from the pentagram and the candles. She holds you Zion her gaze and keeps on canting already seeing the symbols all around in the air floating from the book
Abigel Nightfire cants louder and louder, looking Zion deep in the eye as if drawn, her eyes get wider and wider as the powers risen seem to get hold of her and she finally realises she is not in control anymore and faints

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