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Second attempt

GrrBrool Lykin: GET TO COVER, THEY'RE INSIDE THE LINES RUN . . . . RUN . .. RUN . . .


Rago Allen ducks behind the door


Rago Allen: whats going on


Zion Volos shouts at him "Fuck, Grr, you almsot shot me"

Rago Allen: better you get out of his line of fire

Zion Volos runs up the stairs, holding his hands towards Grr, slowing down

You: Maan, will you just stop that? What the hell happened?


Rago Allen: better u leave him alone

Zion Volos blinks

Rago Allen crouches over to grr acting like hes his army-comerade

GrrBrool Lykin looks around, sweating, fome flecking his muzzle and runs about before dashing off into the night

Legion steps with an echoing gate to the door opposite that She had entered, peaking around the edge at Grr. She opens Her lips, and there is a sound like muffled words, saying something about air support on it's way


Zion Volos looks after Grr, sniffing wipes his nose with an arm.

Zion Volos smiles at the lady, his smile slowly fading. "Pretty rainbow, but its still you who took my Nareth"

Legion follows the flight, or rather the charge of the light GrrBrool into the night, turning HEr attention then to Zion with a smile, accompanied by whispers the crawl across his shoulders "Abigel. Is it not time we found your body, and brought you back into it?"

Legion watches Abigel, the smile growing into a grin "We took nothing. We will be why she is returned to you, in fact."

Zion Volos shrugs. "No, it seems your magic soup is not working with me"
Zion Volos looks up at what has been said. "What do you mean?"

Legion hides Her growing grin a little more behind the door "We were able to track your body when this body consumed the food...and Nareth is not gone. She will return when Labyrinth no longer dictates her destiny"

Zion: Labyrinth.... a tricky bitch. I dont believe a word she says, and still...
Zion Volos crosses his arms and looks around. "I can understand her"

Legion turns to follow Abigel's walk further into the room, simply staring a while "We do not see the challenge there. It is an ultimately simplistic mind."

Zion Volos laughs
Zion: She is a trickster. Simplicity might be just a mask....
Zion Volos shrugs
You: Not that /I/ know
Zion: But you know, this is a library, still. When I am bored read.
Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Anyways, what can I help? As far as I know you are less simple...."

Legion continues watching, not moving from the spot near the door, small trails of frost growing slowly out across the floor "We are another aspect of your father, and We will bring you back to yourself."

Zion Volos sighs. "Well, I just wanted to ask for that bit myself too. Whats the deal?"
Zion Volos watches the frost occupy the floor and raises an eyebrow, scratching his head. "Maybe you should move closer to the fireplace, woman"

Legion retains a smile, and a certain sweetness to Her whispers "Refer to Us as "woman" again, and We will illustrate a range of unpleasant male weaknesses, is that clear, young lady?"

Zion Volos grins but nods "Sorry, Hippy, but you know." He takes a step back, looking her over. "Its a thing."
You: Fact
Zion Volos grins.

Legion holds Herself vaguely more stern "It is a matter of ettiquette. You refer to a woman as Ms., or Miss, or Ma'am, or by her name when speaking to her. You do not call her 'woman', it is rude. Shall We walk to the voodoo shop now, or do you wish to remain in this body?"

Zion Volos sighs and nods. "Yeah, he seems to belong there"

Pix Cazalet looks up suddenly "yes?"
Evil Titler: No-one gave Cerberos Vlodovic a new title! Cerberos will stay with the existing one for a while more.
Ares Mizin looks around at all the people, "Nevermind, its good to see you anyway."
Calleigh Constantine blinks and steps aside heading for the door.
Ares Mizin: Hey Calleigh hon!
Calleigh Constantine flashes a quick smile. "Hey..." She murmers heading out the door.
Cerberos Vlodovic: ow physic energy resisdue
Cerberos Vlodovic rubs temples
Ares Mizin whispers, "you're not mad at me are you?"
Legion steps near to Abigel, looking back at Abigel in Zion, and back to Her daughter's body. Her whispers roll around, and towards Zion in Abby "You must be removed. We will facilitate."

Calleigh Constantine smils slightl seeing Abby and Zion. "Hey you two, nice to see you together."

Pix Cazalet smiles a little and shakes her head "not at all, why would I be?" lays her hand gently on her shoulder "I'm just concerned for you"

Zion Volos coughs

Cerberos Vlodovic:'ll just step outside

Abigel Nightfire remains emotionless as she watches Legion, then she looks to Call, "Nice to see you as well."

Zion: "Zion, this is... Legion"

Zion Volos clears his throat and gets red. "She is.... "

Abigel Nightfire bows her head.

DCS2 2.34: Zion Volos OOC: damn, I just cant say right now "She is my father" because I will die laughing :D
DCS2 2.34: Ares Mizin OOC: rofl
DCS2 2.34: Abigel Nightfire OOC: lol

Calleigh Constantine frowns glancing over the stranger named Lorne, piecing it together. She looks to the two. "Are you guys ready? Or shall I leave you be for a bit?"

Abigel Nightfire glances to the others, "I'm ready."

Zion Volos swallows and looks up. "What? YEs... How?"

Legion watches Abigel's physical aspect with curiousity, noting the silence, and looking to Abigel in Zion "She is one of the two that caused you to live."

Abigel Nightfire nods slowly, "Call has a spell that should work."

Pix Cazalet: That was what my message was meant to convey

Pix Cazalet: Janet can be a reasonable man, but you do need to be careful

Calleigh Constantine nods towards the shop, "Come in and we'll get started." SHe glances to Legion, "It should just allow them to naturally swap back..."

Zion Volos laughs "Yeah, just like that" He snaps his fingers. "Bamm, and we are there"

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Call, watching a moment before nodding "We will watch then."
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes look Legion over slowly as she gestures for her to enter.

Zion Volos shrugs and follows Call

Zion Volos stops. "So, Whats the buzz?"

Pix Cazalet groans "not another one"

Calleigh Constantine scratches her head as she sighs. "This is going to be fun..." She glances sideways to Legion for a moment before looking to the two. "Preapre yourselves, this might not be fun..."

Zion Volos raises an eyebrow. "Now fun or not fun, lady?"

Legion cocks Her head at Calleigh, wondering, and waiting

Pix Cazalet looks towards Calleigh and nods extending her hand and gesturing to the curtain as she walks to clear the way

Zion Volos watches Call "Do we need candles? Crayons? Sacrifice?"

Calleigh Constantine murmers softly, Zion, Abby, come on into the back, I can focus back there without the gun fire." She waves her hand, dropping the ward, motioning for the two to follow.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine: "Alright you two, stand a few feet appart, facing each other."
Zion Volos looks down at Abby, and pats her shoulder, and raises her chin. He slwoly smiles and drops his hand.

Abigel Nightfire takes a deep breath and sighs.

Calleigh Constantine glances between the two. "Focus now." She murmers as she puts her hands on their shoulders, a pale blue flame winding up her legs as her eyes begin to spark bright white. "Concentrate on your body..." She whisper, her voice becoming distorted as her hair begins to float.

Zion Volos blinks. "Erm.. which one?"

Cerberos Vlodovic: ((got to run, dinner))

Zion Volos looks down on Abby

Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes gently.

Zion Volos scratches his head and shrugs, closing his eyes too. He shakles his arms, and rolls his head around.

Calleigh Constantine laughs lightly. "Your original." She murmers as the flames encircle the three, Calleigh murmering something under her breath as she bowed her head, focusing as waves of energy begin to seep into the two.

Legion sniffs quietly at the changing atmosphere, touching the psychic backdrop experiemntally, as one tests the water with a toe

Zion Volos opens his eyes and looks at Abby, nodding slowly.

Abigel Nightfire 's eyes open, glowing with the white/blue fire, "At least try, a little." Her voice was quiet and also a bit distorted.

Zion Volos nods again, watching Abby from half closed eyes

Ares Mizin: You mean what have they been doing? Calleigh knows better than me, she's the one who told me.

Calleigh Constantine's eyes lose focus as the room begins to warm, her body pulsating with a pale blue light. She can feel the two souls, and begins to try and link them back to their original bodies. A few of the flames that wrapped around either gently reach out to the other, wrapping around themas if small burning ropes that did no harm to them. She pushes her energy, coaxing the two to accept the bond back to their original bodies.

Abigel Nightfire relaxes and lets her mind open up as she closes her eyes again.

Zion Volos's dropped arms starts to rise from the field of energy around him, his hair scruffled in all direction and he giggles as if tickled

Pix Cazalet nods "as I said out what we need to know but no threats and be nice"

Legion's ear perks at the conversation, and She extends a singular tendril of perception cautiously towards the ritual

Zion Volos's body trembles slightly, overwhelmed, his eyes darting back behind his eyelids and he groans "This hurts."

Calleigh Constantine's hands suddenly spark, her eyes snapping into focus. "What--?" She instantly draws her hand away from Zion, watching as the blue flames turn on her, flashing bright white before dropping to her knee. She growls lowly, clutching her arm to her gut. "Try to pull on your bodies before my bind breaks..." She murmers her head dropping.

Joah Menjou steps quietly into the Voodoo shop, looking for Abby.

Pix Cazalet frowns "when do we beg? Have we ever begged? We do not need to beg"
Abigel Nightfire 's eyes snap open as she drops to one knee. She looks over at Call, but can't speak.

Ares Mizin laughs, "Hyperbole, but you know what I mean."

Joah Menjou glances from Lorne to Calleigh and the two before her, watching.
Calleigh Constantine's body shakes as flames engluf her. Her eyes flash white before she just collapses to the floor between the two, her body sparking.

Legion smirks at the conversation, wondering if the sabre rattler understands the rules of the posturing game

Zion Volos blinks as Call falls to her knees, and grabs Abby as she also weakens.

Zion Volos rolls his eyes. "Fuck, we just mess others up too"
Zion Volos holds Abby, gently shaking her and looks up to Legion "Please, help us"

Abigel Nightfire breathes heavily as she tries to keep her eyes open, "Get.. Pix.." She crawls closer to Call.

Joah Menjou: "Will she be alright?" Joah whispers, turning toward Legion.

Abigel Nightfire starts to regain her strength as she places her hand on Call's neck, feeling for a pulse, but finds nothing.

Legion wanders further into the room, and over to the fallen, squating to hold Her hand over Calleigh's forhead, feeling through the threads of her being, searching for a mis-stitch

Zion Volos takes a step back as Abby kneels and watches Call with widened eyes. "What... what happened to her?"

Abigel Nightfire takes a shaky breath with closed eyes. "She is dead." She speaks slowly and very quietly, running her hand over Call's head, searchign fora sign of life.

Calleigh Constantine's body sends sparks back through Legion, but the inner fire of the young elemental was shutting down quickly, leaving only a few small burning embers that was slowly going out.

Zion Volos shakes his head, getting paler and paler, his voice rising with every word "How... no, I have.... that CANT BE..."

Legion's hand jumps as the sparks force muscles to tauten. Blackened patches of skin sliowly grow flesh colored again, as Legion lowers Her hand closer to Calleigh's forhead, inclining Her own head as She looks around the dieing fire for kindling--for cause, atempting to "Breath" a breath of life, and another on the embers

Zion Volos watches and swallows, his voice back to normal, this time rather whispering "She cant just die."

Abigel Nightfire gets to her knees and stands slowly, her eyes empty. She feels the room get colder as Call's life leaves

Legion closes Her eyevoids, crawling across the fallen Calleigh's pattern, and searching for a line connecting her to anything, or anywhere else

Zion Volos shakes his head. "I did nothing, I swear, nothing happened. Why would she die? Why would she weaken? What the fuck is happeneing to me? Everyone who cares fucking dies or gets crazy around me"

Calleigh Constantine's body doesnt respond, her face turning to a pale white as the the body began to spark softly, pieces of her skin beging to break dwon to ash as she lays silent, her eyes closed and looking peacful...but a spark still goes from Zion and Abby, connecting them, a final blue spark.

Joah Menjou draws close, lays a hand on Zion's shoulder and says softly, "Abby . . ."

Abigel Nightfire 's empty eyes are locked on Call's dead body as she aparently ignors the spark between her and her old body.

Joah Menjou's eyes widen as she sees the spark, she pulses prana to it, pulling it, reaching out toward Legion, then focusing on Calleigh.

Brianna Willenov sticks her tongue out,"Its for some sick friends."

Zion Volos watches the spark briefly, but he is too shocked to realise the posisbility of getting back. He takes a step towards the girl and watches Legion. "You CAN bring her back, right? You CAN do it"

Legion looks up to Joah, and the spark, snapping Her fingers, and pointing at Abigel's body "Will you squander what she has just risked her life to give you? Get back in your own body, young lady."

Abigel Nightfire clenches her first, "No." she says, her voice quiet and whith a hint of anger, "She's dead." She turns and walks out of the shop."

Kaya Collins blinks and looks around then walks behind the curtain

Ares Mizin: Wait, who jut died?
Ares Mizin blinks

Zion Volos shakes his head in disbelief. "Damn the seven hells, if I just could I would have done it, right?"

Brianna Willenov giggles,"Okay, then come on."
Ares Mizin nods, "alright."

Joah Menjou lowers herself down, opening spirit to Legion and studying Calleigh intensely.

Kaya Collins glances around the room eyeing each and every one of the individuals, she watches Calleigh for a while before her eyes rests on Legion

Kaya Collins gasps notably and her eyes shoots back at Calleigh with a intense look
Gloriana Maertens is Online

Calleigh Constantine's hand collapses into a pile of ash as the tips of her hair begins to follow, her body soon following, only remaining a small few embers of blue and red in the ash.

Zion Volos swallows and watches them all, taking a step after Abby as she left, hesitantly. He growls as he turns back and looks Legion over. "Bring the lady back, please"

Joah Menjou raises her head slightly, seeing Nerissa, she nods, then focuses again on Calleigh.

Kaya Collins breathes heavily and she's obvilusly quite upset over something, her chest moves up and down fast and a little uncontrollably and as she watches Calleigh, her breath changes even more and her eyes shoots up to Legion as she whispers hoarsly to Zion * ...on..?*

Legion kants Her head to one side, and to another, whispers rolling along the walls, and floor, as She reaches into the folds of Her skirts for a bottle, meaning to scoop the embers into it "Why haven't you gotten back in your own body, Abigel? She has risked her life for the opportunity."

Zion Volos's cries out, dropping on his knees reaching out to the ashes, not daring to touch them. "She CANT just die"

Nerissa Dae had passed and watches from a few feet back with an impassive face. She looks at Joah and then the others before she looks to what's left of Calleigh.
Zion Volos bites on his fist and blinks, swaying slowly back and forth "This.... is not worthy to die for... why on Earth?" He looks up at Legion with anguish. "I missed it, I cant feel a thing. I am SORRY"

Pix Cazalet winks at Cerberos "having fun sitting in the gutter?"

Zion Volos whispers "Sorry" repeatedly, hitting his forehead with his fists as he slowly gets up.

Kaya Collins shakes her head trying to prosess what she was just told mentally, and then what is going on before her, she feels totally out of control over the situatuion and can only watch with pounding heart and fear and rage filling her chest

Legion scoops the embers into the jar, Her hand hissing with the heat for the brief moment it connects, and stoppers the bottle. The bottle immediately fills with a rather significant concentration of oxygen, moving heat around in strange ways, as Legion looks up to Abigel "Why can't she just die? People do so every day."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes begin to shift as they seem to start for the door, the two embers glowing brighly, reflecting a small blue line of glimmering sparks lead out the door, faint but the tether was still there. The two embers fall back to the floor of the jar.

Joah Menjou watches the embers dance.

Legion looks down to the jar, and out the door, standing, and stepping towards it

Zion Volos groans and slams his head heavily into the wall "GET OUT"

Nerissa Dae sighs finally and points to Legion. "Put it down. She belongs here, with her family."

Kaya Collins's eyes watches Legion on her way, burning intensly, she knows she tends to jump to a conclution way to fast, but this still wasn't sure, but something was not right

Legion had held the jar out to where it had been sparking, whispers trailing behind Her "We have no intention of keeping her. We are following to where the tethers lead"

Joah Menjou turns slightly toward Zion, placing a hand on his shoulder again. "We should go." Her touch is comforting, that of an old friend. "We should go home."

Legion looks over Her shoulder at Nerissa "Come along. No need to leave her as embers in a jar."

Calleigh Constantine's ashes swarm and being glowing red right outside the door, taking shape of the fallen woman. Where her chest would be, a burning fire glows within the ashes. The figure put a finger to her lips before turning and darting out the door.

Zion Volos runs against the wall, over and over again, blood flooding over his face

Joah Menjou pushes gently into Zion, speaking so only he can hear, "Abby, stop. Please."

Nerissa Dae 's jaw clenches as she looks at Zion like he's lost his mind, a small glare setting coldness in her eyes as she looks at the others standing around. She shakes her head. "Fuckin' I don't have enough problems." She snaps and rubs her brow as if pained then jerks her arm to the doorway. "Fuckin' do what needs to do. I don't know what the hell to do anymore."

Zion Volos growls and smears the blood on his face, slowly sliding down by the wall and looking at his hands. "Rule number one, no permanent harm"

Kaya Collins makes a low hissing sound and follows Legion

Joah Menjou kneels beside Zion, taking one bloody hand in her own. Her fingers are small but curiously strong. "Come back to the Library." She tugs on his hand.

Zion Volos looks up, slighly confused, his eyes slowly clearing up. He almost made it, but not quite. "I really tried"

Joah Menjou: I know you did.
Joah Menjou: But it's not over.

Coven Ward: ((By entering this room, you acknowledge that should you enter an aggressive stance within the Coven building, the wards will take defensive measures.))

Calleigh Constantine's form glances along the streets, her hair being swept by the wind, ashes blowing down the street as she glances about, the being looking worried as she mouths, 'Where'd he go?' The form turns frowning to Kaya's question, trying to speak but no sound comes from her.

Zion Volos wipes the blood out of his eyes, blinking at the form and squeezes joah's hand.

Nerissa Dae scowls as her eyes jerks towards Kaya and bites her tongue to keep from jumping her in response, forcing control to her words. "I don't know. I never know. "
Joah Menjou: Joah squeezes Zion's hand back, and does not let go.

Legion holds the jar out in front of Her, tossing it onto the street at the Calleigh forms' feet. The jar pops, like a light bulb thrown on the ground, releasing it's contents

Kaya Collins frowns muttering *apparently neither do i....fucking hell....*

Athena Blackadder: "heyas Calleigh"

The small demon lifts her arms up and folds them over her head, eyes clenching tightly closed. What ever is wrong with her, she's keeping a barely controled grip on herself.

Zion Volos groans and takes a step towards Call and Legion. ((small demon? ))

DCS2 2.34: Lorne Harlequin OOC: brb

Calleigh Constantine's form turns staring at the jar as the Embers shoot up suddenly, darting for her form and join ing the beating red light in her. In a moment, the girl is eveloped in flames, her body becoming whole as she smokes, frowning darkly as she looks down the street, her eyes appearing from the flames. "Twit ran off before he could get back into his body."

Joah Menjou watches cautiously, eyes roving from the Calleigh from to Legion to Nerissa and back. She steps down and closer to Zion.

Nerissa Dae drops her arms finally and slumps. "I'm useless here. And every where else. Get one of the stronger people, I'm in the way." She turns and shoves her way through anyone in her way.

Kaya Collins blinks and looks at Nerissa muttering *wow...she's even worse than me...depressing....*

Calleigh Constantine watches nerissa, her eyes sparking as she murmers darkly about something. "Oh joy."

Zion Volos winces as he steps closer, his head still bleeding from several gushes, but he chuckles with a snort "That was a trick, right? A mean, mean trick, right?"

Joah Menjou raises her eyebrow slightly, frowning at Calleigh. "That was quite some trick,' she mutters, still holding tightly to Abby's blood soaked hand, leaving with him to the library.

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